Original NEHI Grape Soda


The tradition of taste since 1924! I got a Nehi Grape Soda drink from Old 52 because I never heard of Nehi before and I heard it’s a good drink to try. After some research and found this on WikiPedia, “It was introduced in 1924 by Chero Cola / Union Bottle Works. The “Nehi Corporation” name was adopted in 1928 after the Nehi fruit-flavored sodas became popular. In 1955, the company changed its name to Royal Crown Company, after its RC Cola brand. It was founded by Claude Hatcher, a Georgia grocer, who began bottling ginger ale and root beer in 1905. As of the middle of April 2008, Nehi had become a brand of Dr Pepper Snapple Group.”

Original NEHI Grape Soda

Upon opening the bottle, there’s a strong grape aroma coming out and it smelled close to those grapes used for making wines. The color of this grape soda looked similar to coke or Dr.Pepper drinks, but if you look at it closely, it’s actually dark purple. As for the texture, it’s similar to your regular soda drinks. The very first sip tasted lightly sweet with not so strong grape flavor. After couple more sips, the grape flavor got a bit stronger, but the flavor didn’t last long. As you drink more, the sweet taste seems to be slightly over dominated by the grape flavor. Even though on the bottle it said artificially flavored grape soda, but the taste was pretty good and it tasted some what close to grape flavored candy. After chugging down half bottle, the taste still stays the same and it’s smooth and very pleasant to drink. Also, it’s lightly carbonated as well. There’s no aftertaste for this NEHI grape Soda drink.

Original NEHI Grape Soda

The ingredients for this Original NEHI Grape Soda include: Carbonated water, Sugar, Artificial Flavors, Phosphoric Acid, Citric Acid, Potassium Benozate (Preservative), Red 40, and Blue 1. It’s bottled under the authority of Dr.Pepper/Seven up, Inc. It contains 180 calories for this 12 FL Oz size with 50 mg sodium and 47g of sugar.

Original NEHI Grape Soda

Overall, I love the taste of this NEHI Grape Soda. If you love to drink grape soda, this might be your alternative, but it’s hard to find and depends on where you live.


Price:  $1.99

Size:   12 FL OZ / 355 ML

Aroma:  Grape

Taste:  Grape

Calories:  180

Where to buy:   Amazon  Old52

Website:  Facebook

Original Nehi Grape Soda

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    As a child I loved Nehi grape soda. Now I have diabetes so cannot drink sodas, make my sugar jump to over 300. Is it posible ZI could make my own using Stevia which has no carbs?


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