New York Home Style Multi Vitamin Pineapple Iced Tea Drink


A week ago, I tried the Lemon flavor iced tea from New York Home Style tea line and the taste wasn’t quite what I expected. The Iced Tea line has five different flavors and each flavor represents one borough in the New York City. This time I found a Queens flavor. Guess what? The flavor that represents the largest borough area among other four is the Pineapple and I do not know why they choose pineapple to be the Queens flavor. I think the flavor should be fruit punch because Queens is the most diverse borough of the New York City. Well, if you are a Mets fan, do you want pineapple to be your so called team drink?


Upon busting the bottle cap, you can smell a sweet tea aroma with not so convincing pineapple scent coming out from the beverage bottle. For the first sips, you can’t really taste the truth pineapple flavor except the sweet iced tea taste. However, after drinking half way through the bottle, you will start to notice the pineapple flavor in the drink. I guess the flavor is so light that it needs to add up over period of time in order to recognize it. I was hoping that I can actually enjoy the pineapple flavor, but instead the sweet iced tea flavor dominates in this multi vitamin beverage. It feels like you are drinking sweet iced tea. The aftertaste is not that bad even though the sweetness in this drink is very strong and the taste does not last that long.


What can you get from this healthy drink?  Well, it is the same as the lemon flavor.


I like this drink and it would be even better if they can reduce the sweetness in the drink a little bit and also add more pineapple flavor to it. Obviously, this is not a good choice for those who don’t like sweet drinks. You can buy black tea and brewed it for your self if you want to. So far I have tried drinks that represent two boroughs of New York City and if I find another borough drink, I will let you know the taste. If you happen to know where I can find it, let me know.


Price:  $1.59

Size:  20 FL OZ   591ml

Flavor:  Pineapple Iced Tea

Aroma:  Sweet Tea

Nutrition:  Vitamin A, C, E, and B12

Calories:  100

Where:  Local Organic Store

Website:  Multivitaminenergy.comTwitter, Facebook, Youtube, Flickr, Myspace, Linkedin

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