New Dunkin Donuts Blue Raspberry Coolatta Drink


The weather has been heating up a lot lately and I thought drinking some frozen drinks should keep me cool from this sizzling hot weather. Since I’ve tried the Watermelon flavor Coolatta from Dunkin Donuts last week and the taste wasn’t quite what I expected. So, I bought the Blue Raspberry Coolatta to see if it tastes better than the Watermelon Coolatta and hoping that I do not have to keep on trying their Coolatta flavors to find a good taste.


For this flavor, you can actually smell a light sweet raspberry scent coming out from the plastic drink bottle. After first few sips, it tastes pretty good under hot humid weather. Then I realize I was sipping ice not blue raspberry flavor because the straw did not touch the bottom of the bottle. After adjusting it, the sip came from the bottom tastes like “Dude, that’s pure sugar water.” Well, there’s a little bit of raspberry taste in it, but it’s not natural and it’s just way too sweet. If you stir the drink or let the ice melt first, then the level of sweetness will go down a lot and it’s actually not a bad taste even though it still tastes sweet. The aftertaste is all about the left over sweetness in your mouth.


I do not want to scare you, but according to their information on Dunkin Donuts website, this flavor drink contains 62g sugar. American does not run on Dunkin, it runs on Sugar! If you are diabetic, stay away from this drink because it’s too sweet for an average person. You can see it for yourself in here.


Once again, it’s just too sweet for me and it would have been a great drink if there’s less sugar. I did not finish the whole drink and I think 62g of sugar is enough to make a sweet roasted chicken dish for five people.


Price:  $3.26

Size:  16 FL OZ

Flavor:  Blue Raspberry

Aroma:  Light Sweet Raspberry

Nutrition:  None

Calories:  260

Where:  Local Dunkin Donut Store

Website: Facebook Twitter Dunkin Donuts

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  • Josie

    I dont agree with this article and for a GREAT reason:
    It really all depends on the maker of the coolatta!


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