New Dunkin Donuts Lucky Mint Coolatta


Last Year Dunkin Donuts offered two St. Patrick’s Day themed doughnuts. This year, they are offering drinks along with doughnuts. Besides Irish Crème based drinks, there’s another one called Lucky Mint Coolatta and it’s a limited time offer only during the month of March. The specific ingredients are not listed on Dunkin Donuts website, but it looked similar to McDonald’s Shamrock shake.

Dunkin Donuts Lucky Mint Coolatta

You could sense a lightly sweetened creamy aroma coming out from this Lucky Mint Coolatta drink when you smell it. The color for this drink was close to light cloudy green in the beginning, but becomes greener after the slushies had melted. The texture was obviously all slushies with the exception at the bottom of the cup which contains the mint syrup. The first couple sips tasted very light with watery mint flavor.  You couldn’t really taste the true mint flavor if you don’t sip it all the way from the bottom of the cup. Since I ordered the drink without adding extra sugar, the sweet taste wasn’t overly sweetened and the mint flavor tasted somewhat natural and the flavor didn’t add up that much during the whole sipping process.  The amount of milk taste was just right as well.


Price: $3.12

Size: Medium


Where to buy:  Dunkin Donuts

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