Ouzon – All Natural Non-Alcoholic Ouzo Flavored Greek Soda


Great Greek Food Deserves a Great Greek Soda, according to OPA! Originals, Inc. Their premise is “Start with highest quality ingredients like pure cane sugar and certified organic flavoring to produce a great tasting original soda.” Their premier product called Ouzon and it incorporates the anise notes of ouzo into an all natural, refreshing, and non-alcoholic carbonated beverage. Now, for those who are into alcohol drinks have probably heard of what Ouzo is, but if you are not familiar with the word Ouzo or curious about it, then you can find more information in here.

OPA Original Ouzon Soda

The design on the bottle is very simple and to the point, it’s similar to the Gamer soda but with out the colorfulness. Upon opening the bottle, there’s a refreshing anise aroma coming out from the bottle and it’s very pleasant as well. The carbonation in the soda wasn’t that strong compare to other regular soda drinks and the texture is crystal clear. The first couple sips tasted very refreshing, clean and smooth. It didn’t taste overly sweetened and the anise note was perfectly touched in the drink. Also, it gives this cool breeze kind of feeling after your mouth process the drink if the soda was served after been chilled. Again, the taste wasn’t too strong or too sweet, it’s very tasting and some how the anise note makes you want to drink more. By the way, there wasn’t any uneasy feeling for the aftertaste.

Opa Originals Ouzon Soda

This Ouzon all natural original non-alcoholic Ouzo flavored soda drink has 120 calories according to their FAQ section of their website. I would suggest that they put a nutritional facts label on the bottle like every other drink because it will help consumers to understand what it really consists of and what they are getting into for their body. The 100% natural ingredients includes: Carbonated Water, Pure Cane Sugar, Natural Flavoring and Citric Acid. I’m not sure about how much amount of sodium, Carbs, or sugar is in this soda drink.

Opa Originals Ouzon Soda

Overall, I love this Ouzo flavored soda drink because of the pleasant taste. Man, wish I had more samples to try it because it’s just taste that good. By the way, I would suggest setting up a Facebook fan page and twittering account to let people know about this fine Greek soda. Thank you for sending the Ouzon Soda sample Opa! Originals!


Price:  Sample

Size:  12 FL OZ / 355mL

Flavor:  Ouzo

Aroma:   Ouzo

Calories:  120

Where to buy:   Here

Website:   OPA Originals

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