Numi Organic Tea Mint Puerh Tea


What is Puerh Tea? Well, it’s an ancient healing tea. I have never heard of Puerh tea before until I bought a bottle of Puerh tea mixed with Mint from Whole Food Mart. On the bottle label, it prints “Puerh is traditionally known to: improve digestion & metabolism, help weight management, naturally boost energy and this Mint Puerh has 160% more antioxidants than the leading brand iced tea drinks.” I was hoping that it can heal my inner spirit and reduce stress.

Numi Organic Tea Mint Puerh Tea

There’s a mint related aroma coming out from the glass bottle when you open it for the first time and the scent was refreshing too. You could smell the Mint scent from couple inches away from the bottle opening where as other tea drink you had to sniff it right at the bottle opening. The color of this Numi Organic Tea was similar to other iced tea drinks that your local supermarket put on their shelves and the texture was similar as well. As for the taste, my reaction to the first sip taste was “huh”. There was no flavor and no sweet taste at all. At first, I thought it was a colored water drink but later I found out it has 40% less sugar than most iced tea drinks. After couple more sips, you could sense the existence of tea in the drink, but still very difficult to detect. There’s a subtle sweet taste at the end after you swallow down your sip and the mint flavor was more recognizable than the tea flavor. The balanced between tea and mint was a bit off since mint flavor dominates the other one, but nonetheless it was a good combination. There’s no aftertaste for this Numi Puerh Tea.

Numi Organic Tea Mint Puerh Tea

The ingredients for this Numi Organic Tea Mint Pureh Tea include: Organic Tea Brew (Purified Water, Organic Mint, Organic Green Pureh Tea). Organic Sugar, Citric Acid. Also, it uses premium organic tea, Real Fruits and Flowers, 100% Real ingredients and nothing else. There’s 40 calorie in this 12 fl oz bottle and 10g of sugar. Puerh is an ancient healing tea known for its healthy properties and rich taste. Puerh tea leaves are fermented and have significantly more antioxidants than other teas.

Numi Organic Tea Mint Puerh Tea

Overall, I actually like this tea even though the mint flavor was dominating the other flavors. If there’s less mint flavor then I can get a chance to taste the purest tea on the planet. I can’t wait to try their other iced tea flavors.


Price:  $1.99

Size:  12 FL Oz / 355ml

Aroma: Mint

Flavor:  Mint Tea

Calorie:  40

Where to buy:   Here

Website:  Numi Tea Facebook Twitter

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