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Read a news article from PRNewswire this morning about Neuro Drinks partners with Pepsi cola to distribute functional beverages to New York City beginning this month. So I went to a local supermarket to check it out and indeed I saw few sexy rocket style bottle designs on the shelves. There were couple blends on the shelf and each blend has its own functional purpose. One of the interesting blend names was called NeuroGasm and obviously you can figure out what that function is. For the purpose of this review, I picked lose weight the healthy way.

Upon busting this sexy bottle cap, there’s a very pleasant light sweet grapefruit aroma escaping from the bottle and it does taste like real grapefruit after few sips. It is a good substitute for those who love to eat grapefruit when you can’t find any in a supermarket. Also, you will notice that the taste contains a little bit of sourness, just like the real grapefruit. The combination of sweet and sour balanced out very well which gives a vey refreshing taste. As for non-carbonated label on the bottle, if you shake the drink, you will see a thick layer of bubbles on top of the fluid as result of the shake and also you will see many small bubbles coming to the top of the surface from the bottom of the drink. I guess it’s not significant enough to be considered as carbonate drink. There’s no aftertaste in this drink that you would normally find in other functional beverages. Now the question is “would it really help you lose weight by drinking this beverage?”

For health benefits, it is not for those who are under 12 years of age, pregnant, nursing women and people are sensitive to caffeine. For other supplement facts, you can look at the picture on your left. The main reasons why this beverage will help you to lose your weight have better digestive health, curbs appetite and anti-aging properties because it contains LuraLean, L-Carnatine, Caffeine, Gymnema Sylvestre, Resveratol, and Grean tea extract.

Overall, I like this beverage and I’m looking forward to try other Neuro functional beverages. I hope they will give me the same impression as this one.  Also, let me know if you have tried other functional beverages.

Neuro Nutritional Supplement Drink, Variety Pack, 14.5-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 12)


Price: $1.99

Size:  14.5 FL OZ   430mL

Flavor:  Grapefruit

Smell:  Light Sweet Grapefruit

Nutrition:  L-Carnitine, Gymnema Sylvestre, Resveratrol, Green Tea Extract and LuraLean Amorphophallus Propol.

Where:  Local Supermarket

Website: Drink Neuro, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr


  • Arlin

    does the trim actually work?



    I just had one so it’s really hard to tell whether it works or not.


  • Sarah

    I love NeuroTrim! It is a great snack between meals that helps relieve my hunger pains. I used to have a tendency to grab a bag of chips or nuts for a snack, now I just have my NeuroTrim.



    I’m glad that you like NeuroTrim, but how much does it cost for a bag of chips?


  • Dawn

    I tried NeuroTrim and fair enough it made me lose weight but only by giving me sickness and diarrhea, it made me feel ill. I wouldn’t recommend it as a healthy way to support weight loss at all and i wont be buying it ever again.


  • Emily

    For all those who want to stay trim, I would recommend Neuro Trim.

    I order a couple of packs of 12 from a company called Aqua Amore (best value/service in my opinion) every week and it is a great slimming aid.

    Here’s their link for more info:

    I’ve only tried the Neuro Bliss, does anyone know what the Sonic and Sport are like?


  • Rav

    I have tried Neuro Sonic, NeuroGasm, Neuro Sleep, Neuro Bliss, and Neuro Trim (i’m sipping on this one right now). Neuro Sonic to me was not helpful at all. I took it before a test and i could not focus, and it did not sit well in my stomach. NeuroGasm tasted good and I felt more relaxed, but nothing happened related to what the name hints toward. Neuro Sleep is by far my favorite. I sip on one of those and by the time i’m finished I am ready to sleep. It makes me very drowsy and the label says it contains melatonin which is used in sleeping pills though I don’t know if it can lead to dependency. Neuro Bliss did not work that well for me, it tasted fine but I didn’t feel amazing. However some buddies of mine have tried it and they get it all the time because they say it makes them feel great. And since I am trying Neurotrim for the first time I don’t know how it works, but it tastes great so i’m going to get back to drinking that!


  • Lauren

    I drink NeuroTrim daily and I LOVE it! I discovered it a few months ago when i got onto a health kick, and in those past 3 months, I have lost 15 pounds. I’m not saying it was solely because of NeuroTrim, because I also began eating really heathy, running, and lifting weights a lot, but I feel like it does help (and tastes AWESOME!).



    I think eating really healthy is the essence to becoming healthy.



    Being a NeuroTrim fan, I find that NeuroTrim has helped me to control my appetite (just like regular water), but it works best with “eating really healthy” like Steve saod, and exercise rather than just by itself. When I don’t buy NeuroTrim, I just try to eat and drink as healthy as possible, with exercise.


  • Lisa Blythe

    I drink the neurotrim.Love it.I also tried the neuro sleep and I got a very good night sleep.Felt rested in the morning.All of them have great taste.


  • Roni Hersh

    I love Neuro Trim. It truly works. I have lost 4 pounds in two weeks. However, they are always sold out of it at Holiday Farms in New York. They need to make a larger quanity of it.



    Wow, so i guess it does work. Good for you!


  • JarrettWilson

    neuro trim rocks


  • Dano

    Trying neuro sleep now, I will get back to you tomorrow! I hope to hear birds singing and wake up all refreshed like you see on TV!


  • Mary

    I’ve tried them all, i love sleep, bliss and trim the most. I get restful sleep now and that’s hard for me to get. I drink the trim about an hour before i eat and i’ve been eating less and have lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks. As for the bliss, i don’t notice a big difference in my stress level, but i’m gonna give it a chance and still drink it daily.


  • Janet

    It is sad to think that the retail industry is over pricing the Neuro Trim knowing that it is sold in a 12 pack assortment as well. Price gouging should be illegal especially when the seller gets to buy products at cost.

    I think it is a well deserving drink as well as the other Neuro Drink Products. They all have their own tastes and ingredients.


  • DEb

    Is there real grapefruit in this product? Some medications say no grapefruit whle taking.


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