MiO Liquid Water Enhancer


Have you heard of liquid water enhancer before? Well, I received a package of MiO liquid water enhancer for review and it allows you to make your drink in your own way. The word MiO can be translated from Spanish or Italian as “Mine.” Right now, MiO has six delicious flavors: Berry Pomegranate, Strawberry Watermelon, Fruit Punch, Mango Peach, Sweet Tea and Peach Tea. Each MiO bottle gives you approximately 24 servings. For the review, I got Peach Tea and Mango Peach.

MiO Liquid Water Enhancer

The packaging design is quite fancy and cute in a way. The logo is also very unique and it’s represented by the letter M with a water drop in the middle and the color of the water drop represents the flavor of the MiO. What I like the most is the size of MiO because it’s so small that you could actually fit almost any pockets and you can carry with you where ever you go. Best fit would be the traveling bag where you put all your tooth brush, tooth paste, etc.

MiO Liquid Water Enhacer- Peach Tea

When you smell the aroma after you mix it with water, it’s not as strong as the scent coming out from the bottle. The color obvious dissolves too and become light orange. The texture stays the same since it’s just liquid mixing with liquid. The first sip actually tasted pretty good and I wasn’t expecting it to be that good. You could actually sense the peach flavor, but not very strong in the beginning. Also, you couldn’t really tell if it’s just peace or peach tea as well. As you drink more, you could sense the subtle tea flavor and when your mouth processes your sip, it kind leaves with sour taste on your tongue after you swallow down the sip. Also, the peach tea taste wasn’t that convincing at first, but I went back and added another squeeze to the water, the peach flavor becomes more appealing, but the artificial sweetener seems to be dragging down the flavor just a bit. However, it tasted great, easy to drink and pretty refreshing as well. Also, it‘s way better than those powder drinks. The aftertaste gives you a bit feeling of dryness in your mouth.

MIO Liquid Peach Tea, 1.62-Ounce, (Pack of 4)

MiO Liquid Water Enhancer-Mango Peach

For the mango and peach flavor, you could smell the mango and peach aroma from the bottle, but after you mix it with water, it’s hard to detect them unless you squeeze a lot into your water. The color is close to orange color and the texture is same as the Peach Tea flavor. It’s tasteless the first couple sips and the peach flavor seems to come up first rather than mango. This flavor also gives you the tart taste at the end after you swallows down the sip and you need to add two squeezes in order for you to taste the mango flavor because with one squeeze you could only taste the peach. The flavor was way better than the peach tea in my opinion because of its well balanced combination taste and I got shocked how great the taste was after adding two squeezes. The aftertaste was the same as the Peach Tea.

MIO Mango Peach, 1.6-Ounce (Pack of 4)

According to MiO, “MiO is sweetened with Sucralose, a calorie-free, artificial sweetener that is 600 times sweeter than sugar. Generally, non-nutritive sweeteners are calorie free in finished products because they impart high sweetness intensity and are needed only in very small amounts to give desired sweetness to a product. Artificial sweeteners provide sweetness without adding calories to help individuals watching their calorie and sugar intake. To maintain color and freshness, MiO does use certain preservatives and artificial colorings.” The ingredients for Mango Peach includes: Water, Malic Acid, Propylene Glycol, Citrict Acid, Contains less than 2% of natural flavor, Sucralose and Acesulfame potassium(Sweeteners), Potassium citrate, Polysorbate 60, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Red 40, Potassium Sorbate (Perservative). The ingredient for Peach Tea includes: Water, Malic Acid, Propylene Glycol, Citrict Acid, Contains less than 2% of natural flavor, Sucralose and Acesulfame potassium (Sweeteners), Potassium citrate, Yellow 5, Blue 1, Red 40, Potassium Sorbate (Perservative).

Mio Liquid Water Enhancer Nutrition Facts

Overall, I like the Mango Peach flavor over the Peach Tea because of the taste and smell. MiO liquid water enhancer is way more convenient than those powder mixing drinks. For powder drinks, after you mix it with water, you could still sense that it’s a powder drink rather than having the natural taste like the Mio did.  MiO will be available nation wide on March 7, 2011 in markets and grocery stores.  The suggested retail price for MiO is $3.99 for 24 servings. Thanks for sending the samples!

MIO Strawberry Watermelon, 1.62-Ounce (Pack of 4)
MIO Sweet Tea, 1.6-Ounce (Pack of 4)
MiO Liquid Water Enhancer 1.62 fl oz (48 ml)


Price:  Sample

Size:  1.62 FL OZ /48 ML

Aroma: Mango and Peach

Flavor:  Mango Peach, Peach Tea

Calorie: Zero

Where to buy:  Markets and Grocery Stores

Website: TwitteYouTube Facebook


  • ashley h

    the sweet tea is amazing i put it in my water bottle when im work very easy and fast!


    Yea, it’s really fast. How many squeezes did you added to the water bottle ?


    i put 2 in a regular bottle size of 16 oz.

  • Steve

    Really ? Maybe I should try that next time.

  • mo

    It is really good my favorite is the strawberry watermelon


    Where did you find the strawberry watermelon flavor?


    I got the Strawberry Watermelon at walmart. I love it and just a dash of it is strong enough to give your bottle of water a taste.

  • lazybumswife

    My husband gt me the Berry Pomegranate and I love it. I can’t wait to try the other flavors. I also love the size of it, easy to carry with you anywhere.


    I can’t wait to try other flavors too and indeed it’s very easy to carry around with you.


    That is the one I have! It is soooo gooood!

  • the good stuff

    Pure Inventions Green Tea and Fruit Extracts are way better and 100% natural. If you are looking for something to enhance or help you drink your water. They have an array of flavors and remarkable health benefits. No artificial sweetners, calories, carbs, diabetic friendly…etc.


    Yeah, and look at the PRICE for “Pure Inventions Green Tea and Fruit Extracts”, too. About $40 bucks for 4 ounces, according to what I found locally! That’s a crazy amount to pay for water flavoring!


    Where can these better alternatives be found? Health food markets?

    left green eye

    Why not take and add lemon or lime juice to your water.
    It tastes great and as far as I know neither lemons or limes are harmful


    Some people, like myself, are allergic to citric acids and so cannot have them. This is an alternative that, although contains some citric acid, is in such a low dose that it has not side effects in regards to the allergy.


    The reason I like mio is because it’s easy to carry around when I’m on the go with my soccer schedule as for adding lemons juice I can’t carry that around sorry for that but I use mio sometimes not often and I haven’t become sick or had cancer the chemicals in this product are in a lot of products and since the chemicals are in most products from the logic y’all use j should have horrible cancer right now because I eat all the time between fast food and a healthy snack

  • John

    Wow,nice list of synthetic chemicals in that mio stuff, I would not put that garbage in my body. I’d rather send it to my enemy.


    You do realize what you eat, right? It has synthetic chemicals. Tap water has synthetic chemicals to help make it more nutritious. So, you’re making yourself look dumb.

  • John

    I purchased one today, 3/21/11, but there are no instructions as to the amount of water per (squeeze, drop ????) It would be a good idea to provide clear directions. So far, I have not used it because of the lack of clear or any diections. What do I do with this?


    one squeeze for every 8 Oz…it says it on the packaging…


    Hey John, I never ever post anywhere, but I had to for this. This stuff is toxic and makes people stupid, so I would suggest not ingesting it. I guess this stuff was made for people like you. You seriously haven’t used it because your waiting for people online to give you instructions on how to use it?


    Lighten up! There’s no need to be mean.


    @ Lynn – Sometimes it is necessary to be to the point.


    Why is it so necessary to be to the point now? Why do you or anybody else think that it is their personal responsibility to be to the point with this product? Do you walk on water or something?


    No, MiO does not induce phenylketornuria.

    Also, I would think going off to battle milkshakes, sodas, burgers, and a million other foods and refreshments would be more beneficial than taking a stand on MiO. Maybe you’re not aware of this, but the tendency of the general public out of looking for flavor is by putting things hundreds of times worse than MiO into their bodies.

    If people are using MiO to get off of Coca-Cola and working on eating less at McDonald’s, I’m all for it.



    you can put as many drops as you want as to your likings.


    2 squeezes per 16.8 oz or about a tea spoon , use less or more by your taste …

  • kat

    can’t find this anywhere – even online – anyone know where it is sold? Someone mentioned Walmart – but I couldn’t find it there or even at the website for Walmart??


    Got a coupon in the paper today and picked up a bottle of berry pomegranate at Target. The coupon was for .75 off and the price was $3.50 and if you bought two bottles you received a case of bottle water. It taste very good. It would make a nice treat to bring to a restaurant with bad tasting water.

  • Dr. Urotsukidoji

    Nobody -NOBODY HERE?!- has a problem with taking a perfectly healthy, hydrating glass of water…and then paying money to purposely adulterating it with propylene glycol – a component in automotive antifreezes and de-icers – acesulfame (a.k.a. nutrasweet, a known neurotoxin — watch the documentary “Sweet Misery”), and red 40 (2-naphthalenesulfonic acid, 6-hydroxy-5-((2-methoxy-5-methyl-4-sulfophenyl)azo)-, disodium salt, and disodium 6-hydroxy-5-((2-methoxy-5-methyl-4-sulfophenyl)azo)-2-naphthalenesulfonate….suspected to be responsible for lowering IQ’s and inducing ADHD in children).

    Seriously, american consumers, I know the MiO commercials are awesome…beautiful even. But water is healthy. These chemicals pose ridiculous potential health risks.

    Drink some tea. Sugar isn’t dangerous in moderation. Educate yourself. Don’t be a patsy for the petrochemical/pharmaceutical/”foodstuff” industry.

    Shame on you Kraft. You used to make food.
    Dr. U


    Dr. Urotsukidoji,

    Propylene Glycol: a fairly simple diol (double alcohol) that is converted into energy in your body. When we consume it, our bodies turn it into pyruvic acid, among other things (acetic acid, lactic acid, propanal.) In order for propylene glycol to really make us sick, we would need to have 1g of it per 1 liter of our plasma, 0.1% by weight, roughly. (wikipedia)

    I agree that the rest of the synthetic chemicals in Mio are pretty scary, so you have my support there. Just don’t knock Propylene glycol, even though we’ve found ‘scary’ scary uses for it.

    Ethylene glycol kills dogs and cats. In our bodies ( as well as those of dogs and cats,) it becomes glycolic acid and then oxalic acid, which is toxic. (wikipedia)


    Jake…if you want to sound intelligent, try not using wikipedia as your source.


    Collie, all I’m seeing is him posting his findings from Wikipedia after researching what exactly propylene glycol is, and then citing his source, which happens to be Wikipedia. I don’t see anything wrong with that. Perhaps the problem is that you feel threatened because you’re having difficulty understanding those big, scary words, which you already attempted to comprehend at Wikipedia before becoming horribly confused, and therefore frustrated with Wikipedia, making you feel the need to attack the utilization Wikipedia as a source for basic, general research. He’s not writing an academic paper, or even pretending to actually know this stuff off-hand. He’s just summarizing some basic facts. Maybe you should get over yourself, and thank him for posting a useful comment. :-)


    You must work for the chemical companies….It is still poison, no matter what the quantity.


    Don’t forget that nasty Dihydrogen Monoxide!

    Chris A

    Gross, isn’t that the stuff we use to flush our toilets??? :)

    Arthur Itis

    Thank you Dr. for pointing out what others have been thinking…..that this type of Franken-food (for lack of a better term) is to be questioned at the very least…


    Tisk..tisk..tisk Dr.U.
    What would America be if not for the Overneedy Americans that populate this once prosperous country. I for one am proud to
    be an American and am eager to experiment with any new substance
    the FDA is able to approve, what with all of the new restrictions
    and Lawsuit-happy morons. This product may not be the 100% organic
    monstrosity that many eco-friendly Americans are opting for, but
    damn it, its American. So my advice for you, “Dr.U”, is to invest
    in this country of which you call home so that Americans of the
    future may have the opportunity to overconsume their way to extinction


    This has to be sarcastic


    Marc, Umm… actually the name is italian so its not completely American and don’t jump down someone’s throat because they are advising you not to put a bunch of crap in your body. Also– just because someone wants to be healthy doesn’t mean that they’re an eco-nut. How many teenagers wrecked their lives because they were just “experimenting” with LSD?


    Can’t tell if trolling or very stupid…


    It’s totally insane. I cannot believe all these people are willingly poisoning their drinking water with these chemicals and happy about it. Scary.


    Not only that Alexis, but they will argue you to the death about why you’re being so stupid for believing there could be any harm….. sigh….


    you people need to git a grip on reality i think a drop or 2 in this stuff isnt going to hurt you and if it did they wouldnt sell it so instead of reading all these posts and talkin shit about a good product why not go try it for youself no body has died from puting sweetner in there water everything should be taken in moderation to much of anything is not good so use common sense go but the shit then leave a comment weather it tasted good or not


    Punctuation? No? Anyone? Moron…


    Dr. U,
    Let people put whatever the hell they want to in their bodies.


    Yep. And the peoria who use this stiff probably also drink coke and eat at mcdonalds. What’s your point?

    Chris A

    Toothpaste is poisonous…I’m guessing you all still brush your teeth though. Even if you spit it out, you know there’s still some of that tasty poison lingering around in your mouth. And by all the hippie’s logic so far, even if it’s just a little poison, it’s still poison. So we should probably all stop brushing our teeth.

  • Dr. Urotsukidoji

    (with apologies to those people above that obviously aren’t taken by the propaganda. Well done.)

  • Gary

    Steve did a great overall job in his personal literary review on this junk unhealthy product!!! But what A WASTE of people’s health, money, synthetic crap chemicals and human emotional addiction to some flavor-color junk of popular ripoff value in this colored flavored water additive. Think about it as it also could be used as artificial flavor junk in artificial baked goods and is almost like the ripoff Coffeemate crud for poorly made burnt or reheated old coffee at some diners. Nevertheless Steve did a great basic overall job in his literary review here despite the stupid ripoff water color flavor additive!!! Find natural foods and drinks for better health!!!

  • James

    Awesome fear-mongering doc.

    There’s .2 PPM carbon monoxide in the air too. Maybe we should all stop breathing.

    Won’t be inviting Dr. Buzz Killington to any parties for sure.


