Naked Juice Peach Guava Smoothie With Coconut Water


This Naked Juice smoothie is made out of six different fruits and they are all one hundred percent natural juice. It is 35% fewer calories than other Naked Juice smoothies. This flavor was introduced by Naked Juice couple months ago and it helps to cut the calories and provide electrolytes. Since everyone is selling coconut water related beverages, I guess Naked Juice is trying to get into that as well. Is there really coconut water taste in the smoothie?

The color of this smoothie is actually a bit different than the pictures they show on ads because it is more close to light red, not close to pink. It looks like green vegetables mixed with carrots. The texture is very smooth, clean and thick. Upon busting the bottle cap, you are greeted by a lightly sweetened fresh fruit aroma coming out from the ordinary bottle. The first couple sips are hard to describe because the moment your tongue gets the sip, it tastes sweet in the beginning, but then suddenly gets the sour taste. After awhile, the sweet taste kindly showed up and reduces the sour taste. There are six fruit flavors in this smoothie, but you could only recognize the peach and guava flavors. As for other flavors, they are just for show I guess and maybe that’s why they call it peach guava smoothie. Some how, I feel like I’m drinking vegetable juice instead of fruit smoothie. It tastes a bit thick with some watery, but not totally thick where there’s no liquid at all. The peach flavor was the most obvious flavor in all six of them and the least flavor is the coconut water. Nonetheless, the taste is very refreshing, smooth and easy to drink. The sweetness of the smoothie was very well balanced because if you add a lot of fruits together, it will make the smoothie very sweet. There’s the dryness feeling in your mouth after you finish the smoothie.

For those who care about healthy drinks, this peach guava smoothie with coconut water contains 100 calories, 40mg sodium and 410mg potassium. Also, it is made from a combination of guava, coconut water, peach, mango, orange and apple. Four of the fruits have the same amount of juice to be part of this smoothie and the other two is a bit less than the previous four. In addition, there’s no sugar added, no preservatives, non-GMO, gluten free and vegan. It has vitamin A, C, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium and Manganese.

Overall, I love this juice smoothie drink because not only it tastes great, but also the health benefits that you can gain from this smoothie. One bottle of Naked Juice with a bagel would be a fine breakfast to have. I can’t wait to try the other smoothie with coconut water.


Price:  $3.79

Size:  15.2 Fl OZ / 450ml

Flavor:  Peach Guava

Aroma:  lightly sweetened fruit

Calories:  100

Where to buy:  Store

Website:  Naked Juice Facebook Twitter

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