New Taco Bell Cherry Limeade Sparkler Drink For Free


Couple days ago, Taco Bell was promoting their new Limeade Sparkler drinks by offering free online printable coupons for customers. It is valid through 7/11/2010 or until 500,000 free Limeade Sparkler online coupons are redeemed. I would suggest you go get it while you can and see below for printing coupon online link. Taco Bell offers two regular size Limeade Sparkler drinks for customers to choose. One flavor is called Cherry Limeade and the other one is called the Classic Limeade. I picked up the Cherry flavor because I’ve never tried Cherry with Lime before.

The color of this drink looks very tempting and fits perfectly well with the design of the see through plastic cup. As for the actual taste of this drink, to me it’s just another soda, but it’s quite refreshing. The scent from this drink is a mix of sweet lime and cherry, but some how not very convincing. For the first few sips, you will be in a different zone and thinking “Oh man, this is good stuff.” However, as you sip through half way of the drink, your mind will notice that it tastes just like Sierra Mist and you really can’t tell if the other two flavors are in it. It is just too sweet and you can’t tell the difference, but the aroma of the drink will keep you from stop drinking it. If you take a break and let the ice cubes melt it first, then you come back to taste the drink, you will notice the lime flavor in the drink. The aftertaste is same from drinking Sierra Mist or other sparkler soda.

Now let’s take a look at what’s inside of this drink. First, it has a slice of a real lime. Second, after doing a research, they actually did put Sierra mist in the drink and Last but not least, the Cherry Limeade flavor. Now the question is “How healthy are they?” Well, some of the ingredients from Cherry Limeade are: Sugar, Lime Juice Concentrate, Natural Flavor, Sodium Citrate, and Citric Acid. As for the amount of calories in this regular size drink, which everyone is concerned about, it contains 180 calories.

The process of serving this drink is very simple and all you have to do is by putting the Cherry Limeade in the cup first, add ice cubes and then add the Sierra mist.  I wouldn’t say I love this beverage, but I like it. It’s just too sweet for me and not good for those who are diabetics.


Price:  Free

Size:  16 FL OZ

Flavor: Cherry Lime

Smell:  Lightly Sweetened Cherry Lime

Nutrition:   Facts, Cherry-Limeade

Where:  Taco Bell
Website: Coupon, Taco Bell, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube



  • Robin Alley

    Great post!

    I actually just had the original “classic” flavor like 2 days ago. It was REALLY good. However, there isnt much drink in there. Its mostly ice so it goes fast. The price was right though haha!



    Thanks! So I guess it was an Ice Water drink after all? 🙂


  • Bob Dole

    I agree with robin, it was all ice and hardly any drink. Very dissapointing. They are normally $1.69 for the regular size. You are better off getting a limeade at sonic. You wll get much more to drink for around the same price.


  • Robin Alley

    For free the price is right!

    I got some coupons in the mail for Taco bell. One free limeade (great price) and a coupon for their new mango drink. The mango drink was delicious and I came to the site to comment on it. Theres no page for it yet, but you should try it out! It was a lot like a slurpee but the cherry flavor was really tasty.



    Thanks for the tip, I will definitely try it.


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