New Victoria’s Kitchen Almond Water Coconut


Just recently, Victoria’s Kitchen Almond Water announced “a new ready-to-drink, decadent tasting, refreshing unique flavor, Almond Water Coconut. Made from simple ingredients with no artificial flavors or colors, the addition of the coconut flavor to the original Almond Water, adds a new intriguing and tropical taste for consumers to enjoy.” Now the question is why picking coconut instead of other flavors? My guess would be due to the popular coconut related beverage market. Anyway, few months back, I reviewed Almond Water from Victoria’s Kitchen and I wish they had sent me more for tasting. Well, just couple days ago, they sent me a case of their newest flavor “Almond Water Coconut” for tasting and they will be debuting at the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco this coming January according to Victoria’s Kitchen.

New Victoria's Kitchen Almond Water Coconut

Upon busting the cap, there’s a lightly sweetened coconut milk related aroma coming out from the bottle and you have to sniff around the opening for couple seconds in order for you the get the subtle hint of almond scent. The color for this almond water coconut drink looked light gray color and the texture looked clean and smooth. As for the taste, the very first sip tasted same as the regular almond water.  After finishing one third of the bottle, you could sense the subtle coconut milk related flavor after you swallow down the sip. I guess you have to wait for the flavors to stack up on your tongue first in order for you to recognize it. After chugging down half of the bottle, the dominate taste still belongs to almond, but the taste started to getting better and better in terms almond and coconut milk flavors. The drink itself tasted clean, smooth and pleasant to drink.  Again, there’s no uncomfortable or obvious aftertaste for this drink.

New Victoria''s Kitchen Almond Water Coconut

The ingredients for this Victoria’s Kitchen Almond Water includes: Purified Water, Pure cane Sugar, l Almond, coconut and other natural flavors. Citric Acid and a lot LOVE. Each bottle contains 110 calories and 30g of sugar.

New Victoria's Kitchen Almond Water Coconut

Overall, I like the taste of this almond water coconut even though it’s little difficult to recognize it in the beginning. At the end, the taste did seem to be unique. Thanks again for sending the samples! I can’t wait to try out your next new innovative flavor!


Price: Samples

Size: 16 FLOZ /473ml

Calories: 110

Where to buy: Store Locator

Websites:  Victoria’s KitchenFacebookTwitter

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  • Russell Dill

    You need to think about 35000 Diabetics out here I would be interested in your product but it has to be sugarless.


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