Original Rose Petals Sweet Blossom Soda


Rose Petals soda! Are you serious? Yes, this Sweet Blossom Soda is made by the Global Beverage Enterprises and according to G.B.E, “Imagine if you will a 19th Century Eastern European Factory where men toil all day crushing hundreds of bushels of rose petals. All this work to extract the essence of roses so they can produce one barrel of rose soda. The next step is to pour by hand all the soda into single 12 oz bottles, which is done very carefully so as not to spill one precious drop. All this work is for one purpose and that is to deliver this nectar to their maidens as a symbol of their love.”

Sweet Blossom Soda

By looking at the rose picture on the bottle label, I wonder why they didn’t use red roses instead of pink roses. Anyway, after you uncapped the soda, there’s a lightly sweetened scent coming out from the bottle and it’s hard to sense the rose aroma in the beginning. However, after you sniff it like a dog for 10 or 20 seconds in front of the bottle opening, you will notice the unconvinced rose scent does exist. The color of this Sweet Blossom drink is in light pink color and as for the texture, it’s same as regular American soda drinks, but this one contains moderate carbonation. Since I never had any rose related beverages before, I’ve no clue what to expect. So, for the first couple sips, my reaction was “What the hell is this?” There’s no rose taste in it what so ever. For a moment, I thought it’s a fermented soda drink. As you drink more, you will notice it has a floral tone but not necessarily the rose flavor. The sweet and sour tastes were some what balanced because the taste favors the sweet taste more. The floral taste was pleasant and refreshing. However, it smelled more like rose than it tasted. As for the aftertaste, the rose scent was more appealing and stronger than the first time you uncapped the bottle. Looks like the Sweet Blossom provided a happy ending.

Sweet Blossom Soda

For this Rose Blossom soda drink, there aren’t many ingredients used: Filtered Carbonated Water, Cane Sugar, Natural Rose Flavor, Citric Acid and Vegetable Juice for Color. Pasteurized! There is 120 calorie in each 12 Fl. Oz bottle. The amount of sugar is 29g and I think it’s a bit more than usual. As for the Natural Rose Flavor, I’m not sure how they put that in the drink.

Sweet Blossom Soda

Overall, this Sweet Blossom soda drink tasted good and I definitely recommend people to try it out. Valentine’s Day is coming up soon. In stead of buying real roses, you could just buy few bottles of this Sweet Blossom soda drinks. Maybe it sounds cheap, but that’s something definitely different.


Price:  $2.15

Size:  12 FL OZ /355ML

Flavor:  lightly sweetened rose

Aroma:  Rose

Calories:  120

Where to buy:   Here

Website:  G.B.E

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