OOBA Sparkling Hibiscus Lime Beverage


Hibiscus Lime Drink! “OOBA’s all natural proprietary Hibiscus extract – made using Hibiscus Sabdariffa – is hand harvested from around the world and shipped to California, where it is made into a rich, ruby red extract. That extract is blended with pure water, sweetened, and then gently carbonated. OOBA is available in six delicious flavors –Lime, Blackberry, Hibiscus, Orange, Kiwi and Pineapple. Each is made with 100% all natural ingredients such as purified water, Hibiscus extract, pure cane sugar, and natural flavor essences. There are no artificial flavors or colors.” By OOBA

OOBA Sparkling Hibiscus Lime

The plastic bottle looked stylish and it’ easy for drinks to get a grip on. Upon twisting the cap, there’s a strong lime aroma coming out from the cute little plastic bottle that looks like a punching doll. The color is close to dark reddish brown and the texture is close to low carbonated soda drinks. Also, the surface of the drink looked similar to the iced diet tea drinks. The first couple sips tasted really good because it wasn’t too sweet or sour and the carbonation in the drink was very well touched. The lime flavor was definitely there and wasn’t overly used either. As for the hibiscus flavor, it was hard to tell. When your mouth processes the sip, first you greeted by the sweet taste and then leave a tart taste at the end after you swallow down the drink. As you drink more, the taste stays the same as your first sip, it just tasted clean. Also, it tasted fresh, smooth and unique. By the way, I didn’t detect an unpleasant aftertaste.

OOBA Sparkling Hibiscus Lime

Well, there are only couple ingredients for this Ooba sparkling hibiscus lime drink and it includes: Carbonate Water, Cane Sugar, Pure Hibiscus Extract, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) and Natural Flavors (Lime). Also, it contains 95 calories and a lot of Vitamin C. According to OOBA, it’s fat free, HFCS Free, High in Vitamin C, Super Antioxidant, no added colors, No Artificial Flavors, No Artificial Preservatives, 1,100mg of Pure Hibiscus Extract, and it supports heart health.

OOBA Sparkling Hibiscus Lime Facts

Overall, this is a tasty and fun drink. I kind of like this drink just for the taste and enjoyment, but as for all the health claims, not really sure. Maybe they should put more vitamins in the drink. Also, it terms of whether it’s a soda or juice drink, I think it’s in the between. I would say that you should give it a try only if you are interested. After all, it’s a good refresher if you realize that it’s just a juice soda drink.


Price:  $2.49

Size:  12.5 FL OZ /370ML

Flavor:  Lime

Aroma:  Lime

Calories:  95

Where to buy:  Here

Website: OOBA Facebook Twitter

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