New Gatorade G Series Pro 02 Perform Thirst Quencher Endurance


The G series Pro originally was made available for the Pro Athletes, now available exclusively at GNC. It is made to addresses performance needs before, during and after training or competition. If you want to compete at the pro level, I guess you better start drinking it. Not that you will become top pro athletes in the world by drinking it, but you never know. The Pro series designs are obviously different than the previous G series and more enhanced. Also, it offers in many different forms. For me, I just want to taste what the pro drinks are like. What would happen to your body if you don’t compete or do exercise and you drink Gatorade like you drink Coke Cola everyday?

Gatorade G-Series Pro

I think the plastic bottle for G series Pro 02 Perform is very well designed because not only allow customers to have a firm grip on the lower half of the bottle to prevent dropping it when they are drinking, but it also co-functions with the top opening of the bottle where first you need to twist and then you can drink. As result, you only need one hand to do get a sip from the drink.

As for the actual taste of this Lemon-Lime sports drink, I did not expect anything new or wow moment from this drink because of the previous G series Perform taste. However, for the first few sips, it actually tastes pretty good because it’s little bit sweeter different than the previous G series Perform and not overly sours. The balance of sweet and sour mixed very well and makes it very pleasant to drink. The scent in this beverage is just as it’s advertised and it’s very refreshing. There’s no aftertaste like most sports drink.

The ingredients from the beverage are almost the same as the previous G series Perform. Both of them contains sucrose, citric acid, sodium citrate, natural and artificial flavor, salt, yellow 5, etc. Not sure what’s so pro about this beverage since there’s not much difference between the two. Maybe it’s “Designed for and used by elite athletes for endurance sports”? The Pro 02 contains 160 calories per bottle.

Since I’m not a pro athlete, I don’t think I will grab one every time I do exercise. There are other alternatives for ordinary people like you and me. I wouldn’t say I love this beverage, but I like it’s not bad at all. I will try their G series Pro 01 and 03 next time and see if I can become pro through that route.  Should I drink Pro 02 Perform if I sit in front of the computer type or coding all day? There should be a  beverage just for Office people.


Price:  $2.49

Size:  24 FL OZ    710ml

Flavor: Lemon-Lime

Smell:  Lemon-Lime

Nutrition:   160 Calories

Where: GNC

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