Organic Half Tea & Half Lemonade From Honest Tea


This is another USDA organic certified tea beverage that I’ve tried recently and it’s from nation’s top selling organic bottled tea called Honest Tea. They introduced Half & Half back in March of this year. It is a blending of organic black tea and lemonade beverage. I picked up this tea from a local supermarket because it says “just a tad sweet.”  Also, since they want to create delicious and healthy organic beverages to the public in honest way, this could be something that’s worth trying it. As for any new beverages, usually the expectation of the taste wouldn’t be as high as others.
Organic Half & Half Lemonade Drink

For the actual taste of the beverage, right after you open the bottle cap, there’s a light sweet lemonade tea aroma escaping from the bottle and it actually makes you want to drink the tea right away. After few sips, you will notice the taste contains more sourness than the sweetness in the drink and the lemonade flavor is definitely there, unlike other tea drinks where you can’t taste the flavor. Also, you can smell the tea aroma in this drink which makes you enjoy more drinking it. Compares to other tea beverages, this is a lot better in terms of the taste and how easy and refreshing it is to drink, not because it’s organic. As you drinking the Lemonade Tea, you will notice that there are many particles at the bottom of the drink and it must be the remains from brewing organic black tea. Not sure about the quality of black tea, but this tastes good enough for me. There’s no aftertaste in this drink that you would normally find in other similar tea beverages. In addition, you can’t taste the difference if the drink is organic or not, it all depends on their ingredients.

As for health benefits, you can look at the picture on your left. Ingredients for this beverage contain many organic elements. They used organic can sugar, organic black tea, organic lemon juice, organic lemon extract and citric acid.  Also, it contains 100 calories per bottle and contains 3% juice. I would say the most useful health benefit coming from this beverage is the antioxidant from black tea.

Overall, I like this beverage and it seems “Just a Tad sweet” worked on me perfectly.  I didn’t expect it to be that good. I’m looking forward to try other beverages from Honest Tea.


Price: $1.19

Size:  16.9 FL OZ   500mL

Flavor:  Lemonade Tea

Smell:  Light Sweet Lemonade

Nutrition:  Organic

Where:  Local Supermarket

Website: Honest Tea,Twitter, Facebook

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