New Welchs Fruit FIZZ White Grape Pulse


Welch’s new fruit FIZZ Drinks! The new fruit FIZZ sparkling juice beverage line comes with two flavors: White Grape Pulse and Concord Grape Blast. Both of their White grape and Concord grape flavors are blend with apple juice from concentrate. On the can it says “All Natural with 1 serving of fruit per can.” Also, the design on the can looks pretty cool with all the green and white bubbles that represent the FIZZ. I bought a pack of 4 cans to try out since they only sell it in packs and I was looking for the Concord grape but couldn’t find it.

New Welchs Fruit FIZZ White Grape Pulse

Once you pop open the can, there’s a strong mix aroma of apple and grape coming out from the 8.4 fl oz can. If you sniff it for couple more seconds, you could tell the apple scent sort of slightly heavier than the grape. The color of this fruit Fizz was almost identical to the apple juice that you buy from your local supermarket and the texture was clear and carbonated. As for the taste, the first sip tasted lightly sweet with not so recognizable flavors of apple and grape. When your mouth processes the sip, the first flavor comes to your mind would be the apple and then the hint of grape after you swallow the sip down. After couple more sips, the taste got better in terms of the depth of the flavors that you could sense and the sweet taste was just right. After chugging down half of the can, there’s a subtle tartness feeling after you swallow down the sip. There’s no aftertaste for this fruit Fizz drink.

New Welchs Fruit FIZZ White Grape Pulse

The ingredients for this new Welch’s Fruit Fizz white grape pulse include:  Sparkling Filtered water, White Grape Juice from concentrate, Apple Juice from concentrate, Natural Flavor, Citric Acid (for tartness), and Stevia Leaf Extract. It contains 70 calories, 20mg of sodium and 18g of sugar within the 8.4 fl oz can. Also, it contains 50% of juice and not sure exactly how many percent were divided between apple and grape.

New Welchs Fruit FIZZ White Grape Pulse

Overall, this fruit fizz white grape pulse tasted grape and try it if you can find it. It wasn’t too sweet and the balanced between two flavors were perfect. I can’t wait to try their other fruit fizz grape flavor drink.


Price:  $3.99 – Pack of 4

Size:   8.4 Fl Oz / 248ml

Flavor:  Apple Grape

Calorie:  70

Where to buy:  Stop & Shop, Walmart, Target

Website:  Twitter  Facebook   Welch’s


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