Naked Juice Fruit Boosts Red Machine Juice Smoothie


Red Machine! Last time I tried a Green Machine from Naked Juice during a holiday winter blizzard in New York City and it turned out to be a fine juice smoothie. Today, New York City is having a bitter cold day and the city officials are telling New Yorkers to keep themselves warm for the frigid temperature and try to stay in door. For me, I’m drinking a Red Machine in a freezing day.  According to Naked Juice, they are dedicated to creating the best, all-natural 100% juices and juice smoothies, made from the finest bare-naked fruits, with no added sugar and no preservatives.

Naked Juice Red Machine Juice SmoothieI like the new look of this Red Machine! The new label design looks a lot better than the old one based on its representation of attractiveness and the freshness of the drink. Upon opening the cap, there’s a strong mix of sweet and sour berry aroma coming out from the bottle and it’s quite refreshing. The obvious fruit that you could sense in this mix berries aroma would be the Strawberry and Apple. The color of this juice smoothie is just like the name said Red Machine. As for the texture, it looks like cement, but in a watery way. The first couple sips tasted tangy with subtle sweet taste at the end when you swallow down the smoothie. Also, you could definitely taste the Banana, Raspberry and Strawberry flavors among the fruits that were used to make this smoothie. As you drink more, it seems like you were drinking juices and not a juice smoothies anymore because it’s very smooth and pleasant to drink. In terms of the balance between sweet and sour taste, I would say it towards the sour taste a bit more than the other one. As for the aftertaste, there’s a bit of berry scent left in your mouth.

Naked juice Red Machine Juice Smoothie

Naked Juice Red Machine contains a lot of ingredients: Apple Juice, Strawberry Puree, Orange Juice, Banana Puree, Raspberry Puree, Red Grape Juice from concentrate, Pomegranate Juice from concentrate, Cranberry Juice from concentrate, Flax Seed, Fruit Juice for color, Natural Flavors, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Cyanocobalamin. Since it’s a Fruit plus Boost, they put: 13 Raspberries, 11 Strawberries, 3 Cranberries, 1 ½ Apples, ¼ Pomegranate, 1/3 Orange, ½ Banana, 7 Red Grapes. On the boost side, 8g of flax seed, 4384mg Omega-3, 2mg Vitamin B6, 6mg Vitamin B12, 780mg Potassium, 20mg vitamin C and 5g fiber. The total calorie is 170 for a 15.2 fl oz bottle size.

Naked Juice Red Machine Juice Smoothie

I really enjoyed drinking this smoothie and it’s a perfect alternative for your daily meal or snacks. The only downside in my opinion is the price because it’s a bit expensive, but if you want health, I guess it’s worth it. I can’t wait to try other Naked Juice Smoothies.


Price:  $3.67

Size:  15.2 FL OZ /450ML

Flavor:  Fruity

Aroma:  Fruity Berries

Calories:  170

Where to buy:  Here

Website:  Naked Juice Facebook Twitter

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  • Jodi Kindle

    Isn’t Naked Juice pasteurized? Which I believe kills the nutrients?


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