O.N.E Active Natural Lemon Lime Flavor Coconut Water


Couple months ago, One Natural Experience introduced Active coconut water as an all natural sports drink and its main focus is to help people become more alert, hydrated and dynamic. Since this is lemon lime coconut water, O.N.E uses natural lemon and lime with Stevia for the sweet taste. With the addition of functional herbal ingredients, it makes a lot more enjoyable to drink this coconut water because of the benefits that you will get for your body. Well, I thought why not give a try since I have tried couple coconut water beverages already.

Upon opening the uniquely designed cap from Tetra Pak container, there’s a very light lemon lime aroma coming out and the color of this young coconut water drink surprised me because usually lemon lime flavor beverages colors are similar to the sky cloud color. However, the color for this coconut water is in light orange color and I thought it’s a ginger tea beverage. The texture of this coconut water is similar to Vita Coco and ZICO coconut water. For the first few sips, there’s no lemon lime flavor taste and all you can sense was the lightly sweetened taste. As you drink more, the lemon lime flavor starts to show up, but not strong enough to stand out. I guess they do not want to lose the coconut flavor. What’s interesting about this taste is that it’s not so sour or not so sweet, but yet you could still taste the existence coconut water and lemon lime flavor. There’s no aftertaste for this lemon lime young coconut water beverage.

What health benefits can you get from drinking this coconut water? According to One Natural Experience (O.N.E), the functional herbs ingredients include:  Coconut water, Ginkgo Biloba, Panax Ginseng, Catuaba Bark, Calcium and Antioxidants. They help you to increase energy, mental focus, stamina, bone health, and detox your body. The coconut water used for the beverage is from young green coconut because it can provide highly pure coconut water. Also, there’s a lot of nutrition from organic coconut water. For example, potassium, magnesium, sodium and calcium are naturally occurred in coconut water. Not only coconut water is useful, but coconut oil is also big part of culture. Some people use coconut oil for weight loss and others buy coconut oil for cooking food.

I love the taste and I can’t wait to try out other two O.N.E Active flavors. This one should be on your list for the summer.


Price:  $2.39

Size:  16.9 Fl OZ / 500ml

Flavor:  Lemon Lime Coconut

Aroma:  Lemon Lime

Calories:  40

Where to buy:   Store

Website: O.N.E Facebook Twitter


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