Odwalla Haiti Hope Project Mango Lime-Aid


Refresh and re-thrive! Haiti Hope Mango Lime-Aid! For every mango lime-aid sold, 100% of the profits will directly to Haiti Hope project. The project is administered by TechnoServe and what they do is to help developing countries build viable business. As for this Haiti Hope Project, they want to help Haitian farmers to create a sustainable mango industry in Haiti. So if you are still thinking to help people in Haiti, you can purchase a bottle of Odwalla Haiti Hope Mango Lime-Aid drink.

In a way, the bottle design is cute and stylish. The hand logo and use of the colors makes the label very attractive. Upon twisting the cap, you are greeted by a mix aroma of mango and Lime coming out from the bottle. You could actually smell both mango and lime scent at the same time. The color of this beverage is yellow and it’s just like the other mango beverages that are out there on the market. The texture of this Haiti Hope healthy beverage is very clean, smooth and cloudy. First couple sips were all sweet mango taste and it was very refreshing. In the beginning, I thought the combination of mango and lime will make the drink a bit sour based on my past experience, but it turns out to be very tasty and mango flavor wasn’t overly strong either. Even thought the dominate taste was mango, but there’s actually a subtle lime taste after your mouth process the sip. The sweetness of this Haiti Hope drink wasn’t overly sweetened either and the flavors were well balanced with the sweet taste. There’s no aftertaste for this Haiti Hope Project.

For those who are concerned about the health benefits, this Haiti Hope Mango Lime-Aid beverage contains 110 calories, 22g of sugar, and 26g of Carbs. Vitamins included in this juice beverage are Vitamin A and Calcium. The ingredients used to make this juice are water, Mango Puree, Organic Evaporated Cane Juice and Lime Juice.

For those who like to eat mango and do not want to get your hand dirty peeling it, then this might be your alternative to get the fresh mango taste and flavor that you want. I love the taste of this flavor and even if you are not into mango, you should probably give it try. By buying this healthy beverage, you are contributing to the Haiti Hope project.


Price:  $2.69

Size:  15.2 Fl OZ / 450ml

Flavor:  Mango Lime

Aroma:  Mango Lime

Calories:  110

Where to buy:  Store

Website:  Odwalla Facebook Twitter


  • Millia

    Check out these weird and shocking drinks in Asia:





    I will pass on that Rat drink, but i want to try that snake beverage. Better yet, I think I will stick with Odwalla!


  • bch

    How totally deluded by (legally mandated) corporate self-interest can you be? READ the label:

    A SERVING contains 110 calories & 22g sugar – it’s LESS THAN HALF A BOTTLE. Label claims it includes “1/4 juice/puree blend”. If that’s true, only 36 of those calories come from the mango puree & the other 74 calories come from 4 1/2 teaspoons of sugar, organic whoop-di-do.

    If, like most people, you drink the bottle, you’ll get about a half cup of mango juice/puree (same amt as 2/3 cup slices & the source of the vitamins) with a bonus of more than 8 TEASPOONS of sugar & 133 totally EMPTY calories. A bit of lime juice justifies a catchy name & helps disguisse all that sugar.

    Instead of rotting your teeth, bulging your waistline & spending your money on this stuff, eat half a cup of mango (jumbos currently a dollar a piece in the depths of Canadian winter), share the rest of your mango & send the remaining $1.69 to a reputable aid organization instead of to a corporation who will get yet another tax break in the process of fattening North America.


  • Jean Prednord Pierre

    I am a Haitian,I beleive this project can change the situation of the haitian farmers,congratulation for this initiative.I live in Appleton,Wisconsin.I would like to know where can I buy the mango tango?



    Try Whole Foods Market


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