    You can’t deny he makes a very valid point. If you were going to spend money you might as well buy a bottle of soda. This doesn’t make your water any better for you. Plus, there’s plenty of natural ways to flavor water. Like with real fruit juice perhaps?


    This cracked me up. Thank you.


    Yeah he definitely shouldn’t be invited to any parties.

  • Terry

    Splenda is poison. I lost my health because of a few scam chemist along with a few politicians becoming billionaires. Please do not expose yourself to this toxin for a little sweet taste.


    It is sad that we have been subjected to so many toxic chemicals through the food industry!

  • Pat

    Does the sweet tea flavor contain any caffine????

  • leslie

    Too bad they put artificial sweetners in this product, now I won’t buy it.


    Too right Leslie! Not only are there artificial sweeteners, but also “propylene glycol”, better known as ANTIFREEZE! Most DEFINITELY toxic!! Kills hundreds of dogs and cats, not to mention wildlife, every year. What do you think it will do to HUMANS?!?


    Smg: don’t be a fear monger. Propylene glycol is toxic in large amounts, a couple drops won’t kill you. Calm down and do your research first. They don’t take the exact same product you put in your car and put it into this Mio crap. You aren’t literally drinking antifreeze


    GUYS, SMG is right, propylene glycol is in antifreeze and you shouldn’t drink it. But here is something you all might not know, one of the main components in antifreeze is water. That’s right, WATER IS ANTIFREEZE. Not only that, but it kills thousands of people every year, far more than your hundreds of dogs. Just recent water went out of control and killed nearly 275,000 people in japan, and probably a few hundred dogs too. So which is more dangerous I ask you, Antifreeze, or Water? Oh yeah, Antifreeze is water so I guess both of them are.

    this is what you sound like

    John d

    Moron. Get your numbers right. 275k did not die in Japan. If you are dumb enough to buy this artificially colored and sweetened product – have at it. Just remember that for years the cig companies denied any ill effects of their products. The same will come to light of all this artificial chemicals these food conglomerates keep on putting in products because it’s a cheaper alternative. Gross!


    Umm please check your facts before posting B.S. propylene glycol is only used in PET SAFE antifreeze’s because it is far less harmful than ethanol glycol which takes literally just a lick to kill most animals. If propylene glycol was used in all antifreeze’s dogs and cats would not be subjected to death upon exposure. Furthermore propylene glycol is commonly used in food products, you probably wont find a candy flavoring that isn’t based with propylene glycol. Propylene glycol is in lots of products you would never guess so please get informed.

  • Amelia

    I was worried when I saw all the positive comments that no one had the sense to see the horror of this product. I was pleased to see Dr U comment and the ones after that. The chemicals alone were terrible, but when I saw the commercial all could think was “Holy cow that looks like a bunch of artificial food dye!!” and sure enough they all have about 3 dyes each. I don’t eat food with artificial food dyes… Why? Because they affect your DNA and cause the chance of mutations occurring in out natural cell regeneration … Don’t believe me? ReadDr Weil.

    Really… What the heck is so awful about drinking water????


    Did you every eat a hamburger, hot dog or barbequed chicken cooked on a charcoal grill or gas grill. The carcinogen’s contained in these foods are a lot more harmful than the highly diluted ingrediants found in 8-10 eight oz glasses of MIO water per day. Not to mention the flushing effect of drinking copious amounts of water.
    Soft drinks,instant teas and flavored drink mixes loaded with sugar or artificial sweeteners are a lot more harmful than MIO.
    It all starts with the first sip, Acid in soft drinks eat away at the enamel on your teeth. elevated sugar levels help lead to obesity and type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
    Drinking water with or without MIO before a meal is a great diet aide for someone that needs to loos a few pounds.

    I will take my chances with MIO quicker than I will stand in the hot dog line at a ball game or pick up a chemical filled candy bar.

    Its easy to get excited about what is or is not in your food. Moderation is the key

    E.H. M.D. PhD


    Great point Ed.


    have you guys ever made coolaid im mean damn bro for real all it is is portable coolaid mix dur

  • Frankie

    OMG get a life ! There is more in our drinking water than any of us really care to know. ( I mean our so called healthy water ) The stuff is great ! I have Diabetes type 2 so this is a great alternative to just water. Thanks KRAFT !


    You should take your condition more seriously. If you knew why you had diabetes in the first place it would change your life. Start educating yourself on the ingredients in your food before you judge the information that a lot of us now know. Sucralose is very toxic, hence why it is called an excitotoxin. It is well know through countless research studies to destroy brain cells among many other detrimental effects. And that doesn’t even include the rest of the crap that is in Mio.


    ‘know the reason you have diabetes’ hey guess what not all diabetics are diabetic because of a crap diet. I have diabetes as well, caused by a dysfunctional pancreas due to cystic fibrosis. Thanks kraft for making something I can add to a boring glass of water without having to over load on the carbs and sugar of sodas and juice. So go ahead blame my diabetes on my genetics. Jerk.


    Cystic fibrosis is caused by damage to the DNA. Which is caused by, none other than, toxicity and the bodies lack of ability to repair itself (malnutrition) If it was inherited, it was still created by the same process and passed down the line. These genes usually lie dormant until they have a reason to start communicating; this communication can be looked at as a sure sign that the body is being heavily damaged through malnutrition and toxicity. Almost every ailment known can be reversed, regardless of mainstream information which is designed to control you and your wallet. Look deep and one will find the answers to all of their problems. Through the right nutritional practices(holistic and organic foods and juices) and detoxification, DNA will begin to repair itself. This process of repair may take years, or generations to fix that specific communicator but in the meantime the symptoms will likely disappear. Don’t just take my word for it, educate yourself.


    If it was inherited? It is ALWAYS inherited thats why it is a GENETIC disorder. It isn’t CAUSED by malnutrition it CAUSES it. Are you nuts? Mainstream information to control my wallet? Oh so I’ll only shop for organic and natural foods at wholefoods that costs double to triple that of such ‘toxic’ food at the regular supermarket. How about you educate yourself. And go talk to a geneticist while you’re at it.


    Wow… You are living in a prison and you don’t even know it. Open your mind! I’m betting that everything you are basing your information off of is from what you have been told, and you haven’t looked deep into any of it. It is interesting what happens when you decide to educate yourself and question those who claim to have the answer. But who am I to tell you what to do. It is your life, you live it however you choose.

    Understand, that I understand that you don’t understand what I understand.


    dude… are you serious? Will is giving you SCIENTIFIC PROOF and telling you EXACTLY whats wrong… and you are just sitting there not understanding anything and instead of researching what you don’t understand, you chose to ignore it and imagine that what he is saying is not understandable because he talks nonsense. No bro, you are talking nonsense and need to realize he is giving you facts while you are responding with nothing but nonsense and fake self-belief.


    I gave you everything you need to know to reverse every health problem you have. I dare you to try it! But what do I know? I am only a nutritionist, fitness trainer and student seeking a masters in Health Sciences. How could I possibly know anything about health…

    One last thing. I shop at Whole Foods regularly and yes, you will spend (a bit) more money, so you better not shop there. Instead go spend those extra few dollars that you save by buying toxic food on the pharmaceuticals that you’ll need to mask the fact that you are destroying your body.

    Good luck to you.


    BTW, thanks Yo! Sometimes I just want to give up on people. At least I know there are some out there who get it.


    Okay, so you’re saying that I should listen to you, someone who is continuing an online comment fight because you know everything, and are PERSUING a masters in health science. Instead of listening to the countless nutritionists, doctors, and already educated people that I see on a regular basis. You can’t ‘reverse’ cystic fibrosis. You can’t ‘reverse’ all health problems by eating a specific diet. Get off your high horse man. You obviously don’t have health issues and don’t deal with anyone who lives in reality that does. So I’ll listen to all the people I know who already have diplomas thanks.


    Retha, I used to be like you. I have had Lupus for 13 years now and they told me that it was drug-induced. I took penicillin and it awoken whatever lied dormant in me. But then I started hearing about people being cured by changing their diet to more whole foods (and yes that includes FRESH WATER not tainted by these crap toxic liquid enhancers).

    Now let me guess. You eat at places like McDonald’s regularly don’t you? Sounds like you don’t want to make the necessary changes to reverse or the at the least ease your symptoms. When you are ready, there is a wealth of knowledge out there to help you get started. But first you need to remain open-minded.

    YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. Remember that. And don’t listen to everything your doctor says. They only want you to keep buying drugs and following this vicious cycle you are following.

    I wish you well.


    First of all, the reason why I am so adamant about this, is because I reversed some VERY serious health issues of my own. Not long ago, I was so debilitated that I could barely even work, but ill spare you the sad story. Funny tho, how i went from that, to one of the healthiest people you’ll ever meet.

    Secondly, No! You are missing the point. I told you already, to not just take my word for it, and to research this stuff, but don’t discredit me because I lack a fancy framed piece of paper that hangs in my office, either. All of the information is out there, waiting patiently for you to find it, all you have to do is start looking in the right places. And you really should find a new doctor and nutritionist, because they either have no clue what they are talking about, or their interests do not lie in your health!

    Lastly, i hate to burst your bubble, but I am not speculating about all of this. I am not stating my opinion or what i think to be true. I am simply sharing a tidbit of the plethora of information that I have come across. Why on earth would I be continuing this if I didn’t truly believe in this stuff. I’ll tell you what, since I am such a good guy, i’ll even give you a head start. Go buy the book The Gerson Miracle, and see where it takes you. It might just change your life. I hope you are beginning to understand just what is happening here. Good luck to you.


    Educate in multiple ones!


    It really is as simple as that…

    Correction: The Gerson Therapy (book) The Gerson Miracle (documentary)


    Will – FYI they are streaming it on Netflix.com if you (or anyone else) are a member.


    For all of you who believe in putting KNOWN neuro-toxins in your body— watch a documentary called SUPERSIZEME


    “I am not stating my opinion or what i think to be true” If this is true, then Will is stating what he does not believe to be true? 😉


    Okay I’m getting sick of replying to this but I have to comment on Erika, hey guess what?? No I dont eat at mcdonalds regularly!!!! Holy crap!!! A sick person who doesn’t eat like sh*t!!!! I make my own meals, have never come across a vegetable I didn’t like, I don’t like sweet snacks (cookies cake etc) I’m simply trying to point out how ignorant you people are being accusing me of being blind because I used a damn liquor water flavor. You simply assume I’m eatin nothing but toxic food. So stop with your ignorant assumptions that I’m some fat slob sitting at my computer unwrapping another big Mac to shove down my gullet. Untrue.

    Dr. Bod

    Retha. You should consider taking a look at some of this information you have been provided instead of shrugging it all off.

    Fast food is only a small part of the problem. Do you know what an Endocrine Disruptor is? What about an Excitotoxin? Or how about the thousands of foods in our grocery stores that contain genetically modified ingredients (which are known to damage our DNA) The vast majority of our food is LOADED with vary harmful ingredients. Its no secret, look into it. Americas health situation is no coincidence.

    Will is definitely on the right track. He isn’t trying to prove anything to you. He is telling you to simply look deeper into everything and you will find the answers.

    Here is to hoping you wake up and realize that you can take back control of every health problem that you have.


    My apologies, Retha. I was never implying that you were overweight. You took what I said and blew it of proportion, my dear. I was under the assumption that you were a typical American person that never blinks twice to eating and drinking foods with added preservatives and toxins. That’s why we find ourselves on this website… am I right?

    We are all just trying to help you out. No need to get all defensive. Doctors are not the end all, be all. They prescribe you drugs to help put a bandaid on the problem. But what you need to find is a CURE. And of course the doctor is not going to help cure you. Cos then they won’t have a patient, anymore, will they? It all comes down to MONEY in the health care industry, I’m afraid.

    Will – I will check out this book and documentary you speak of. I need all the help I can get. :)


    Erika – Definitely! My journey started with the information that those sources provided. It can very effectively change your life forever. Here are some more docs that i have run across on Netflix that will provide you with ALL KINDS of great information:

    Food Matters
    The Beautiful Truth
    Sweet misery (Also on Hulu)
    The Future of Food
    Deconstructing Supper
    Generation RX

    Good luck to you!


    Oh retha.. What are we going to do? My younger brother and sister both have CF, and I just wanted to let you know that I’m banging my head right along with you. Oops, better not say that, might get a lecture about helmets, brain damage and stem cell research.


    Amen to that, Ellie. CYSTIC FIBROSIS IS A GENETIC DISORDER. I have it. I was born with it. Poor Retha, having to deal with people who have twisted his words into a completely different topic.

    “There is no way to prevent cystic fibrosis. Screening those with a family history of the disease may detect the cystic fibrosis gene in 60 – 90% of carriers, depending on the test used.”

    Stop saying this health problem is reversible.


    this kid sits at home dosnt eat just drinks water what a loser


    Memory loss is due to the fact that aspartic acid and phenylalanine are neurotoxic without the other amino acids found in protein. Thus it goes past the blood brain barrier and deteriorates the neurones of the brain. Dr. Russell Blaylock, neurosurgeon, said, “The ingredients stimulates the neurones of the brain to death, causing brain damage of varying degrees. Dr. Blaylock has written a book entitled “EXCITOTOXINS: THE TASTE THAT KILLS” (Health Press 1-800-643-2665). Dr. H.J. Roberts, diabetic specialist and world expert on aspartame poisoning, has also written a book entitled “DEFENSE AGAINST ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE” (1-800-814-9800). Dr. Roberts tells how aspartame poisoning is escalating Alzheimer’s Disease, and indeed it is. As the hospice nurse told me, women are being admitted at 30 years of age with Alzheimer’s Disease. Dr. Blaylock and Dr. Roberts will be writing a position paper with some case histories and will post it on the Internet. According to the Conference of the American College of Physicians, ‘We are talking about a plague of neurological diseases caused by this deadly poison”.
    Dr. Roberts realized what was happening when aspartame was first marketed. He said “his diabetic patients presented memory loss, confusion, and severe vision loss”. At the Conference of the American College of Physicians, doctors admitted that they did not know. They had wondered why seizures were rampant (the phenylalanine in aspartame breaks down the seizure threshold and depletes serotonin, which causes manic depression, panic attacks, rage and violence).
    No Aspartame!
    Just before the Conference, I received a FAX from Norway, asking for a possible antidote for this poison because they are experiencing so many problems in their country. This poison is now available in 90 PLUS countries worldwide. Fortunately, we had speakers and ambassadors at the Conference from different nations who have pledged their help. We ask that you help too. Print this article out and warn everyone you know. Take anything that contains aspartame back to the store. Take the “NO ASPARTAME TEST” and send us your case history.
    I assure you that MONSANTO, the creator of aspartame, knows how deadly it is. They fund the American Diabetes Association, American Dietetic Association, Congress, and the Conference of the American College of Physicians. The New York Times, on November 15, 1996, ran an article on how the American Dietetic Association takes money from the food industry to endorse their products. Therefore, they can not criticise any additives or tell about their link to MONSANTO.


