New Lightly Sweetened Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Iced Coffee


Starbucks has just introduced their new instant lightly sweetened iced coffee from their VIA ready brew product line to the public and it is available for Starbucks stores in the U.S.A and Canada. So I thought I should give a try since it’s from Starbucks and I bought a package for $5.95 in a local Starbucks store. This is their second VIA ready brew product since the launch back in September of 2009. Iced Coffee serves perfectly for those who are ice coffee drinkers and as a thirst quencher during sizzling hot weather days of summer. The VIA Iced coffee is made from 100 percent pure Arabica beans and lightly sweetened with cane sugar. The package comes with 5 stick size packets and suggested to use 16 fl oz of water for each packet.

Within each packet, the amount of coffee and cane sugar combine holds about 70 percent of the packet volume. The packet only provides a little opening from the top when you tear it off. So, the packet is very well designed in terms of usability and functionality because it prevents you from wasting coffee when you try to pour it in to a water bottle or other containers with small top opening. The instruction on how to make an instant iced coffee is also easy to follow. Well, since I did not read the instruction, I made the instant iced coffee by using two containers: one for ice water and the other one for actual drink. Got to read instructions! The color looks very rich and you can tell it’s from high quality coffee.

When you open the stick size packet, there’s a fresh roast coffee aroma coming out and it’s similar to the instant coffee from the first VIA ready brew product line. After you pour out the coffee in an empty bottle, you can see the mix of coffee and white little particles. Since it’s says lightly sweetened, I believe those are the cane sugars that they use for sweetness. The dry roasted aroma kind of decreased a little after you pour in 16 fl. Oz of iced cool water. For the first sip, I thought it’s not sweet at all and it still tastes like the previous instant coffee, which is bitter. However, after couple more sips, you get the little bit of sweetness taste in the coffee, but not much and it tastes totally different than the iced coffee that they sell in Starbucks store. Maybe because I don’t have ice cubes in it. Well, it is still very refreshing and for me it would be better if its bit more sweetened. I guess you can put less water in there next time. I really like the smell, and not so much of the taste. I can’t believe this little stick size packet can keep you up all day long!

What can you get out of this coffee drink in terms of health benefits?

One of the benefits of drinking this coffee is that you get to control how much water, milk, or other ingredients that you want to add on to this instant coffee. A lot of times, different stores give you different taste of the drink even thought it’s the same drink. Human error is what they call it. Also, you can experience with others elements added to the coffee if you want to get a different taste. Unleash your creativity is what this instant coffee is about. I digg this VIA ready brew iced coffee!


Price:  $5.95

Size:  5 Small Packets

Flavor:  Lightly Sweetened Iced Coffee

Aroma:  Roasted Coffee

Nutrition:  See above picture

Calories:  100 for each packet

Where:  U.S. and Canada Starbucks store

Website:VIA Twitter Facebook Youtube


  • Ultimate Home Business

    i love starbucks! all their stuff.



    I only love certain products from Starbucks.


  • Mkennedy

    Nutrition is skewed to throw you. Who only uses 1/2 package–how do you measure that on the go and what do you do with the open package? Fess up and make the serving one package and let consumers know they are getting 100 calories, not 50 per serving. (Most people don’t look at the serving size, they assume it is a package).


  • Justme

    I like to mix this with milk – I start with a super large mug and mix the coffee powder with just a bit of tepid water to dissolve the sugar, then I fill the mug up about 80% of the way with cold 2% milk and top it off with ice cubes. It’s like getting 2 glasses of milk with my caffine fix!


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