New Crystal Light Mocktails Margarita Mix


The second flavor of the New Crystal Light Mocktails mix is called Margarita and it was difficult to find when it first came out. Right now, you could probably get it every where in retail or grocery stores. Ever since I tried their Mojito mix, I wanted to try their other two flavors: Margarita and Appletini, but just didn’t get the chance. Now, finally I got one from my local store and hoping it won’t disappoint me. After reading a lot of reviews online, it kind of put me in a situation where I need to decide should I try it or not. Well, you know the answer.

New Crystal Light Mocktails Margarita Mix

After you tear open the packet, there’s a strong alcohol aroma coming out and if you sniff it for couple more seconds, you could actually sense the margarita smell. The powder inside the packet was in white color. When you pour it into an empty glass pitcher, you could see the white ash like dust flying out from the packet. It must be very dry in there. Since each packet requires 2 quarts of water, the powder becomes green color after it touches a drop or two of water without dissolving it and then it becomes lighter green color after mixing with 2 quarts of water. The aroma becomes refreshing and there’s no scent of alcohol either after mixing with water. As for the taste, the first sip was all lightly sweet and sour, just like the mojito flavor. After couple more sips, it becomes light fruity flavor. Both sweet and sour tastes were balanced quite well in the beginning. As you drink more, you started to feel dryness in your mouth, but some how it makes you want to keep on drinking it. After chugging down a glass of this mix, you could sense the flavor was pretty close compares to the real margarita. The flavors started to stack up in your tongue as well. The dryness stays around in your mouth for the aftertaste.

New Crystal Light Mocktails Margarita Mix

The ingredients for this New Crystal Light Mocktail Margarita Mix include: Citric Acid, Maltodextrin, Salt, Aspartame (Sweetener), Natural Flavor, Contains less than 2% of Acesulfame Potassium (Sweetener), Magnesium Oxide, Artificial Color, Yellow 5, and Blue 1.  *Phenylketonurics: Contains Phenylalanine. Distributed by Kraft Foods Global, inc.

New Crystal Light Mocktails Margarita Mix

Overall, the taste was close enough to the alcohol margarita drink. Besides the dryness, the taste wasn’t that bad. As for health wise, it will take another debate on what is good and what is not good. So far the Mojito and Margarita mix both tasted some what good. I hope their third and last flavor appletini won’t disappoint me.


Price:  $2.89

Size: Net WT 1.62 OZ (46g) /5 Packets

Calorie: 5 calories Per Pocket

Flavor:  Margarita

Where to buy: Retail Store

Websites:  Facebook  Twitter  Crystal Light


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  • Pam

    While my family did not care for the Margarita flavor much, the appletini and mojito flavors are a hit! Unfortunately, we are currently having difficulty finding any of these flavors! Which is disappointing, as we would love to try the recipes found on line.


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