    The sad part is i doubt very many people have the attention span to read just exactly what this says.

    Sad… truly sad…


    ya i tried tha stuff tasted good i feel fine so i would say u wasted allot of time writing your bs excuse for you being poor and not wanting to spend the money to try somthing out. Go sit in a dark room and drink your water while my tastebuds have a nakid sex party in my mouth with toxic drugs and alcohal sexy girls these things are unhealthy but i would never not do them hhahahahahaha i rather live a good life than be a drone like u


    I actually am curious as to why you believe there is a distinct lack of an attention span in the average person with access to the internet.


    Sucralose (Splenda) is completely different from aspartame and so is stevia. And NOTHING is healthy unless in moderation. Everything causes side effects, including excessive sugar intake, even excessive intake of water can be toxic. The key is to not be excessive. I hate when people go around trashing new products because of anecdotal situations. No one said EVERYONE should drink MiO all day, all the time. It’s just another OPTION.

  • Arnold

    Artificial sweetners, “natural” flavors, and dyes…. great product. I think NOT! Drink something real, like fresh filtered water with lemon, lime, ginger or vanilla.


    Agreed! Why this is still not common knowledge is beyond me. Sucralose is extremely toxic. Google it! The rest of the ingredients aren’t exactly good either.



    Sucralose has been accepted by several national and international food safety regulatory bodies, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Joint Food and Agriculture Organization / World Health Organization Expert Committee on Food Additives, The European Union’s Scientific Committee on Food, Health Protection Branch of Health and Welfare Canada, and Food Standards Australia-New Zealand (FSANZ). Sucralose is one of two artificial sweeteners ranked as “safe” by the consumer advocacy group Center for Science in the Public Interest. The other is Neotame.[14][15][16] According to the Canadian Diabetes Association, the amount of sucralose that can be consumed on a daily basis over a person’s lifetime without any adverse effects is 9 mg/kg/day


    Man, oh man, oh man… Actually, my friend, YOU ARE WRONG! The day you realize that we live under the control of big business and government, the better you will be. It’s really very simple. All you have to do is take those appendages on your hands and start typing away into that thing they call GOOGLE. Thousands, yes THOUSANDS of studies have been done on the very chemicals that these organizations and administrations have dubbed as SAFE. Guess what they found… I assure you that it is the OPPOSITE of safe.

    Proof you say? Look around. Child obesity and diabetes, cancer, mental illnesses, failing schools, and a drug for basically every problem that exists; problems that have only manifested in the past 75 years and even more in the past 15-20. I’m not trying to prove any of this stuff to you. Ive said it many times before, but I guess I must say it again. EDUCATE YOURSELF! It really is that easy. That is, if you are not already too stupid from all of these chemicals that destroy brain cells, among numerous other things!

    No really. Look into it instead of discrediting me. I’ve done the research, and guess what… All of my health problems have mysteriously DISAPPEARED! As a matter of fact, this knowledge has made such a HUGE difference in my life and the lives of my friends and family, that I have made a career out of it. Huh…


    drinking beer destroys brains cells smoking cigs give cancer we know these things we choose how to live our life people will always drink and always smoke so im sure some flavored water wont hurt you dumb ass a drop in a 8 ounce glass how much of that stuff would b in a drop of it now u do the math and you will realize that it wouldnt even make it into your system being that daluted on top of that your lying saying you read some shit on google all your sickness was cured and you changed everones life around and made a career out of it you just say that cuz your sitting behind the keyboard u have no proof your just like all the other losers on here


    Listen, i’ll try not to laugh out loud at your ignorance, but, other than the common knowledge that alcohol and cigs are poison, you have NO CLUE what you are talking about. You know why? Because you havent looked in to anything i have said. Instead, you choose to discredit me because of your desire to troll the forums like half the other morons on this page. When you do your research, get your facts straight, and begin to see the bigger picture, id be more than happy to debate. Until then…


    Learn how to use a research tool other than Google, and I’ll believe you. As I mentioned above. EVERYTHING is toxic in the right amount.


    no one has time to cut fruit up jsut for flaver in a glass of water u must have no life makin that kinda water drink

  • Will

    Before you get all excited about this product, why don’t you Google the ingredients and educate yourself on exactly what it is that you are putting into your body… You just might be surprised.


    guys the chemicals in here wont ever enter you system being that diluted 1 to 2 drops in a 8 ounce glass. wont ever cause any brain damage much less anything else. thats like taken a piss in a pool you would never know it was there and it wouldnt hurt you unless you knew that someone peed in the pool so just cuz you know your freaked out your bunch of bitches really


    The fact that this is the most adamant defense of the product makes me less apt to drink it.


    I just did; that’s why I’m here :I

  • Krista

    Love MiO & could care less that it has trace amounts of “toxic chemicals” in it as so many people on here are talking about. I am wondering how many of you that are so against this live in a bubble? We breathe in more toxic fumes and chemicals on a daily basis then this stuff has. Let alone the amount of harmful stuff we come into contact daily that is on stuff we own, in the ground, and even in our tap water. I feel a glass or two a day of water using this stuff in it will not do any more damage to my body then waking up and walking outside will.Another question….how many of you that are against this smoke cigarettes? I would love to see a survey of the amount of people who thinks MiO is so awful bc of these additives yet smoke the most deadliest thing on earth! I do agree that we should not use sweeteners like this every single time but in reality, it’s the individuals choice. Why can’t we just let this post be what it should be, a review not a criticism for adding artificial sweeteners and what not!


    Um… I definitely don’t smoke. I really don’t care if you love endulge in these ingredients or not. These things may not effect you that much, but you would be in the minority. That being said, have you looked around? Have you seen the serious health crisis going on in our society? Mental illness, obesity, cancer, etc… etc… It’s because people are not only malnourished, but also subjected to literally hundreds of toxic chemicals on a daily basis. Most of these are from food, water and air pollution. Do you even know how many health problems could be fixed by simply educating our society about these pollutants and chemicals and how to avoid them? I know you don’t see it this way, but a lot of people are beginning to. I await the day when this country wakes up! You haven’t even begun to realize what happens when you get this stuff out of your body.


    Will, is a mental health illness why you are on here attmepting to force your beliefs upon strangers? Sorry you have so many health issues, but if you just ate heathly normally, a few drops of MiO wouldn’t hurt you! You people are all crazy! Next you’re going to tell me whether or not God exists?


    I force my beliefs on no one. I simply state my observations. I could care less if you choose to bow down in ignorance and play follow the leader. My goal is to help people realize why so many health problems exist. I am a student seeking a masters in the field of health sciences, a nutritionist, and fitness trainer. My knowledge of this stuff is very broad. I am simply stating that when you consume one thing that is bad like Mio, and thats it, you will likely feel or see no difference, but why dont you study the ingredients that are in your fridge, pantry, grocery store and restaurants, and pretty much everything you consume on a daily basis. Then why don’t you take a look at your own health and tell me there isn’t at least something wrong. Pretty much every ailment known to man are cause by 2 things… Malnutrition and toxicity (food and environmental). But don’t go and educate yourself or anything, cuz reality just might bite you!


    Will, after reading this page, your catch-phrase is “educate yourself”. You have just provided me ten minutes of entertainment.


    LOL! Glad to contribute to your amusement. All these neurotoxins are proving to make people dumb and uneducated (aka sheep), so I feel as if I must heavily stress this “education” thing.


    Will, knowledge is there for the asking and the taking. Hopefully you’ve reached someone. Let the ignorant stay the same.


    people always been sick u tard its happend as long as people roamed the earth


    If I remember right, wasn’t aspartame originally suppose to be an ant poison. Why else would Monsanto invent it. I mean GMO’s are their new poison. Let’s make a product called Roundup to kill weeds, oops, weeds have gotten way to immuned to it so now let’s make GMO’s so that we can put more Roundup on the crops that eventually make it to our dining table. Oh, and you women out there should really take this too heart, since we have more fat in our bodies, like in our breasts, and that breast tissue holds on to all those herbicides in our foods and puts us even more at risk for breast cancer. So, if you don’t think this stuff can harm you, then think of all that stuff building up in your body, but yet somehow you don’t have any problems with it, but your daughter has now inherited that and IS having problems with it.


    Monsanto is a seriously corrupt and out of control company. It makes me sick that i have to drive by their headquarters all the time. I have difficulty driving by with out spontaneously sticking my longest finger out the window at them. They truly disgust me!

  • ...

    Sucralose is an artificial sweetener. The majority of ingested sucralose is not broken down by the body and therefore it is non-caloric.[3] In the European Union, it is also known under the E number (additive code) E955. Sucralose is approximately 600 times as sweet as sucrose (table sugar),[4] twice as sweet as saccharin, and 3.3 times as sweet as aspartame. It is stable under heat and over a broad range of pH conditions. Therefore, it can be used in baking or in products that require a longer shelf life. The commercial success of sucralose-based products stems from its favorable comparison to other low-calorie sweeteners in terms of taste, stability, and safety.[5] Common brand names that produce sucralose-based sweeteners are Splenda, SucraPlus, Candys, Cukren, and Nevella.

  • Common Sense

    “Propylene Glycol

    A cosmetic form of mineral oil found in automatic brake and hydraulic fluid and industrial antifreeze. In the skin and hair, propylene glycol works as a humescent, which causes retention of moisture content of skin or cosmetic products by preventing the escape of moisture or water. The Material Safety Data Sheet warns users to avoid skin contact with propylene glycol as this strong skin irritant can cause liver abnormalities and kidney damage.”

    Drink at your own risk Americans. Then again if you consume fluoridated water, aspartame flavored drinks and alcohol what’s a little more poison?


    Omg waters in antifreeze so water is bad!
    bad logic.

  • laura

    I hate plain water and finally found a water that tastes good and is free from all chemicals the name of it is hint and I have the blackberry flavor here are the ingredients are: purified water, blackberry and other natural flavors 0 calories, 0 sweetners 0 preservatives, I found this water at starbucks. laura

  • Shari

    So back to the point…. It tastes good and is available @ walmart. Could we freeze it and make 0 calirie popsicles? I dont like crystal light I will try Mio!

  • Arnold

    Laura – “natural flavors” is where they hide all the junk. If it’s natural, then why not just say what it is?

  • dontworryaboutit

    Oh wow. I’m pretty sure it can’t be that serious. Maybe we should all stop researching stuff and hating on it and just DON’T DRINK IT. I’m pretty sure all of yall have eaten fast food in your life. Or drank soda. So shut up about it cause thats just the same.


    That’s funny! LOL


    Yay for staying ignorant to what we eat! #WINNING


    “Maybe we should all stop researching stuff and hating on it and just DON’T DRINK IT”

    Yeah, I agree with not drinking it but NOT researching what we put in our bodies??? Lol, yep that is EXACTLY what the FDA and the government wants. For us to be ignorant and oblivious to the truth and believe everything they say.

  • S. Stupes

    You know what? Just about everything kills us or gives us cancer. Grow a pair and enjoy life to the fullest, let them sheep get thinned out. More for us!!

  • Evian

    Kraft must own stock in cancer treatment drug companies. Drink up fools. Or you could always have a diet coke.

  • Rob

    Why would anyone want to willingly add artificial colors, preservatives and chemicals to water? people are stupid.


    AGREED! I mean how BAD does water taste? It doesn’t taste of anything, silly fools! But by all means, add this crap to your water and kill off your brain cells.

  • E

    I just saw the commercial for this stuff and the first thing i wondered was wtf is in this stuff. So i did a search and ended up here lol

    I KNEW this product would be crap lol i had a feeling it was made with bs ingrediants

    I truely feel that humans are made to self destruct.

    Us Sheep will live life to the fullest, healthy. Go ahead and enjoy all the Mio you want, more life for us to enjoy without the ignorant lol


  • Thanks Will

    Thanks Will
    I much appreciate the insight.. I was going to buy it for my kids Easter Baskets because it looked fun.. Why would I knowingly want to put chemicals into my body or my childrens bodies? I do know that it is impossible to delete all chemicals from entering our bodies. But if I can prevent a few i will..Thank you for helping educate the ignorant whether they care to listen or not.


    Thank you for listening. All I ask is for people to look into the ingredients that are in the foods and beverages they consume. All one has to do is put effort into researching ingredients and it will change the way the eat. Good luck to you and may your family live a long and healthy life!

  • Lynn

    I am allergic to all artificial sweeteners, I really wish more products could be made with Stevia! That is a natural sweetener from a natural plant! Are you planning any new products made with Stevia?

  • Nick

    I purchased a bottle of MiO the other day and instantly fell in love with it. Added flavor to boring water. I like to drink something with flavor so MiO is a great solution to adding flavor to water without using those crappy powdered packets. I have already used the whole bottle and plan on going to buy another. The amazing thing is i am still alive, because apparently to almost everyone on this site thinks you will die from this great product. You guys need to stop worrying so much and just live life. No one lives forever so enjoy the short time you are on this planet. I eat and drink whatever i want and i am 100% healthy. In the end if you want a simple solution to adding great flavor to your water then MiO is for you.


    Dear Nick: I know you are dead now so you cant read this, but you should have listened to these brilliant fearmongers on this board. :)


    Dear simple minded Brian,
    I am not dead and i just started my second bottle of MiO today and i am still loving it. I added it to a cup of mountain dew soda which was just amazing. See i am not afraid of everything on this planet so i try new things. I will keep living my healthy life and enjoy it to the fullest. I hope you have fun in your tiny little box you call life.


