New Victoria’s Kitchen Sweet Almond Water Licorice Mint


Almond Water! Victoria’s Kitchen rolls out their newest flavor, Almond Water Licorice mint.  It’s the third member of the Almond Water product line and couple days ago I received couple samples from them to try out.  For those of you who follow my reviews, I have tried their two flavors already and I must say that there’s “love” in the taste. The two previous flavors: Original Almond Water and Almond Water Coconut.

ALmond Water Licorice Mint

After chilling the bottle in the fridge for couple hours, there’s a lightly sweetened almond aroma coming out from the bottle right after you open it and the smell was pleasantly sharp as well. The color and the texture for this almond water looked similar to salted water.  The very first sip tasted lightly sweet with subtle almond flavor.  After couple more sips, the sweet taste adds up a bit, but wasn’t overly sweetened. As you drink more, you could sense the cool, crisp and refreshing taste of this almond water. As for the mint flavor, it plays the supporting role and it mingled pretty well with almond water. The amount of mint flavor in the taste was right on the spot because it wasn’t overly strong or nonexistent. When your mouth processes the sip, you greeted by the sweet taste first, and then the almond flavor comes in along with the mint. There’s really not much for aftertaste except with subtle almond flavor in your mouth.

Almond Water Licorice Mint

The ingredients for this Victoria’s Kitchen Almond Water licorice /Mint includes: Purified Water, Pure cane Sugar, l Almond, mint and other natural flavors, licorice extract   Citric Acid and a lot LOVE. Each bottle contains 100 calories and 28g of sugar.

Almond Water Licorice Mint Facts

Overall, this flavor has to be the best among all the almond waters that I’ve tried so far.  It’s just simple, tasty and pleasant. I guess that’s what love is supposed to taste like? If you like almond or not allergic to almond, then you should give it a try. Thanks for sending the samples Victoria’s Kitchen!


Price: Sample

Size: 16 FL OZ/ 473ml

Calories: 100

Where to buy:  Store

Websites:   Facebook   Twitter    Victorias Kitchen

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