New White Coca-Cola Can with Polar Bears


As you may have already heard that Coca-Cola is changing its iconic red cans to white cans for the first time in its history, well it’s true because I’ve just got the 6 pack cans from 7-Eleven. Coca-Cola has teamed up with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to create a safe place for Polar Bears. In order for them to build that safe place, Coca-Cola has already created a website called Arctic Home that allow people like you to support the cause by donating through texting or you credit card. Whether you like polar bears or not, everyone needs a safe place to stay.

New White Coca-Cola Can with Polar Bears

The can comes with mainly three colors: Red, White and Sliver. The red is for the brand name, white is for the background and the silver is the color for the polar bears. The three polar bears on the can seem to be like a family or a single parent family judging by the size of the polar bear and the position of each polar bear. The biggest one in the front is obviously the mother and behind her are her kids. The facial expression of the mother and the first child behind her looked directly at you when you look into it and the second child seems to be looking up.

“Together with WWF and people like you, Coca-Cola is helping to establish a safe refuge for the polar bear—a goal that will require working with local communities, supporting research and carrying out additional conservation work. Coca-Cola has pledged $2 million to help fund the creation of a safe refuge and—with your help—we can do even more. In that spirit, we have also agreed to match up to $1 million of consumer donations made through Arctic Home by March 15, 2012.”
New White Coca-Cola Can with Polar Bears

New White Coca-Cola Can with Polar Bears


Price:  $3.77   6-Pack

Size:   12 FL oz / 355 ML

Flavor:  Coca-Cola

Calorie:  140 Calories Per Can

Where to buy:  7-Eleven

Website:  Arctic Home

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