    I am happy for you Nick. You must have a valuable set of genes. You seem to have the best of both worlds; the ability to enjoy chemical concoctions with out the harsh side effects that most people suffer(like cancer, obesity and depression to name only a few), while also maintaining the ability to live life to the fullest. I urge you to continue doing so.

    To the rest of you that suffer greatly from physical and mental ailments who are tired of the lack of answers and plethora of harsh pharmaceuticals that, at best, mask the underlying problem… Try looking at the ingredients in EVERYTHING you put into your body, and educate yourself on the power of holistic nutrition. You might just find the answers you’ve been looking for.


    I work with people who have incredibly restricted diets for a living and suffer from a plethora of things since birth. Everything they drink has to be approved by doctors and nurses because the wrong thing /will/ kill them. One of them had been using MiO since March. I gave it a shot because the stuff I drink on a daily basis is such crap anyway. I have an easy time eating healthy food if it’s present, the same is not true at all for drink.

    Since MiO I haven’t had any soda, coffee, or milkshakes because I’m not avoiding water. And I’m fully hydrated. All in all, I think it’s a good starting point. I plan on going from there to trying other water flavoring options, but tea unfortunately has already been out. I already tried that route and for some reason tea always causes a dull ache at the back of my throat.

    I really doubt most people drinking MiO weren’t thinking about their drinking habits when they tried it.


    Dude. Can you not tell sarcasm when you see it?

  • Austin

    Where can I buy this online because none of the stores where I live have it yet???


    I think you can purchase it from Amazon right now.



  • laura

    I found MiO at shoprite today and used my coupon got home and couldnt wait to try it, I bought the mango peach, well thought it was good until the after taste kicked in , all I can say is I tryed it and will not be buying it again, I will stick with hint water

  • Dr. U

    Remarkable. Do they teach ignorance and brash, thoughtless cruelty in a school somewhere? Is it now simply acceptable to declare other’s thoughtful, informed opinions “small minded,” like a schoolyard bully stomping “nerds”? Are you people even adults?

    Berating someone for living in a “… tiny little box you call life,” for having an informed opinion of one’s sustenance, is stunning. (Accordingly, I’m supposing that that a properly enlightened life surely includes vast amounts of Mountain Dew.)

    There are, literally, millions of foodstuffs available for human sustenance that provide the necessary molecular building blocks of life. Most of them are absolutely delicious to the human senses, if prepared properly. If you travel, you will find an even more incredible range and selection of foods that come from nature — and that are compatible with life, without imparting disease to the consumer.

    Why condemn someone for seeking foods that weren’t invented by a profit-motivated petrochemical chemist? Honestly.
    Dr. U


    Such Wisdom here……I truly understand survival of the fittest now based on our current state of this country. It’s those who are willing to not just get out of the box, but find out who made the box and put it there in the first place, who survive. My mind can’t conceive of how minds just disregard ANYTHING that has validity. I mean, animals know what foods to eat, and not to eat in their habitats because they learned over time what suited their survival. We with our intellect can’t even figure that out. Where do the impediments come from that keep people from considering food should come from a mother or a seed?

    Food from a plant should trump food created in a plant any day. Well, I suppose Alzheimer’s, MS, CF, diabetes II, and cancer will kill off the ignorant. ADD, the ASD afflicted will no longer have the ability for goal oriented means to survive. At least we enlightened ones can pass on the knowledge and hope that the generations that succeed us will get it and survive. This is ridiculous.


    CF will kill off the ignorant…I was born with it. Its a genetic inherited disorder…How exactly does that make me ignorant? Having CF has absolutely no correlation with my lifestyle and what I eat. It is an incurable disease at the time.


    If the case is you were born with it, which I’m sorry to hear, that means you’re not being referred to. You’re saying no correlation with YOUR lifestyle. You were born with it, not deliberately subjecting yourself to the risk of it. The disorder can be genetically inherited or the characteristics brought on by genetic mutation. I’m sorry you read the post and took it personal.


    Honestly, does it matter if we’re adults or not? Why even bring that into the matter of a drink. Anyone can drink this if they want, whether teens or adults. Look, if people want to put these so called “chemicals” that you keep rambling on about into their body, then let them, who cares? It’s not like you know them, so let them say that they like it, and let them drink it, without criticizing them. How about an “okay do what you feel is right for you” or a “do what you want”? Because telling people that they’re children, and saying that they’re killing themselves isn’t the correct way to go, “doctor”.


    “Look, if people want to put these so called “chemicals” that you keep rambling on about into their body, then let them, who cares?”

    How sad. This here is proof of how dumb people are becoming these days.

    Please note how SaraLee puts that. She says so-called “chemicals”. Putting the word chemicals in quotes, like they are not actually there, and prefacing it with the phrase “so-called” implying that people pointing out the chemicals are lying about them, or that they aren’t chemicals.

    The chemicals are indeed real and in there, and there is nothing “so-called” about it.

    How do I know? It is VERY CLEARLY STATED BY THE MANUFACTURER OF THIS PRODUCT that there are several chemicals in it.

    People amaze me… Some days I wish that the comet or whatever will just hit this planet and wipe all of out already. The universe would be better off for it.


    I very much doubt a comment like this will change anyone’s mind… i’m trying to keep an open mind, but overall I find the people against this product very rude. There’s a difference between getting real with someone and just being an ass… which applies to most of the people on the page.

    I also kind of wonder about someone making a comment how he wishes the world would just end now because someone he doesn’t know enjoys a “water enhancer” that might be bad for him/her.

    A tad dramatic people.


    Holy geez! That is what I have been feeling for the past 20 or so comment exchanges! I came to this webpage having made a conscious decision not to consume petroleum byproducts; but it is also very hard to agree with people who come off like total asshole.


    What is implied is not necessarily what is stated. I agree with you in that SaraLee probably doubted, for some reason, that the ingredients are chemicals. However, do not state “OMIGAWD, HO DO U THINK THEY ARE CHEMZ?” in such a silly manner. It is NEARLY an undeniable fact that SaraLee believed such things; that does not mean that she necessarily does. I am not disagreeing with your words.

    P.S. Even if the chemicals are in the product (which they are), they are still “so-called.”

    P.S.S. I agree. This is very surreal. 😀 Drama is fun and/or funny, though.


    Ha, I read your comment after I already wrote my last one and we almost sound the same :p The majority of the people against this product are out of line… and you have to question how intelligent someone is when they’re trying to persuade someone to about any subject yet insulting their intelligence at the same time. How smart do you have to be to know that degrading someone is sort of like… the opposite of persuasive…?? Gee, ya think?

    I understand the concern over chemicals put into our foods not to mention GMO’s… i’ve read a little bit on these issues but overall most people really don’t have the time to look a lot more into it or the money to eat how they probably are supposed to… every time I try to go a bit more organic at least some of the food goes bad. So not only did I pay more money to buy organic but then I ended up wasting a portion of it too. I will keep trying to change how I eat by making little changes that add up over time…

    But it feels like i’m trying to eat/drink better despite how most people on this site (plus others like them) treat others or try to “convince” them by telling them how stupid they are… if anything it just looks like it’s their way to feel superior over others, even in a sad way (e.g: feeling superior over some shmuck on the internet??)


    The problem is that there are more people on this page inappropriately condemning those that enjoy this product as well.

  • Roman Manlord

    It’s really, really strong, and I was only able to get one serving out of it.

  • april baldwin

    Isn’t Propylene Glycol antifreeze? Doesn’t that kill dogs and cats when they drink it? Can this possibly be good for you? Sorry, I’ll just squeeze a bit of lemon into my water.


    Ethylene Glycol is the common ingredient found in automotive antifreeze and is highly toxic. 45% of ingested Propylene Glycol is excreted via the kidneys, and the liver metabolizes the rest to lactic acid and pyruvic acid (which is the same acid output from metabolizing glucose) and is further metabolized into carbon dioxide and water.

    Toxicity from Propylene Glycol comes from ingesting more of it than the body can metabolize or excrete. The human body processes Propylene Glycol very quickly, so toxicity is achieved when an abnormally large dose is ingested in a very short amount of time.

    If you’re still afraid of Propylene Glycol, you should consider refusing any medical attention in the event of a major trauma because as much as 40% of intravenous fluid is Propylene Glycol. Most surgeries are also out of the question due to this.


    Tried the peach tea stuff and I do understand what’s in it and so do other people and it’s there body and their choice so you don’t have to drink it or inform us of what’s in it we know but we don’t really care. I’m vegetarian but i don’t go around telling everyone how animals are slaughtered. MIO TASTE AMAZING IN SODA!!! 😀

  • Renee

    Drat! I was so hoping for a new favoring without food dyes! I’m out!! Why can’t American food companies come up with new products without food dyes?

  • matthew u

    Has anyone here checked out the crap inside the booze that you’re all drinking??? I’m sure that very very very few are concerned about the massive quantities of alcohol they drink……but want to bitch about some chemical additives that may be added to a water flavoring concentrate. I personally think this is ridiculous, I would prefer a little chemicals vs. the booze!!!!!!!!


    A little chemicals here, and a little chemicals there adds up to a lot of chemicals all up in your dome piece over time.


    Booze is awful in large quanities/excessive use. This stuff it toxic in very little quanities…

    Thank you, Will and Dr. U for pointing out the obvious. for others- DO NOT TRUST THE GOV…FDA was paid off to approve artificial sweetners in this country. It is currently being attacked in other countries and will soon be illeagal there. Here in America it is too expensive to take them to court but I do hope to see the day that this artificial crap is no longer available. It is your body, put in it was you want, but stop the nonsense of whinning when you lose someone close because of poor information or lack of good judgement.


    I agree with you. Besides, who cares what other people think? Just ignore the people that probably don’t even know what they’re talking about, they just want something to criticize to sound smart.

  • Zach D.

    What a criminal opportunity to put MDMA (ecstasy) into drinks of unsuspecting people or other illicit substances.

    Adulterating food and drink has never been easier once it’s socially acceptable and cool to carry around a small portable way of disguising poison and drugs.

  • cole

    I haven’t tried this product but I think the writer is thinking this product is more like kool-aide than what I think it actually is. I don’t think this is supposed to have a strong flavor, It’s a water enhancer. I think it’s supposed to be kind of like adding lemon to water just to add a subtle flavor I think the writer wants it just to be lemonade though.


    Where can I purchase this in Portland? I’m not finding it at Walmart.com.


    I’m not finding it at Target.com.


    Most websites don’t list everything that is carried in the stores, especially if it’s new. You will have to either call or go and look in person.


    Thank you.


    get off your couch and actually go into a store and try to find it yourself.


    I just bought it at Safeway. I also saw it at Walgreen’s


    You can find it at Giant food stores, and Martins food – look in the beverage sections.

  • Brian

    Have a sodastream maching and this product goes great in the carbonated water. Probably tastes better than their Diet versions of drink.


    No thanks.. I’ll just stick with plain water. It’s the most refreshing. I wouldn’t put all this garbage in my water.

  • LTD

    Wow. I wanted to research what is in this crap and ended up here. Kraft manufactures it so I should have known it was all about some BS ingredients. People listen up to Dr. U and Will!!! You are being hoodwinked and bamboozled by these corporations. The drug companies know these additives are making you neurologically ill and will keep making all the anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, ADHD, chemotherapy, migraine, and drugs we can possibly need. They KNOW it. Kraft KNOWS this ish is killing us. But (We) collectively keep their stocks up.

    Listen and learn. Don’t be like dumb little sheep. I know the colors are pretty, and seem tasty, but the ingredients can kill you. Sarcastic and nasty responses to people trying to educate just makes you more ignorant to the game. We’re not misguided, definitely enlightened. I strongly dislike plain water. I think some of us have a gene for it. But I know the value. I add natural fruit juices to 2/3 of my water every time I get a glass so I can get my proper intake. There are ways to get what you need naturally.

    And to those who say well you’ll die of something anyway. Well I’m sure you don’t want to end it all now right? That is the dumbest thing to ever say. Of course can’t control what’s in our air, but we can be responsible for what we put in our bodies. Get wisdom folks.


    Amen to that! and you are so right!!!


    Sigh… do you even realize how rude you sound? When did calling yourself “enlightened” and others dumb like sheep ever work for you?


    Seconded; your attempts at “education” come off patronizing. If I weren’t trying to be health-conscious to begin with, I might have been pushed in the opposite direction :I

  • Jsmith

    Water is pure. It’s great because it has no flavor. Drink it. It’s healthy, MIO is not. As DR U pointed out. The ingredients are directly linked to health disorders. Why people?

    You're a dirty

    Hippie. Water is not pure. Let people enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Nobody is as “perfect” as you are…

    “I will drink water when fish crawl out of it to take a piss”


    W. C. Fields said, “Water, water, why drink water. Fish f_ _ k
    in it”.

    Steve N

    And then it’s purified.

    Artificial colors, on the other hand, come from crude oil. Red #40 is disodium 6-hydroxy-5-((2-methoxy-5-methyl-4-sulfophenyl)azo)-2-naphthalenesulfonate. It used to be extracted from coal, but now they use crude. Propylene glycol is HO-CH2-CHOH-CH3, and it also comes from crude oil. It, too, used to be derived from coal.

    You’re squirting crude oil byproducts into purified water and drinking it.


    Propylene glycol is just a hydrocarbon, like any carbohydrate. Did you know carbohydrates cause diabetes?

    You are also drinking water. Did you know that over 3000 people die each year as a result of direct exposure to water? Even the oxygen you need to live is toxic to you? :p

    Even purified water is not pure. And if you’re going to criticize petrochemicals, what about those petrochemicals within which the water is contained?

    Look- concepts like “natural”, “pure”, and “simple” do not equate with “good” or “healthy”.

    Use a little rationality here! “Natural” is to drink whatever water you can find, scavenge whatever food is available, and live a nomadic life until you die in your 20’s from an abscessed tooth, or malnutrition, a cold, or a broken leg.

