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There are many drinking recipe apps available in App store, but only few of them are actually consider useful. Mixology is one of those apps that actually brings value for people and it’s developed by www.digitaloutcrop.com. The app is for both iPhone and iPod Touch. It provides a database of all kinds of drink recipes for every event. According to their website, the app contains 7,900 or more drink recipes and more than 1,300 ingredients. you can use it at your finger tip and you do not need to think about what you want to drink. If you are into drinks and want to try something different, then mixology might be the right solution for you.

When you load the application, you will see a list of five horizontal navigation buttons and they are Browse All Drinks, Browse By Category, Browse by Ingredient, Favorites and Find Liquor Stores.

The Browse All Drinks function contains all the drink recipes in an alphabetically order and for each drink recipe, you can update or share your drink recipe to your Facebook,  Twitter or Email. The Browse  by category feature contains seven categories: Cocktails, Martinis, Shooters, Jello Shots, Hot Drinks, Punches and Non-Alcoholic. Each category recipes has its own drinking glass icon next to it and I think it’s very unique. Browse by ingredient, has three types: Liquor, Mixes and Garnish. The Favorites is similiar to bookmark. The coolest and usefull part is the find liquor stores. It uses GPS and Google map to find all the liquor stores around your current location. It ‘s very useful especially when you are at an unfamiliar place and you want to buy liquors.

The bottom of the app  contains few useful tabs. First one is the Liquor Cabinet tab and its purpose is to find any drink combination of the ingredients that you add to the mixers and the liquors. The second tab is the Random tab, it allows you to find drink recipes by shaking slot machine like interface. Last tab which is the bartending tap,  contains  information in Glassware, Tools, Terminology, How to stock your bar, and Bartending Tips and Tricks.  Those information are for people who wants to be a better bartender.

Personally, I like this app because of the easy user interface and the amount of information that it provides.  It would be great if they could insert an image for each drink recipe. Also, they should make a recommendation or popular drinks for events so that it will be easy for people to use instead of browsing through the whole list and looking for the right recipe.


iPhone and ipod Touch app

Versions: $.99 cents without ads, Free with ads

rating: 4/5

Image:   Designed by www.sweetpeaandmarmalade.com

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  • jwilliams

    Don’t forget that the paid version, Mixologist, offers more features than the free version. My favorite of those features is the Custom Drinks section, which lets you add your own recipes to the database.


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