Natural Flavor Caffeine Free Citrus Blast


There’s a whole new twist on citrus from Pepsi and its called Citrus Blast. It is 100% natural and it’s caffeine free. According to their product information, “Citrus Blast is a deliciously light, crisp and clean-tasting citrus soda with a splash of real grapefruit juice. The combination of bubbles and fresh citrus flavor makes this caffeine free beverage extra refreshing and thirst-quenching.” Don’t be surprised if you see the picture of the Citrus Blast looked similar to Squirt.

Citrus Blast

The logo design is quite similar to the Squirt Soda logo design in terms of the color, shape and effects used around the shape. For those who know about Squirt or have seen it before, it’s almost a direct copy. I guess the Fair Use is applied in here huh. From the marketing point of view, it’s a quite good idea because people will think its Squirts new flavor. In terms of competition between the two, I think it’s similar between McDonalds and Burger King because where ever there’s a McDonald, there’s a Burger King just around the block. Now, who has the edge? Well, only the taste could tell the difference.

Up on busting the cap, the aroma coming out from the bottle was close to a lightly sweetened lemon kind of scent. As for the color and texture, they were all the same as Squirt Soda, cloudy and close to white color. The first couple sips actually tasted lightly sweet with subtle citrus taste. I was expecting it to be similar to Squirt Soda since everything looked so alike from out side. The Citrus Blast didn’t have the sharp taste, but instead it tasted very smooth and quite pleasant to drink. There’s no sign of grapefruit flavor what so ever. As you drink more, you could sense the sweet taste adds up over period of time while you are drinking it, but it did not that sweet and it did leave some room for the citrusy sort flavor. By the way, I detected dryness for the aftertaste.

Citrus Blast

The Citrus Blast ingredients includes: carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, grapefruit juice concentrate, modified food starch, sodium citrate, sodium benzoate (preserves freshness), glycerol ester of rosin, natural flavor, potassium sorbate (preserves freshness), calcium disodium edta (to protect flavor). Since this is a 2 Liter bottle, the calorie is 140 per 12 FL/ OZ serving and its Caffeine free. Also, contains 1% juice.

Citrus Blast Nurtition Facts

Overall, I’m surprised that the Citrus Blast turns out to be a quite good soda drink. It would be better if they put actual real sugar instead of HFCS. I can’t wait to try their Diet Citrus Blast. If you are a Squirt fan, you have got to try it.


Price:  $1.99 each

Size:  2L

Aroma: lightly sweetened lemon

Flavor:  lightly sweetened citrus

Calorie: 140 per 12 FL OZ Serving

Where to buy:  Local Supermarket

Website: Citrus Blast Facebook Twitter


  • anon

    Not bad! I think it will be a good soda for summer.


  • TN

    Remake of the best citrus soda ever – Wink.


  • Jacqui

    I just recently tried it and I love it!!!! Now I just gotta find out where to buy it, any ideas? lol



    You can find it in your local retailer store like Target


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