    I invite you to live in a world where everything ISN’T trying to kill you. 😉

    I Am Snow

    Ok, I honestly get where those of you are coming from about the whole.. “It’s not pure, it’s from oil, it’s a petrochemical,” and all the other jazz that you feel you need to share. Yes, we appreciate your input, yes we appreciate that you prefer water over the drink. WE EVEN appreciate the fact that you would take the time out of your busy day to come to us on this remote site that people who care about their health and what they put into their bodies go to. Although, we don’t appreciate that you slander companies because you feel the entire world should be like you. If you wish to be against one specific company so be it, but make a site for yourself, slander till your hearts content, but at the same time people are being redirected here for a review, and to find out what this drink is necessarily about. The Red dye that was stated is made for the extraction of Crude Oil, (Pardon me if I misread that section I’ve just gotten off work and the day has been wearing me down since five this morning.) is still only a dye. In fact, the FDA would not allow it if it were connected to disorders. An excess of anything is always too much. Eating too much carrots will make you orange for example. Although if you feel that coming on here telling us that our governments Food and Drug Agency is willing to let us put something so dangerous and toxic into our system, you are un-American, and therefore have no right to make such a claim. I am a proud American and believe that. Freedom of speech is fine, as long as you have the intelligence, and common sense, (as well as the facts) to back it all up. Thank you for your time, and I honestly do hope that you will take what I have said into consideration before spurting out nonsense. :)


    haha i love your quote “You’re a dirty”. I myself do not find water to be “pure.” some people are just dumbasses. lol

    some people don’t like the no taste of water, so why can’t people add MiO without you making comments about how dangerous MiO is.
    WHO CARES! let people drink what they want. its their bodies not yours.


    There you go. H2O is not pure, so put some MIO in it! That sounds so smart! This product is for people who can’t drink water. I think water is the best thing to drink, w/out all this MIO garbage


    yep I just loked at ingredients…all the food colorings alone are bad for you. Especially Red 40? ew And it makes you more thirsty so it kills the thirst quencher of the pure water…


    Please Dr. explain some side effects if we consume too much of this product. because I usually drink it at least one bottle of water with this Mio thing everyday. would it be as much dangerous as a can of coke? waiting for ur reply. thnx.

  • John Bivens

    Really LTD,
    Can you show me a legitimate peer reviewed article to back up any of the claims you have spouted on here linking ANY single ingrediant in the product with any harm? Anxiously awaiting your response.



    Do what you need to do for you. I’ll do for mine.

    Nom Caritas

    In other words, no. You are a follower of the Naturalistic Fallacy (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naturalistic_fallacy).

  • Mojito

    Mio is not Spanish for “my.” Mi is Spanish for my. Mio is Italian, not Spanish.


    This is what i got from the person who mailed me their Mio “MiO can be translated from Spanish or Italian as “Mine “which describes this unique and original beverage. MiO allows consumers to make their own personalized beverage anywhere, anytime.”

  • Dr. R.

    Hey, look here! With just a few presses on the keyboard I can be a Dr. too! Why on earth would ANYONE believe that “U” is a Dr.? Thanks for the entertainment, though!

  • Jsmith

    If you don’t believe the quotes. Look it up.

  • Dr. U

    For exactly this reason, doctors like me are forced to protect our identities from aggressively ignorant people like you.

    Keep demanding to be poisoned louder and louder, smart guy. You and your families have the freedom to suffer whatever crippling maladies you like.


    Doctors typically don’t have time for this kind of crap… unless they’re bad ones?

    Benjamin Linus

    Cari, this is at least the 3rd or 4th time that I have seen your posts and
    either totally agreed with you OR totally agreed with you *and* busted
    out laughing. Haha I saw this one and just had to reply. :)

    In all seriousness, there are so many conflicting opinions regarding
    this subject that there will never be a happy medium where everyone
    agrees on it.

    I get everyone’s POV on the subject, and I have my own. I research
    s*** all the time so I have educated myself.

    And I can’t wait to try this in water in small quantities only though. Have to leave room for
    all my real sugar-filled pop! 😉

  • LTD

    Read the responses on their FB page. Like little sheep ready to be slaughtered. “Where can I get this?” “OOOH I Loooove this stuff!” The FDA didn’t ban food coloring because it would hurt businesses that create the crap, and put drug companies out of business for the illnesses they attempt to treat. And Americans ignore the enormity of the decision and keep sipping away and lining the pockets of greedy uncaring corporations like Kraft. All of their food is manufactured poisons, and we keep buying.

    These responses make me understand survival of the fittest. As clear as it can be spelled out. Members of a species sense impending danger and in order to protect the species, warn others. Animals do this using instinct. What’s sad is we are rational and logical creatures who CHOOSE to ignore logic and rationality. People get literally angry if you challenge their choices that are clearly going to do them in ultimately. I am a nursing student and I see how sick we are when I work my clinicals. Everyone on insulin, cholesterol, or heart medication. From bad choices in eating. We were created to eat REAL food, and drink REAL water. You can choose fruits and vegetables and other whole foods. And real water. I don’t care for it plain either, so I mix with real fruit juice.

    If you want to stay ignorant, survival of the fittest does not allow for you to continue to contribute to the gene pool. You will likely pass on your ignorance to your descendants and keep choosing your destruction. What’s scary is those of us who know the dangers are being drowned out, I don’t even know if it’s possible to be heard anymore. Pessimistic I know, but I read the thousands of responses to the 2 or 3 of us saying this is just wrong. Taint our food, and now the very source of life, water. A whole population that can’t even see through to what’s going on. ::::jumping off soapbox::::


    You’re causing yourselves to be drowned out by the way you talk to others, don’t blame anyone but yourselves. It really doesn’t look like you want to help anyone… it looks like you’re trying to just sound more intelligent and make others feel stupid if they don’t immediately agree with you. Quit calling people “sheep”, “ignorant”, etc and maybe they’ll listen to you?


    Given the opportunity, I would send you a fancy fruit basket, madame.

    Guy, calm down, for real; the reason nobody is listening to you is because they can’t hear you from the top of your high horse.

  • Bb

    Don’t wanna burst Your bubble but lots of people think the commercial is for male enhancement! Maybe you should have a woman do the commercial.

  • woodson

    The presence of chlorine is thought to be the most dangerous component of sucralose. Chlorine is considered a carcinogen and has been used in poisonous gas, disinfectants, pesticides, and plastics. The digestion and absorption of sucralose is not clear due to a lack of long-term studies on humans. The majority of studies were done on animals for short lengths of time. The alleged symptoms associated with sucralose are gastrointestinal problems (bloating, gas, diarrhea, nausea), skin irritations (rash, hives, redness, itching, swelling), wheezing, cough, runny nose, chest pains, palpitations, anxiety, anger, moods swings, depression, and itchy eyes. The only way to be sure of the safety of sucralose is to have long-term studies on humans done.

  • Rob


    this stuff is awesome. As they always say the good stuff in life kills you faster. But whats funny, my southern grandfather lived to be 102 on a diet composed on mainly transfat food, smoked, and did a bunch of other crap im sure isnt even legal to talk about. Its the health freaks that die and end up feeling like crap all the time

    Keep buying Mio, and ignore the haters.


    Hear what you are saying. Rob your grandfather, like my southern grandmother also likely ate foods from their family farm. Wholesome and nutural. Untainted. Created not manufactured. They were also more likely to walk and breathed fresher air than we do. You’d do well to eat like he did and leave that poison MiO alone or you’ll end up being a hater at how sick it will make you in a couple years.

  • Judith

    The taste isn’t bad, and you can add as much or as little as you like. I like it because the taste is better than the powders and it’s much easier to use than trying to open those little paper & plastic tubes that refuse to tear open. Want a treat? Try using it in bottles of Tonic Water!
    – JB

  • chris

    Just want to make sure you are all aware that Kraft uses aborted baby parts to create their “enhanced flavor additives”, and refuses to stop this practice. Gross, immoral and unethical. Wouldn’t touch a Kraft product for anything!

  • zeb

    Ignore the silly statements from the Kraft shills. These are the kind of people who believe crap like eating healthy is boring, no fun and they need as much “flavor” as they can since they have been over stimulated with artificial flavors and flavor enhancers.. Wah wah wah….Kraft is pushing crap and those who choose to ignore warnings about ingredients are gonna consume like crazy and purchase it for their ADD kids. Which is exactly why Kraft made it. For HUGE profit. Those who consume it and then find themselves sick later will just suck up tax dollars in health care or wonder why they got dropped from their insurance policy. They will wonder why their kids are hyper and turn to drugs to control it rather than looking at the kids diet. Then gripe about THAT.
    It’s a no win situation with people who choose to live and die in ignorance.

  • J

    For those of you telling how bad this is, you’ve made your point. No reason to contine saying the same crap over and over. If people really cared what you had to say they would have read it the first time. I think this should be more about how it tastes and not lectures on the ingredients. If you think it is harmful then don’t buy it and leave this section for people who actually want to buy or try it. Don’t bitch out people for actually trying the product that is being reviewed and pretty much calling us retards for doing so. I’m not saying that what you are saying is wrong. I am just saying that products are going to be used dangerous or not and should be able to do so without the lecture. I’m sick and tired of people telling me what to do and trying to ban things that they don’t like.


    I don’t think anyone is here to tell another what to do but to alert. We don’t want it banned simply because we don’t
    like it but because it can ill and kill needlessly. Since the FDA refuses, it’s in our hands to spread the word. But you’re right, to each his own. And everyone has the right to use what they please. But appreciate that folks will work on your behalf to get this crap out of food. If you ever witness the effects of artificial additives on family members, especially your own child, you’ll understand and respect the fight. If you know anyone suffering migraine, ADHD, autism, multiple sclerosis, diabetes type II, lupus, fibromyalgia, and any other neurological issues, be concerned.

  • CBass

    So anyway…I had never heard of this stuff until my wife brought some home today from Costco. They had a coupon for a dollar off each bottle and if you buy 2, you get a 24 pack of water for free. So basically it was cheaper for her to buy 2 MiO’s and 24 waters than just a pack of water. The funny thing was that the water they gave away was Arrowhead (which tastes like dirt) so I probably wouldn’t have drank it without some kind of “flavor enhancer” anyway.

    Drinking a couple squirts of this stuff isn’t gonna kill me, and i’ll probably never buy it again anyway. I know, I like to live life on the edge. I love water, I drink at least 8 glasses a day. I actually prefer pure water, but this stuff tastes pretty good. It’s better than any of the flavored waters I’ve had and it doesn’t have the overpowering sweet (like instant-sore-throat sweet).

  • SaraLee

    C’mon really? Why are people fighting about A drink? Who cares if it hurts your body or if it’s bad for you and has bad things in it? Let people deal with their bodies themselves. You’re not in control, so stop trying to be. Don’t tell people not to use the product. What if they like it? If something happens to them then that’s just on them.


    You also speak truth. But contrary to what someone else posted about not really caring, I believe some of us who post in opposition do care about the health of others. If one person decides not to drink it, that’s a little power taken away from Kraft and empowering to the person making the choice. We ALL are paying for the diseases that manifest, so we ALL should care, if we’re taxpayers anyway.


    Again, who cares if Kraft is doing this shit? People do what they want these days, and to make a difference in that, you’re just a spec in the croud, not much you can do, posting comments on a review that half the world won’t see. And people arent going to listen anyways. If they want to “poison” their body, that you keep saying that they’re doing, then let them enjoy those simple things, and leave it be.


    Oh snap! You mean people can’t post what they want when they want to? Guess I didn’t get that memo. You saw the post and took the time to read AND respond. Maybe something will make you think. Of course not everyone will listen. But if I can help one more family avoid toxifying their children and risking autism and other neurological diseases, I’ll keep posting without permission. And you’re right, based off of these other posts many adults are too far gone to see. That’s how these companies will stay rich, and the FDA proved last week that it will help them keep it that way. #REAL TALK


    The problem is that consumers are completely unaware of the fact that they are, not only unknowingly poisoning themselves and destroying their health, they are also supporting the companies that are doing it to them (who laugh all the way to the bank). And thats not to mention the fact that, together, they are all quickly destroying OUR planet. I feel as if it is necessary to step in where ever I can!

  • Judith

    OK. I’ve been trying to ignore all the negative posts on here, but I just scanned over one very professional-looking post that started to talk about the effects of Aspartame. Excuse me? There is NO Aspartame in this product. Read the lable. It contains Suchralose – sugar alcohol, commercially known as Splenda. Personally I am not fond of Splenda (I prefer Stevia), but it is NOT Aspartame. – JB


    Aspartame and Sucralose are very similar. Aspartame has over the years, accumulated quite a negative reputation, and for very good reason. In order to combat this, these very clever CHEMICAL companies came up with Sucralose, which, not coincidentally, sounds similar to Sucrose (table sugar) Trust me, I can assure you that this stuff is FAR from table sugar.

    Both Sucralose and Aspartame are very well know NEUROTOXINS aka, Excitotoxins. These toxins react with the taste section of the brain causing over stimulation, resulting in neurotransmitter destruction and cell damage. In laymans terms, these toxic sweeteners not only cause numerous mental ailments, but they also make us stupid!

    MSG is also an excitotoxin and has managed to take a lot of heat. Aspartame and Sucralose work very similarly to how MSG does its deed, and damage.

    Start looking this stuff up, this information is not hard to find.

  • Niki g

    Poison or not, it has to be healthier than diet sodas right? Diet DP is my number one love and after trying mio peach mango I would gladly give up my diet sodas.

  • Rob

    Artifical sweetner, and food dyes. Wow this is truly a terrible toxic chemical.




    No it’s not. Antifreeze is Ethylene glycol. Propylene glycol is a food color solvent, completely harmless. Take a chemistry class.


    Uhm, do your homework. It’s not merely a food color solvent. It’s used in hand sanitizer for one thing (check out the Purell FAQ’s for the ‘proof’ of that: http://www.prodhelp.com/purell/content/faq.htm#q29). It’s a main ingredient in some deoderants. It’s even used as a component in blacklight tattoo inks. Let’s see what else. Oh, yeah, they use it to prevent dehydration of some tobacco products. It’s also used as a SOLVENT in mixing photochemicals for film development.

    It may be ‘safe’ for consumption but, honestly, it’s just more crap that people are putting in their bodies.


    water is also used in hand sanitizer! do you avoid that too?


    red 40, food colorings are all not good…go natural it’s safer and some waters have loads of sodium or minerals we dont need…also bad for you…get good water, no sodium and anything fake added to it is generally bad.

    killa b

    Not to mention it has preservative in it, that’s not good.
    Might be fast and easy, but that doesn’t mean its good for you.


