Mountain Dew Pitch Black Limited Edition is back


Guess who is back? The Mountain Dew Pitch Black! I just received two bottles of Mountain Dew Pitch Black for tasting today. It has been a long time for this flavor to come back and sadly it will be returning for a limited time only as part of “Back By Popular Dewmand program.” According to their brand, “Along with Mountain Dew Supernova and Mountain Dew Typhoon, Mountain Dew Pitch Black – the beloved, grape-flavored DEW – has already hit shelves for a limited time only, and it’s the fans’ steadfast support and passion that made it happen. In fact, Mountain Dew Pitch Black received the highest number of calls to PepsiCo’s consumer hotline asking for its return. Not to mention, Mountain Dew Pitch Black drinkers have showed their devotion to the flavor via social media vehicles – fan response to Mountain Dew Pitch Black-focused Facebook posts on the Mountain Dew page – known for its nearly 5 million fans – has been 3x the response to average posts.”

Mountain Dew Pitch Black

I like the label design on this Mountain Dew Pitch Black Limited Edition because it’s attractive and interesting. It’s sort of like you are being sucked into a black hole and the Mountain Dew comes out to save you or maybe the other way around. Anyway, when you open the bottle for the first time, you could hear the familiar hissing sound and there’s a very lightly sweetened refreshing grape aroma coming out as well from the bottle. Apart from the carbonation, this could be a great grape wine if you rebottle it. The color was obviously close to grape color and its pitch black if you look at it from couple feet away. The texture of this Mountain Dew Pitch Black was smooth, clean and with some carbonation. The very first sip tasted just awesome because the flavor was just perfect when it hits your tasting bud. I was expecting to be just another Mountain Dew drink, but it certainly has surprised me. The grape flavor was definitely there and it wasn’t overly sweetened either. As you drink more, the taste just keeps on getting better because the flavor did not add up to create a heavily grape flavor which makes you want to stop drinking it. The amount of carbonation was also perfectly balanced with the flavor and makes it even more pleasant to drink it. Also, it has a subtle natural flavor taste to it as well. As for the aftertaste, you get a little bit of energetic because of the caffeine contained in the drink.

Mountain Dew Pitch Black

The ingredients for this Mountain Dew Pitch Black with a Blast of Black Grape limited edition include: Carbonated Water, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Citric Acid, Natural Flavor, Sodium Benzoate (Preserves Freshness), Caffeine, Sodium Citrate, Gum Arabic, Ascorbic Acid (To protect flavor), Red 40, Calcium Disodium EDTA (To protect flavor), Brominated Vegetable Oil, Blue 1. The caffeine content: 36mg/8 fl oz and 91mg /20fl oz. The calorie for a 20fl oz bottle is 290 and it also contains 77g of sugar. It doesn’t contain any juice, but it has 105mg sodium. I know there’s a lot of calories and sugar in the drink.

Mountain Dew Pitch Black

Here’s more information from their brand.

“Back by Popular DEWmand™ was developed to reward Mountain Dew drinkers for their support with an opportunity to influence the brand’s programs, and will kick off with the re-release of not only Mountain Dew Pitch Black, but also Mountain Dew Supernova and Mountain Dew Typhoon. The drinks were officially launched on May 1, 2011, but timing varies from market to market depending on inventory. 20-oz containers of Mountain Pitch Black and Mountain Dew Supernova will be available mostly in convenience and gas station stores for the first few weeks of the program while 12 packs of Mountain Dew Pitch Black and Mountain Dew Supernova will be available starting the week of May 16th.

Due to the number of permanent flavors on shelves at this time, Mountain Dew cannot produce Pitch Black, Supernova or Typhoon permanently. In an effort to reward fans for their support and passion for the brand, Mountain Dew will bring back the flavors for a limited time only. While it will be approximately 8 weeks, it is not a set amount of time and availability will vary depending on the popularity of each flavor and how quickly inventories sell out.”

Overall, I love this drink and it’s my first time drinking this Mountain Dew Pitch Black in years. If you like drinking soda drinks, you might want to try this one out because it’s only available for a limited amount of time only. Once again, Mountain Dew Pitch Black is part of the Mountain Dews ‘Back by Popular Dewmand program!’  Thank you for sending the samples! I can’t wait to try out Mountain Dew Supernova and Mountain Dew Typhoon.


Price:  Samples

Size:  20 FL Oz

Aroma: Grape

Flavor:  Grape

Calorie:  290

Where to buy:   Your Local Retail Store

Website: Mountain Dew Facebook Twitter


  • Steve N

    Sodium benzoate comes from benzene, a known carcinogen; Red 40 comes from crude oil; and EDTA comes from a synthesis of products originating from ammonia, formaldehyde and cyanide.


  • Joe

    Yeah, He’s right.I was going to wean myself off soda but damn, Mountain Dew had to reintroduce this shit and I’m like addicted, so I had to purchase some.Plus, huge corporations like Coca Cola and Pepsi are kinda evil.


  • Jim

    It’s finally in TEXAS. Found it at a 7-11 near Ft. Worth on Pipeline Rd. Maybe all the 7’11’s carry it now.



    So how many did you buy?


  • luke

    And by the way MTN DEW PITCH BLACK IS VERY GOOD!!!!!! and it most likley taste more like Strawberry fruit snack????? not grape????


  • Dew



  • Rebekah

    Has it made it to Arkansas yet? because as soon as it does I’m buying as many as I can!!


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