Odwalla Natural Superfood Pink Poetry Healthy Fruit Smoothie


The nation’s leading natural healthy beverage company called Odwalla, introduced a fruit smoothie called Superfood Pink Poetry to help raise the awareness of breast cancer last year and I finally got the chance to taste it. The smoothie is made of six different types of fruits and they are all natural fruits with excellent source of antioxidant, vitamins and other nutrition. By the way, Odwalla is contributing $25,000 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to support their work. So, I guess this is a lady power smoothie.

Upon busting the cap, there’s a refreshing fruity aroma coming out from the bottle and the one aroma that’s standing out from the rest would be the strawberry aroma. The color for this fruit smoothie is close to light brown color and I think they are trying to mimic it to the pink color as close as possible since they call this fruit smoothie Pink Poetry. Also, the texture of this healthy fruit smoothie is very smooth and a little bit watery, but thick enough to consider as a smoothie drink. The first couple sips were not as good as I thought it would be because I couldn’t taste any fruit flavors besides the mix of sweet and sour taste. However, as you drink more, both sweet and sour taste gets stronger and some how I could actually sense the banana flavor inside this healthy fruit smoothie. As for other fruit flavors that makes up this unique taste, you could tell its there by just looking at the small pieces of fruit skins in the smoothie, but it’s really difficult to taste their flavor or even sense it. After chucking down half bottle, both sweet and sour taste makes you want to take a break because it’s too strong to constantly continuing sipping it. By the way, there’s a bit of dryness kind of feeling in your mouth after finishing this healthy fruit smoothie.

For those who are concerned about the health benefits, this fruit smoothie contains 140 calories and 26g of sugar. Also, it provides vitamin C, calcium, iron and vitamin E. There are no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.  It’s mainly good for providing iron and calcium. The fruits that they used to make this fruit smoothie are: Plum, Cherry, Banana, Orange, Apple and Guava. Other ingredients that you might be interested are: Green Tea Extract, Cranberry Extract, and Hibiscus Extract.

After I tasted this smoothie and read the information on the bottle, it turned out to be a smoothie for women. “It’s a delectable diva delight with some of the essential daily nutrients women need to be fabulously nourished to flourish.” No wonder it provides a good source of Iron and Calcium. Since this smoothie is dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness, I think people should support it even though it’s pretty expensive for smoothie.


Price:  $3.39

Size:  15.2 Fl OZ / 450ml

Flavor:  Fruity

Aroma:  Refreshing Fruity scent

Calories:  140

Where to buy:   Store

Website:  Odwalla Facebook Twitter

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