    I see that Marissa doesn’t get it. She doesn’t understand what chemical sweeteners, preservatives, and food dye does to our bodies.

    Our cells are damaged by chemicals. The problem also compounds over time by accumulation.


    Marissa, get a clue! Water is in damn near everything. Your body consists of over 75% water so why would you not want to rehydrate with it? Your body is NOT made up of chemicals that are used in anti-freeze, hand sanitizers, etc. Don’t be so ignorant geesh. If you buy a car and they tell you to only use a certain grade oil but you decide to use an oil that has a bunch of additives and gunk that your car doesn’t need it may run fine for a while, but over time from constantly feeding your car chemicals it’s not supposed to have, the damn thing will break down after a while and could possible result in you having to replace the engine, or simply let it go and find a new one. The same thing happens to our bodies, except sometimes it’s not as easy as replacing an engine because we only get 1 body. Where do you think cancers and tumors come from? From chemicals that our bodies cannot absorb or break down. Some of you guys need to stop trusting the FDA (do you guys read ANYTHING other than blogs and the internet????) just because they are a GOVERNMENT agency, does not mean they have YOUR best interest at heart. The world and the government it built on the principles of stretching a dollar and getting rich. The government can make more money off of you from being sickly and then you being healthy! Get a clue folks!


    I think you fail to see Marissa’s point. Jeanette tries to make the argument that just because propylene glycol is used in sanitizers and deodorant that is must be bad for you. Marissa is pointing out that water is also used. So with Jeanette’s reasoning, water is also bad for us. But really, if you don’t like Mio, don’t drink it. Save your self righteous preaching to someone who cares. If you reply back and try to argue with me, I will just ignore you. I refuse to have a battle of the minds with someone who is clearly unarmed.


    The stuff you put on your bodies such as deodorant, hand sanitizers , lotion , soap, makeup, hairspray, perfume, all this stuff that all these things are in, if you think they don’t get into your bodies just because you do not eat or drink them you are wrong. Why do you think there is many topical medications? All those chemicals from all that stuff actually absorb faster into your bloodstream through your skin than from you drinking it. Do I still use soap an deodorant and such? Of Course and I’d appreciate it if you do as well! We have made great strides in our life expectancy, tho there are things we need to take care of yet I think we can go on drinking our water, Mio, or crude oil if that is what makes us happy! Diet sodas with Aspertame are not all that great either but the people who drink it are still on average living a lot longer than those who didn’t 100 years ago!


    Wrong! Traditional auto antifreeze is actually made with ETHYLENE GLYCOL. Propylene glycol is a safe alternative for ethylene glycol and is therefore used in NON-TOXIC antifreeze. Propylene glycol has been in the food industry for years. It is used as an additive to retain moisture. It can be found in food colorings and flavors. It is used as a solvent in many oral, injectable, and topical pharmaceuticals. You can find it in saline solutions and it is the main ingredient in stick deodorants.

  • Phoenix

    Look I do not side with no one in this debate. I do know that the reactor leaking is more harmful than some stuff I might decide to put into my water. So why not let people make up there own minds – Put out the things that you know to be the truth and the link that tells all about it then let people make up there own minds. Remember people we have this thing called free will use it how ever you want to… As for me I have tried it but did not like it an probably will not get any more. But that is my choice. But only due to that being my choice not anything to do with the people here debating what they say is facts. I still say put up or shut up! post the facts or stop saying anything. Let people decide for them self’s for a change, This nation was founded on freedoms that have been take from us slowly but surly, so show the facts an then let the cattle go to slaughter if they choose to.

    Thank you,

  • onecent

    This would be good if you didnt use artifcial sweeteners! i wont use them, artificial sweetenners are not good for you! please make one with stevia its a natural sweetener with no calories!!

  • Dr. Richards

    hey. im a doctor too. 😀

  • TaZ

    Tisk* I have tried a few of these flavors and was very impressed. But, alas, I have severe migraines and gee good ole’ sucralose showed up…
    Berry Pomegranate, Strawberry Watermelon, Mango Peach, and Sweet Tea.

    Unopened bottles going back to Target @ 3.50 ea

  • Not an idiot

    For all of you out there who think this is going to kill you, I think you’ve forgot about the FDA. They don’t just pass over these products without thoroughly looking and the contents. The FDA knows what is safe and you do not. It is that simple. They have no reason to pass a bad product and certainly would not enjoy the ensuing law suits from an unsafe product.

    -Sincerely, someone who understands that splenda is not poison


    You are sadly mistaken my friend. The FDA has no interests in the health of the people. Their interests lie in making money, and they are exceedingly efficient at it.


    Wow. Simply wow. The FDA has your best interest in mind? About as much as the IRS. Well, on that note I know there is no hope. I will say that I wish it upon no one, but unfortunately it will take yourself or a loved one to get sick.

    As previously stated, all are free to do as they please. Those of us who know what’s really going on need the wisdom and voices of others to get change. But it isn’t knowledge isn’t here, people don’t want to believe or care, so there won’t be any changes. At least maybe if you’re sipping you MiO or other crap laden fake food, our words will come to mind. If you start getting migraine attacks or allergy symptoms, stop drinking this crap immediately. I wish y’all well.


    Putting any amount of trust into the FDA is your first mistake. They are about as honest and sincere as the companies that control the FDA. I don’t think i have to stress just how dishonest this country has become. We cant by anything with out at least somewhat bending over, and when it comes to our food, the ingredients that are in it and the companies that control it all, we are touching our toes with our asses high in the air!

    The sad part is this information is EVERYWHERE and yet there are still so many sheep. Trust in yourselves, because when you put your trust into others, they take advantage of it! As timothy Leary said “Think for yourself. Question authority”

    Oh, one more tidbit. the FDA DOES NOT DO OR REGULATE the studies that these chemical along with pharmaceuticals go through in order to make it to market. The next time you see or hear a pharmaceutical commercial pay close attention to the side effects listed. The proof is in the pudding (along with all the toxic chemicals)


    No statements to the effect of “The FDA cares nothing of American citizens.” can be proven or disproven. In my mind, these things only serve to discredit the authors for baseless conjecture…. My statements are simple, mostly unbiased observations. They are not to be confused with disagreement.

    Also, the IRS does have my best interest at mind, I think. America’s government remaining extant is in my best interest; if taxes were not enforced, the government would quickly fall. (Yes, I am doing the forbidden and protecting the IRS)

  • lovinfood

    I tried MIO today for the first time with a friend. I found the grape to be sweet and delicious similar to grape propel. i liked it so much i purchased some from wegmans right after….Near the other water additives and such

  • Zico

    It’s survival of the fittest.

    Quit trying to help them.

  • JustinStl

    I have never liked water at all.I am one of those persons who drank over a 2 liter of regular soda every day with no other liquid intake at all… just the soda pop! I did this solely because I hate the taste of water.When i heard about Mio I went and tried it. I totally loved it. I loved it so much that I have gone though 4 bottles in about 12 days. In his 12 days water with MIO in it is the only liquid that I have consumed.By ding this i increased my liquid intake which is good I thought…You know ….drinking water constantly and enjoying it. In doing this I have completely cut sugar out of my diet and was feeling better than I ever have without the ups and downs of sugar rushes. Here in the past few days I haave been experiencing sever chest pain like I have never felt in my life! o sever that i am afraid that I may be haveing heart attacks or something. This makes me wonder if it is the Mio. I also take antiretroviral drugs and wonder if maybee there is a reaction going on. Who knows?? I do not want to go back to soda but also afraid that I may be harming myself by drinking Mio. I was wondering if anyone else have actually felt any bad side efftects if you will from drinking Mio water?
    I thought when i switched to Mio that This is too good to be true and that I had been waiting for a product like this my whole life!!
    Now im concerned!! maybee this chest pain has nothing to do with it ,However I have never in my life felt the pain and extreme tightness in my chest that I am experincing now for 2 days .
    Has ther been extensive or aany testing of this product?


    False Alert …Gassss!!! MIO Rocks!!!!

  • JustinStl

    I love the Mio…I just do not know and want to know more about it. Not just about the chemicals in it. I want to know about it (the product) and testing of it.

  • Anu

    Now, I’m in 4th grade and this stuff is completely sour without water. I just hate it. :/ Most of the kids in my class have all of the flavors and uses them everyday.

  • beto

    is this fatning

  • Will

    Have any of you ever been to the zoo and noticed how a gorilla or monkey will eat around the peel of an apple? There is a good chance you haven’t paid much attention, but now that you’ve read this I am confident you will notice next time. And once you do notice this, you will likely ask yourself, why?

    Well, apples, which are heavily laced with pesticides, are at the top of the list of the most contaminated fruits and vegetables. Animals instinctively know to keep these chemicals out of their body because of the amount of damage it can do. Us humans however, are not so smart.

    Over time, and especially considering the amount of chemicals that exist in our diet, we end up (unknowingly) destroying our most valuable assets, our body and planet. So when you are drinking this Mio stuff, and enjoying your non-organic fruits and veggies, and loading your fridge and pantry with chemical and genetically modified monstrosities, and drinking your diet soda, maybe you will begin to notice just how many chemicals you consume on a daily basis. And you know what, I didn’t even bother to mention fast food. Huh…

    Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself, What is wrong with me? If you have any problems what-so-ever, I can very confidently assure you that it has everything to do with the INGREDIENTS that are in the food that you consume, and more often than not, can be fixed and even reversed by simply removing these ingredients from your diet. Get online, and start googling all the ingredients that is in ALL of your food. Everything in your pantry and fridge! Don’t skip anything. It took me some time to get where I am today, but it has made such a HUGE difference, it was MORE than worth it! Organic and Holistic nutrition could very well be the answer to almost every health problem known!

    Tired of not getting results at the gym and constantly packing on the pounds? I urge you to take my advice, because the answers you have been looking for anxiously await you. Check out the Princeton University study on High Fructose Corn Syrup. Also, have you ever heard of an Obesogen? Now you have. Google it!

    I hope this helps

    Dr. V

    I’ve had a lifelong pollen allergy, which has bled over into an allergy to an assortment of fruits and vegetables.

    What ingredients should I remove from my diet to fix this, Will?


    1. I have never been to a zoo.
    2. “If you have any problems what-so-ever…” If I looked in the mirror and saw someone who lost his job recently, I can regain it by avoiding apples and MiO (which I have never consumed, for the record…)?
    3. I have not scrutinized all of your posts, but did you not state in another post that any disabilities can be reversed? (In this post you stated that they only can usually be reversed) I do not recall perfectly, probably because I ate some Tostitos brand tortilla chips earlier today.
    4. Have studies been done on the behaviours of gorillas and monkeys who are fed organic ingredients as opposed to normal ones? Do we even know if the pesticides are the reasoning behind these actions?

    Mocking (mostly in my third point) aside, the questions about the studies of organic fruits are actually of a serious nature.

    Once again, these are not intentionally biased. I have not consumed MiO and I just am attempting to provide criticism.

  • georgiagirl

    Come on people, $3.99 just for something to flavor your water? Seriously? Just squeeze a bit of lemon, lime or orange juice in your water and enjoy it! A whole lot healthier than the artificial color and sweetener you’re using to mess up otherwise healthy water!

    By the way, I’ve tasted the Mio Sweet tea. The initial flavor is not bad, but the artificial aftertaste? Yuck! I’ll stick with my water with a squeeze of lime.

  • fIA

    READ the label, third ingredient PROPYLENE GLYCOL.

    Propylene Glycol (PG, Polyethylene Glycol (PEG), and Ethylene Glycol (EG) are all petroleum derivatives that act as solvents, surfactants, and wetting agents. They can easily penetrate the skin, and can weaken protein and cellular structure. In fact, PG penetrates the skin so quickly that the EPA warns factory workers to avoid skin contact, to prevent brain, liver, and kidney abnormalities.

    FOOD DYES are derived from COAL TAR.

    The list of possible side effects from malic acid is worth looking up.

    Not to mention at $3.99 for 1.62 oz., that’s $78.81 a quart for what is mostly water. I would recommend pure H2O, safer and better for you all by itself.

    MiO has Zero calories and ZERO nutritional value.

    KRAFT GLOBAL INC., do they have any nutritionists or only chemists?

  • Hayter

    I am warning you, that i am going to troll here cause you all piss me off. To all you bleeding heart hippie crap people. I say F U! I enjoy water and drink a ton of it. I use MIO as a substitute for the tea that i normally drink as well, as water gets boring after a while.

    Yes water is “healthy” except umm what about all the processed bottle water that we drink? It gets put into plastic bottles. OMG! wait! plastic bottles are made from chemicals and petroleum. Its going to leech into the water!

    Or wait, what about the fluoride and other chemicals they put into tap water at the processing plant. Or perhaps a Ninja will come into your house and swap your water for some ADHD inducing red 40. I wish all of you hippie people would crawl back underneath that rock or VW bus, and leave the rest of us people that enjoy things in life alone. I personally would rather die at a young age than see myself live to a really old age living with people like you. Dr. U I personally don’t care about your holistic medicine, its crap, and doesn’t work. Yet you sell the crap out of it to people making them think that its helping them.

    To you all I say keep drinking what you want. Eat red meat it’s whats for dinner, and buy and wear real fur cause it looks cool.


    You sir, are the definition of a MORON! Until you know what the hell you are talking about, I suggest you keep you’re ignorant ass mouth shut. You are not at all helping your cause.

    You know why I hate mio, because it creates idiots like yourself. I am sick and tired of stupid people, there are way to many of you. Hence why our planet is diving head first into the shitter!

    Dr. U

    Aggressive ignorance — the new normal. The dumber and louder, the better.

    I neither espouse, nor agree with, much of holistic medicine therapies. I do not “sell” holistic medicine — in point of fact, it runs counter to much Scientific pursuit and, therefore, is often not sound medicine.

    I am not a “hippie,” though if I would still have 33 years of education, it wouldn’t be a factor in my understanding of toxicology.

    Red meat is delicious and, if raised humanely, I see no reason that people shouldn’t partake. Dietary amino acids are key to human sustenance…and animal fat and cholesterol are arguably key to every known cellular process and the hormonal control thereof. Personally, I eat red meat all the time.

