Naked Chia Sweet Peach Juice Smoothie Drink


I picked up this drink at a local retailer store while doing some grocery shopping. On the bottle label , it says new, so I thought I should give it a try based on the previous experiences with Naked drinks wasn’t bad at all. Also, on the bottle label, “What the chia? Those chia seeds are there to help provide Omega-3s, fiber, calcium, iron and some super-powered pep for when daily crunch time comes around.” There’s no added sugar, no added preservatives, non-GMO, vegan and its peach flavored 4 juice blend.

Naked Chia Sweet Peach Juice SmoothieThere’s a refreshing fruity aroma coming out from the bottle after you twisted it open. If you sniff around the opening for a bit, you could sense the light sweetened peach will be there based on the aroma. As for the texture, it looked pretty thick and you could see the small pieces of chia seeds mixed in with this juice smoothie along with other fruits. As for the taste, based on the look of the texture you though it would be thick which I assumed in the beginning but it turns out to be the opposite. The first sip tasted watery with small pieces of chia seeds. It wasn’t sweet as well. After sipping five sips, I start digging this drink because it was pleasant to drink. After chugging down half bottle, there wasn’t any heaviness or bad aftertaste at all. The sweetness of this juice smoothie did not add up throughout the whole tasting process. The fun part was you get to grind those small pieces of chia seeds in your mouth. Good exercise for your teeth. As for the peach flavor, you could taste it but it wasn’t that heavy and it’s same for the mango flavor as well. I feel so naked after drinking this Juice Smoothie!

Baked Chia Sweet Peach Juice Smoothie DrinkIngredients for this Naked Chia Sweet Peach Juice Smoothie Drink: Apple Juice, Peach Puree, Orange Juice, Mango Puree, Chia Seeds, Natural Flavors, and BETA Carotene (Vitamin A). 98% Juice!
The Goodness inside: 10,000mg Chia Seeds, 114mg Calcium, ½ Peace, 8g Fiber, ½ Orange, .68mg Iron, 1/6 Mango, 977mg Omega-3s, 2 -3/4 Apples, 4g Protein.


Price: $3.99

Size: 15.2 FL (450ML)

Calories: 230 per bottle

Where to buy: Local Supermarket

Website: Naked Juice, Facebook, Twitter

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  • Kamal Mccune

    I’d like to purchase some of the peach naked drinks


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