Organic Low Calorie Veri Cola Soda


I went to an organic food store the other day and I saw this organic cola soda on the shelf. I asked myself, is this for real? Well, according to Veri, “Remember a time when soda wasn’t a four-letter word? Before corn syrup replaced cane sugar and chemicals became “acceptable” substitutes for real ingredients? Those were the days when soda was a more innocent treat. We do. And we’ve spent years crafting a soda that’s like no other; one that we could proudly serve to anyone, even our children, guilt-free.” You can read more about it on their website.

Veri Organic Cola SodaThere’s a lightly cola aroma coming out from the can once you open it. The texture and the color looked exactly the same as regular cola drinks but it appeared slightly lighter after you pour it into a cup. You could tell the difference if you look at it closely. As for the taste, first sip tasted close to diet cola but as you sip more you could sense there’s a subtle difference after each sip and that difference was the sweet taste. Not only did the sweet taste was a lot less than the regular cola, the carbonation was much less comparing to regular cola as well. After finishing half of the can, the flavor did not add up throughout the whole tasting process which makes it very pleasant to drink. There’s wasn’t any heavy aftertaste after finishing the whole can of this cola soda.

Veri Organic Low Calorie Cola SodaThe ingredients for this Veri organic low-calorie cola soda: Sparkling water, organic, cane sugar, organic lemon juice from concentrate, organic caramel color, organic flavors, and organic stevia leaf extract. It contains 1% lemon juice and its caffeine free.

Veri Organic Low Calorie Cola Soda


Price: $1.19

Size: 12 FL (355ML)

Calories: 60

Where to buy: Local Organic Stores

Website: Veri Soda, Facebook, Twitter

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