    As to fur — well, that’s up to you. I fail to see how pouring a cocktail of petrochemicals into your water has anything to do with wearing fur.

    Hayter, I wish you the best with your disinformation campaign. These “hippies” you speak of will still take medical care of you when your body fails, your suffering becomes overwhelming and your ignorance (and stupidity) prevail.

  • wolf

    Red 3
    History of causing thyroid tumors in animals.

    D&C Red 33
    Cancer in humans, genetic damage to animals.

    Red 40
    Carcinogenic and mutagenic in animals.

    Asorubine, Carmoisine
    Red color, coal tar derivative. Possible allergic reactions in asthmatics. Used for confectionary products. Banned in several countries, but not U.S.

    Blue 1
    Also known as Brilliant Blue and FCF. Suggestions of a small cancer risk. Used in dairy products, sweets and drinks, this is banned in several countries … but not the U.S.

    Blue 2
    This color is also known as Indigotine, Indigo and Carmine. Study shows brain tumors in mice. May cause nausea, skin rashes, allergic reactions. Banned in Norway, but not the U.S.

    Citrus Red 2
    Used on some Florida oranges, studies show this additive causes cancer.

    Green 3
    Possibly carcinogenic.

    Green S
    Used in canned peas, mint jelly and cake mixes. Banned in Norway and Sweden, but not the U.S.

    FD&C Yellow 5
    Also known as Tartrazine. Cancer, allergen, breathing difficulties and asthma attacks. Found in packaged soup, sweets, jams and cereals. Banned in several countries, but not U.S.

    FD&C Yellow 6
    Also known as Sunset Yellow, FCF, Orange Yellow S. Suspected of causing tumors in adrenal glands and kidneys. May cause allergies, hyperactivity, and chromosomal damage. Banned in Norway but not the U.S.

    Also known as Arnatto, Bixin and Norbixin. Skin, gastrointestinal, airway and central nervous system reactions reported.


    And that is just the artificial colors. You know, the colors that stain your kids fingers and lips. The color that is in kool aid and candy, the color that is in kids drinks and juices! Need we say more?

  • wolf

    Live and Learn…..Or become dependent on drugs to live a half assed life.


  • Jenn

    Its so good! peach tea is my favorite! buy them at target for cheap.

  • Matt

    Please cite and link your sources and references to your statements, otherwise they are just as credible as those you’re insulting.


    And stop citing wikipedia. IT IS NOT A CREDIBLE OR RELIABLE REFERENCE!

  • Melissa

    Whlie I’m sure some of you will read this and shrug it off or call me crazy and insist something else must be the cause, I feel the need to share this anyway. I bought 2 bottles of Mio last week – Fruit Punch for my kids and Sweet Tea for myself. I have since been to the doctor 3 times with HORRIBLE stomach pains. The doctor can find nothing wrong with me. I stopped using Mio for 2 days (not that I thought it was the cause, just that I was drinking other things) and had no pain until I woke up this morning and could not get out of my bed. I could hardly turn from my right side to my left. The only thing I did differently was have a bottle of water, flavored with Mio Sweet Tea, last night before I went to bed. I may be the only one who experienced these negative effects but I threw out the rest of the Mio bottles and suggest everyone else do the same.


    Not surprised. I hope your situation helps someone. I used to get aching cramps in my stomach after drinking Hawaiian Punch or Kool-aid…. the best thing I ever did was cut that crap out.

  • Alison

    OMG, I’m appalled at the ingredients, water enhancer???? More like water polluter.


    rite on

  • Me

    Ugh. Yawn.

  • AkamaruRules

    theres no way to completely get away from chemicals and getting a tiny bit is not gonna hurt anyone. CO2 in the air, iron in our tap water, theres even health risks to bottled water…hell we EAT fat in order to burn it and isnt fat bad for you? if it wasnt, then why do we want to lose fat from our body? and also what about LDL Cholestrol? LDL is BAD cholestrol…although we have to have it, if we have none of it, we could have a stroke or even have extreme depression.

    “For example, over a long period, very low cholesterol levels increase the odds of hemorrhagic stroke, which occurs when a blood vessel ruptures and bleeds into the brain. Such strokes are more likely in individuals with low cholesterol levels because blood with small amounts of cholesterol does not clot as easily. However, and ischemic stroke (which is far more prevalent) occurs when clots or other material blocks blood flow to the brain — cholesterol is a major source of such blockages.

    Cholesterol also plays a role in brain function. It appears that insufficient brain cholesterol hinders the action of serotonin, a chemical that carries messages between brain cells and that is closely associated with mood. Abnormally low cholesterol levels have been linked to depression and anxiety. ”


    =sits down on my soap box=

    “What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger”

  • JustinStl

    i think folks are reading all of these negetive comments about the chemicals that are in most everything that you buy that is manufactured and not made from scratch at home and start blaming ailments on the product…..( i know cuz I did it myself) get real… if a person cuts all of these chemicals from their diet the only thing left to consume would be only the things you make by scratch in your homes.
    Mio is a good product!!its way better than sodas!!


    your a total knucklehead
    . Go far away…

  • JustinStl

    For those who are starting to drink water for the first time in their lives like me…MIO is a great product. Another thing that is great about Mio is you controll how much goes in your water You cant do that with any other beverage out there cept plain old nasty water that is loaded with chemicals already like chlorine and floride! People need to do what is right for themselves ,and for me MIO is a good thing as i have not had a sodium loaded soda pop in well over a week!!! YEAH!!!!! right on MIO


    Try mixing your water with natural fruit juice like apple or grape.

    You can get two bottles for the price of that MiO. Much healthier.

  • Samantha

    Well i am a type 1 diabetic and i say it has 0 sugar so thats why i drink it and if it was that dangerous it would be ILLEGALL but its not so let evryone make there own descicions honestly anyone here could really care less about what you say your probably not even a real doctor i know im a hypocrite for saying get off this chat and deal with your own life but i was passing thru and decided to just say something to control freak monsters!

  • Layla

    Well i have to say Samantha is right and so are others that say water is already filled with chemicals and its not as bad for you as soda cause soda dehydrates you and can cause a heart attack cause your heart trys to pump little blood you have and then you die!!!!!!!! But MIO counts as hydration cause it does not have CAFEEINE!!!!!

  • Samantha

    And also to say i was born a type 1 diabetic it is not chemicals cause my mother ate all organic when she was pregnant with me and all her life and so did her mother so dont blame chemicals stuff just happens!

  • Jay

    Don’t drink this crap! It’s got Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Red 40 and Blue 1 in them. All of these have been know to cause various health problems including clinical depression, blurred vision, itching, general weakness, ADHD (red 40) to name a few. Blue 1 has caused brain tumors in mice.

    It’s also got Acesulfame which may cause cancer and have caused thyroid issues in dogs, rats and rabbits.

    Not to mention they’re carcinogenic. Why on earth would you put that crap in your body? Squeeze a lemom, lime or orange in your water and be done with it. Make SMART choices people. Research what you put into your body. IT MATTERS.

  • Rich W.

    A couple of years ago, I went to my financial advisor to get a new life insurance policy. He had me look at his computer, on which there were three price points for that policy. He told me the price point I receive depended on how my required medical physical came out. He said I would either receive price point number 2 or number 3, but when I asked about price point number 1 (the lowest), his response was “that’s only for marathon runners — nobody ever gets that price.” So I took the physical and a few weeks later, he called me and said “congratulations marathon runner — you got price point number 1.”
    I have never run a marathon. I do not run, but I do some moderate exercizing. I was a pack a day smoker for many years (quit 15 years ago.) I drink alchoholic beverages occasionally, but regularly. I drink Diet Coke (artificial sweetener) by the gallon. My diet consists almost entirely of red meat and frozen prepared foods (all the stuff doctors tell us will kill us), many foods containing “high fructose corn syrup”, as well as sugar coated cereal, white bread, and until recently a lot of whole milk. I use bug spray with Deet. In other words, I should be dead by now, but instead, my numbers in every category are easily in the “normal” range. It pisses me off when ne’erdowells must ruin everything for everyone else, just because you don’t want it for yourself. If you don’t like it — DON’T USE IT!! But leave the rest of us alone.
    And for Dr. U. — are you really a doctor? You should really give your credentials when making statements on forums like this.

  • Anastasia

    It’s one thing to inform others of what they’re ingesting… but to belittle someone while you’re doing it is harassment. Some of you are acting way out of control, you claim you’re so informed and smart. but you’re also acting out like a child while doing so. You bash others for being so “ignorant”…Get over yourselves… no one cares what degree you have or dont have. Listen to your RL Dr’s and yes educate yourself… but dont listen to any of this BS harassment.

    CF IS genetic…be happy YOU dont have it!


    bad stuff! just use easte r egg colour ing.s peeps think shamrock shacks are green and minty.. not so………

  • Mardi

    Thanks everybody for all this information. I liked the commercial, I am
    always watching my weight, I’ve sworn off disposable plastic bottles (which nobody seems to have mentioned as a motive for wanting this product) and I avoid artificial sweeteners. I thought this new product sounded like just want I need, since I find water boring unless I’m eating with it. I guess I have to stick with my present solution of mixing a little juice with my water in a thermos. I hope someone figures out how to make a healthy affordable alternative soon.

  • JLC

    People who oppose this should clearly not comment and simply not buy it lol I’d say kick back mind your business and focus on that healthy bag of mcdonalds sitting next to you. I’m so certain none of the critics I’ve encountered have EVER touched such TOXIC substances.

  • Tom

    Guys, I tried this MiO stuff and now have 4 extra legs, 16 extra fingers, and 5 eyes. I fear that my kidneys and other major organs are all shutting down.

    But seriously, I’m pretty sure I’m fine. So much of the food these days has these types of chemicals in them, and I’m still here.

    Did you know that breathing even the purest air damages your lungs? That means we should stop breathing.

    Trace amounts of these chemicals, that are approved as healthy, wont do anything to you. Stop over-exaggerating. If this were dangerous it would be taken off the market. And don’t tell me that it wouldn’t.

  • Judith

    Hi Guys!

    I really do like the convenience of this. I can take it anywhere, get a glass of water, and jazz it up. Or take an unopened bottle of water or tonic (they have to be unopened to get them into the ball park) and then add the MiO once i’m inside!

    But, despite all the nay-sayers, there is a problem: Stores cannot keep this stuff in stock! I tried to buy a different flavor yesterday and this huge mega store only had two 12 packs of the same flavor left. They said it was selling faster than they could restock it.
    – JB



  • 7th Year Med Student

    Its actually quite healthy. The trace chemicals are so minute that they are harmless, especially when combined with water. Tastes good. Easy to take on a camping trip or to work. I’ll be buying more.

    Rather than spout ‘DOOM! BIG WORD CHEMICAL! USED IN X Y or Z!’, actually go and do your own research. Pubmed is a good place to start.

    The most dangerous chemical found in MiO is the main ingredient, dihydrogen monoxide. Feel free to google for the Dihydrogran Monoxide Research Division and read the facts.

    2nd Year Nursing Student

    You ever heard of Russell Blaylock M.D.? Former neurosurgeon? If not, I suggest researching his work and learn some facts. If you’re a 7th year med student and you already deny the dangers of ANY artificial chemicals used in foodstuffs, I truly fear the future of Western medicine. I think it’s half of our problem now. While you’re busy scratching your head searching for diagnosis to the ailments of all those sick people you’ll see, many M.D.’s and nurses have already figured out the source. There are far more dangerous chemicals in MiO.
    It’s actually quite healthier to use natural fruit juice. I can’t believe a future doctor would deny that. Very scary.

    7th Year Med Student

    By no means did I say it was healthy. It is simply healthier. It is invariably more healthy to drink fresh, unadulterated fruit and vegetable juices. Please note, packaged ones also include unnatural preservatives. A quick study of the FDA guidelines on what can be labelled ‘All Natural’ shows there are many interesting caveats that allow for added chemicals.

    I haven’t had the opportunity to put MiO up against other beverages in a lab setting, and going through the results with a fine-toothed comb, however the quantity of water to the quantity of ingredients makes for a generally safe product.

    After reading through the comments, its saddening to see the number of alarmists commenting. Yes, any chemical is bad in sufficient quantity. Even water has a LD50 (90mg/kg oral in rat, if you care, quick search). The LD50 of water is far worse than that of sucralose (LD50 >16g/kg oral in rat). You’ll find similar results for the other chemicals.

    Now, on that note, the increased water intake is a boon to health for most people; who’s diets consist of far more chemical laden soda (or pop, depending on your location), alcoholic beverages, or caffeinated beverages and energy drinks. All of which are far more harmful on the body than trace flavorings in water. Feel free to look up their effects on teeth, gums, stomach, kidneys, liver, and heart.

    Is it the best possible drink? No, plain water is. Is it bad for you? Trivially, but much less so than that which it will replace for most people. It is a harm reduction for most people.

    People, the masses, will always do what they like, on a general basis. If you provide less harmful ways for them to find enjoyment, you’ve increased the average health. Products like this fit that role.

    “The aim of medicine is to prevent disease and prolong life, the ideal of medicine is to eliminate the need of a physician.” – William J. Mayo

    2nd Year Nursing Student

    Generally, or trivially safe, is not safe. Many things thought trivially safe 30 years ago, we now know can kill us. Certain entities won’t admit to it, but it’s generally known that cigarettes will kill, trans fats can kill, among other things. It took decades to uncover these truths. Yes, people will do what they want to do. Is it replacing more detrimental hydration sources? Most likely, but Kraft is not responsibly offering a viable alternative. And there isn’t just 1 chemical to be concerned about. The FDA itself had to question the safety of food coloring just two weeks ago. This crap is chock full of it.

    Nice quote, but we know that Western medicine today is not helping to prevent disease. I work with these patients. Yes people have choices of what to consume in many places. And I am fully aware that in moor poorer regions, sometimes the only access to food is this type of junk. Companies ought to be ashamed of themselves for perpetuating the decline of health in this country. Doctors ought to be ashamed for not speaking out about it more, and assisting nurses in teaching better choices. We can’t control the toxicity of water, but we can control the toxins we put in it.

