New V8 VFusion Smoothie Strawberry Banana


Full serving of vegetables and Full serving of fruits! I just bought a new V8 V-Fusion Smoothie strawberry banana drink the other day and there are still two other flavors available that I’m still looking for: Mango, Wild Berry. According to their website, “V-Fusion Smoothies are an incredibly delicious, healthy treat that bring the real-fruit smoothie experience- with the extra nutrition of vegetables- right to your refrigerator.” This will be my first time trying V8 V-Fusion smoothie drinks.

New V8 V-Fusion Smoothie Strawberry Banana

The vegetable and fruit aroma coming out from the bottle was strong when you open it for the first time and it smelled similar to other smoothie drinks like Naked and Odwalla. The color of this smoothie was close to very light brown and the texture was no different than any other smoothie drinks. Maybe it’s slightly watery than Jamba smoothie or your home made smoothie. As for the taste, the very first sip tasted lightly sweet with fruity flavors. It was difficult to sense what exactly the fruits and vegetables were mixed together in the smoothie for the first sip. After couple more sips, you could recognize the banana flavor, but not so much of the strawberry flavor. When your mouth processes the sip, first it was sweet and then turns to sour after you swallow down the sip. The fruity taste was stronger than the vegetable flavor and the overall taste was refreshing. The smoothie was clean and easy to drink. After chugging down an 8 fl oz, the mouth feels dry with heavy fruity flavors.

New V8 VFusion Smoothie Strawberry Banana

The ingredients for this New V8 V-Fusion Smoothie Strawberry Banana include: Reconstituted vegetable juice blend (Water and concentrated juices of sweet potatoes, Carrots and Beets), Banana Puree, Pear Puree, Reconstituted fruit juice blend (Water and concentrated juice of apples, Strawberries, clarified bananas), contains less than 2% of: Natural flavoring, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Malic Acid, Citric Acid, and Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol Acetate). It contains 100% juice and 585 calories for 36 Fl oz size.

New V8 V-Fusion Smoothie Strawberry Banana

Overall, this smoothie taste not bad compares to Naked and Odwalla smoothie drinks. If you like strawberry or banana fruity tastes, then you might want to give it a try if you can find the smoothie in your local retail stores. I need to hunt down their other two new smoothie flavors.


Price:  $3.78

Size:   36 Fl oz /  1 QT 4 FL OZ (1.06L)

Flavors:  Strawberry Banana

Calorie:  585

Where to buy:  Local Retail store

Website:  V8Juice  Facebook

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