  • dj

    I recently fell for the catchy commercial for a new Water Enhancer. They play a song stating, “That’s the way, uh-huh, uh-huh, I like it uh-huh, uh-huh ! Well I bought two different flavors and tried each. It really doesn’t taste that great with its bitter aftertaste, but I figured I would finish what I bought. I offered some to a person at a recent meeting and she looked at the label and said…”Oh, look at all those chemicals”. I then looked myself and the third ingredient is PROPYLENE GLYCOL. I seem to remember that this is ANTI-FREEZE! I GOOGLED Propylene Glycol and it is used in anti-freeze, tire sealant, fabric softener, de-icing agents, wallpaper stripper, brake fluid, adhesive, paint and stain removers. I read where the government states a small amount in food is not harmful, but do we really need these toxic chemicals in our water for the sake of taste? Needless to say, I threw both containers away. I can’t believe FRAFT is putting toxic chemicals in their products. Has KRAFT moved to CHINA (The land of toxic products)? “That’s the way, uh-huh, uh-huh, I like it….not so much.

    7th Year Med Student

    You failed to read my fairly lengthy posts immediately above. You are the ilk of the food industry. An under-informed alarmist.

    The water is more toxic than the chemicals (look up lethal oral dosages), and is also used in the manufacture of all of the products you just named..

    Some things _WATER_ also does include… inhaling even small doses causes death; prolonged exposure to solid water causes severe tissue damage; in its gaseous state it causes severe burns; major component of acid rain; found in biopsies of cancerous tumors; used as an industrial solvent and coolant; used in nuclear power plants; in the production of styrofoam; in biological and chemical weapons manufacture; as a byproduct of hyrdocarbon combustion in furnaces; used in swimming pools to maintain chemical balance; and used by the al Quaeda, the IRA, the KKK, and the NAACP. Yes… _WATER_ is pretty scary.

    As per antifreeze, the poisonous chemical in it is Ethylene glycol NOT Propylene glycol.. and if you want to argue that they sound similar, another name for water is Hydroxyl acid… which sounds just as similar to Hydrochloric acid.

    Just because a chemical is used in one product does not _always_ mean its bad or dangerous… if that were the case, then you should be more wary of the water! Please, unless you want to induce an idiocracy, educate yourself before you attempt to educate others.

    2nd Year Nursing Student

    Okay, you make the argument that water is more toxic than the chemicals. So lets just eschew water and take up drinking manmade chemicals. Sounds logical. And in your first post, you stated that this isn’t dangerous if not consumed in large quantities. Sounds to me like this will be replacing MOST drinks for many people, DAILY, therefore in large quantities.

    In it’s natural state, water is what we need. We won’t be consuming it in its gaseous state, or more solid than an ice cube. Seriously? You sound like you could be the kind of doctor that denies the possibilities of anything you didn’t read in your text books. The kind to fear because there are more answers than what ONLY science can tell us. A chemical, I should think, concerning our health IS bad period.

    Consider how the human species has survived before science and technology. One warned another that something dangerous in their immediate environment, and they avoided it. That’s how the more primitive civilization’s that weren’t killed off, have survived. Eat this, don’t eat that. Go here, don’t go there. No one wants to be told anything today unless they know a person’s credentials. I’m all for institutional education, but I also know that there are many truths that lie outside of what science has proved to be true. However, science has proved, or not YET proved that these chemicals are not good for our health. Probably best to assume they are not since they don’t come ready-made from the earth, and avoid them. But, since I believe survival of the fittest, those who feel the danger will avoid this at all costs. No matter who tells them to or not.

  • healthnewt

    ok look, all you people who are trashing this product for it being “unhealthy” need to calm down and realize. yes this is considerably a “unhealthy product”. but exactly how unhealthy the ingredients are is under controversy(as proven by the back and forth of this discusion), but look,this product wont kill you. yes its not as healthy as water and yes you could easily use something healthier such as lemon to flavor your water but not everyone has the kind of time to squeeze a lemon then jet to the car in the morning. this product is not ment for constant consumption every time you have a glass of water. more people have died or become ill from caffeine over dosage a year then have ever became ill from MIO.

    this is a fine product, it wont kill you, but theres no need to become addicted to this. use it as a every now and then treat.

    i thank all of you for using your opinions and speech to help show what is covered by the fancy bottle of this product, but please there is much more harmful things in our everyday food(such as small amounts of pesticides, unatural fertilizer, and even acids)

    thank you for taking the time to read this

  • JustKimber

    I just received a sample of the Strawberry Watermelon MiO and it tastes great — now I can be more healthy in my water consumption instead of sweetened soda or tea.

  • deborah dowdy


    This explains that propylene glycol is a food additive, yes it is the main ingredient in antifreeze…and is in many foods…including cakes, biscuits, cookies and other items…and is approved by the food and drug administration…


    Yeah, because, the FDAs never approved ANYTHING harmful before…

  • Paul

    Found it at Winco Foods. Under $3

  • drew

    its good tried the sweet tea, fruit punch and
    its at walmart and any supervalu store albertson

  • Rich W.

    I finally got a bottle of the Berry Pomegranate ($3.48 at Wal Mart), and after trying some, I will be using it often, and buying more. I noticed several posts on this forum that mentioned that there is an aftertaste, which I will agree with, but personally I find that that aftertaste tastes just fine, and does not last long.

    It’s been about two hours since I drank my first glass of water with the Mio, and somehow I am still alive — it must be a miracle — judging from all of the posts from the fear mongers here.

    I enjoy life and will continue to enjoy it including eating and drinking some products that may not be perfectly healthy by some peoples’ standards (oh…and by the way…I don’t believe in “man-made ‘global warming'” either.)

  • John

    Geez you are right! Rather than drink flavored water I’ll just continue to drink my Starbucks triple mocha & 12 cans of soda per day. And as food becomes more and more “polluted” the health-nuts will starve and fade away and the rest of us will adapt to the current food supply.

    If this stuff encourages people to switch from soda to water, as a intermediately stepping stone then I totally encourage people to do so. Wanna loose 10 pounds fast? significantly reduce or stop drinking soda. Some people are incapable of trading soda off for “pure” drinking water without something in between. (actually pure “distilled” water is truly H2O but is missing other “stuff” that prevents pure H2O from robbing our bodies essential minerals / vitamins & electorates. Most Chemists know this. Salt or sodium is generally added to drinking water to neutralize its ion level. In other words distilled (pure) water is NOT drinking water.

    I don’t know about you people but I don’t keep a lemon/lime tree on my desk at work. But if adding a squirt of this stuff to people’s drinks makes them drink more water that also means more trips to the bathroom. My guess is that most of us could use a few more trips (due to conic dehydration).

    health-nuts are called health-nuts for a reason.

    This stuff is far better than the majority of drinks that are accessible in our fast paced lives. That said, water is good for you.

    So my take is if it helps you drink more water or replace soda with water then by all means enjoy it! And don’t be afraid to add less and less to your water if YOU feel like it. Like the bottle says “a little bit goes a long way”

    Bottoms up! (finishes 8th bottle of water today)


    John you are absolutely right.

    I love water. And I like flavored water. I really don’t understand why people are becoming so offended over a FLAVORING FOR WATER. And as John said there are waaaay worse drinks than Mio. Any caffeinated drink really. Also think about it, there’s only less than half a teaspoon in each drink! So even if it is as horridly poisonous as half of the people here are making it out to be… It’ll take a while to murder me I think. If you feel like going on a tangent over poison go to a cigarette website, or an alcohol website. Something tells me that stuff is wee bit more dangerous. When I saw people getting really upset over this flavored water… I thought they were kidding.

    Another thing, everything nowaday kills you one way or another, this seems to be one of the more benign killers. Let’s not make a big tiff over something petty.

    And one more thing, money wise, I’m in the lower middle class section. So while I would LOVE to buy more healthy natural foods (I seriously would), but they are about double the price of the “Poisonous” food. See if I only bought the healthy food… I would starve, because I would only be able to buy half of the food I need to eat. Don’t get me wrong I don’t eat junk but the Organic section of the store is just too expensive for me.

    So ladies and gentleman of the judgmental court, let’s try to be adults (I’m guessing you all are since you’re so in the know about health).

  • Glass Angel 13

    So anyways….. I read like the first ummm…. actually I don’t know but at least the first half of the comments and all I have to say is really? Don’t get me wrong, I understand what a few of are saying, but aren’t others taking it a bit too far? On both sides? Yeah, there’s lots of stuff in MiO just like there is in candy bars and diet soda, but just I know what’s in it doesn’t mean I’m not gonna drink. No, I’m not gonna start drinking MiO, but I’m also not going to stop drinking diet soda either. Why? Not because I’m ignorant, but because it’s fine in moderation.

    The one thing that really bothered me about these stupid comments though is not all the cons of MiO, but how Will(I think, I don’t remember so forgive if I’m mistaken) says that pretty much all diseases are basically caused by poor diets. One of my best friends had ovarian cancer when she was six and it had nothing to do with diet or toxins. Sometimes these things just happen. I was recently cured of severe aplastic anemia which was also caused by no diet related reasons and it was only cured by the hundreds of drugs I put in my body. And guess what? We’re both perfectly fine now!

    I know some of you are doctors on here and others claim that you can’t trust doctors because they’re out for your money. That’s not entirely true. I went to St Judes where they pay for all my treatments and meds, not to mention all the food I had when I was there(I was there for about six months) and airfare we need to get there and back.

    Last point (I promise), what’s with all the comment fights? I’m sixteen and even I think its pathetic. Your supposed to be adults, but you aren’t acting that way. I know some of you are trying to health, but it gets to a point when it has to stop. They aren’t going to listen to you. I hate to put it this way, but when I read this I assumed(sorry) that none of you have lives if you’re all wastign your time on this. Now you might say that I have no life if I’m commenting on this. Well you are absolutely right. I have no life right now aside from studying for AP exams (I’m taking a break).

    So to end my (long) rant which I doubt anyone read I say – Let’s be adults, let people drink MiO if they want to, and let’s all have long lives.

    Don Quixote

    “and a child shall lead them…” into Sanity.

    We’re not ignorant, nor are we stupid, etc. But we make choices every day about everything we place into our bodies. I don’t know if I will drink MiO or not, but that choice is mine not Will’s or Doc Uro or the result of a vote at some conference in Finland.

    I don’t always make the best choices, no human being ever does, but on the scale of risky behaviours to one’s health MiO is far down the scale…

  • Peter Gozina

    How bout mixing it with other liquids? They claim it is way more than a water enhancer. You should mix it up with the flavors of different kinds of beverages and give us the results..

  • Judith

    As I posted MUCH earlier (it’s probably lost in all this angry mess), I often add it to a bottle of Tonic Water. Or add it to half a glass of water and add tonic to that. So I get a little bit of fizz and flavor, but not the overpowering fizz of a can of soda pop. The sour-ish taste of the Tonic also softens the sweetness of the MiO, while still allowing the flavor to come through. (I use Schweppes Diet in the small bottles. I know, it has saccharine in it. Still better than Aspartame!)
    – JB

  • Dave




  • Jim

    Just took my first taste (sweet tea) and I am suprised at how good it tastes. I have tried the Crystal light packets and they are an acquired taste. As for the chemicals, well.. there are chemicals in just about everything we consume nowdays. The comedian Galagher said it best. “someday all those people who are health nuts will eat/drink something accidently that has a chemical in it and it will lay them out cold. I figure I’m building up my tolerance.”

    I can recall when Butter was bad for you, now it’s OK. Saccrin was the only sweetener you should use, now it’s poison, etc. After 55 years of living, I doubt that a little bit of chemicals will stop me now. If it does, so be it.

  • Dee

    I know amazon.com sells it, its a bit pricey a few cents more. I am in love the the Mango Peach!

  • Laura

    Walmart & Target carry it. Some grocery stores carry it also. It is usually dispalyed in a cardboard stand in the ailes.

  • Katie-la

    Theres moe flavors right now. I’m drinking strawberry-watermellon! 😀

  • Kimberly

    I found my MIO in Safeway food store (in Maryland). I chose Strawberry Watermelon as the first to try. I, honestly, like it very very much. It is definitely helping me to drink more during the day as well as drinking more water for weight control. I actually seem to be craving it after it has been some time of not having it.

    I have read the reviews about Peach Tea & Mango Peach. The reviews don’t sound as favorable in their favor, but I may still give them a try.

    Keep more flavors coming. I think this product is so convenient & useful.

  • Hands

    I really like how small they are because they are easy to shoplift. Too small to put a no-go on them , and 6 of them fit neatly in my pockets . Much easier than stealing the bOxes that contain powders… Lol… The flavors aren’t as good as the powders though I think …..

  • Amber

    Guys relax. No the stuff is not necessarily healthy for you, but they are not marketing it as healthy. They are marketing it as having no calories. That’s where it might be better as a substitute over soda or something else. Some people have diets that are governed by calories and not necessarily what’s ingested. That’s the market they are shooting for. No it’s not healthy but it’s no worst than half the other things Americans ingest and it’s zero calories.

  • Becky

    I was just randomly googling, came across this thread and have to comment. You have a point that Mio contains harmful chemicals that ppl should not be consuming. I’m a very healthy person and have been a registered nurse for 4 years. The thing that irks me the most is when ppl like Will give medical advice when the only true education they’ve received is through fad books they’ve read written by even more ppl without medical credentials. Sickening. P.S. Cycstic fibrosis is a recessive genetic disorder. I have cared for numerous children with CF who live very healthy lives despite the fact thatthey have a disease that has NO CURE! So Will, get back to your $10/hour job of training fat middle-age women to lose weight and keep your mouth shut until you have a degree from an actual university.

  • Becky

    And as an RN, I just have to say, who the hell labels themself as a “7th year med student.” Bro, if you’re still a “med student” after 7 years then you must be a repeat failure. You an intern? A 1st yr, 2nd yr, 3rd year resident??

  • jim schoolcraft

    It’s available @ Safeway

  • Scott Weaver

    Why not go to a healthy foods store and pick up something that isn’t 98% artificial? Dark cherry concentrate, for example, can be added to soda water, or chilled water for a very healthy, flavorful drink.

    Putting artificial flavors, sweeteners, and dyes into your body is one of the reasons one in five of us is going to get cancer in our lifetimes, and half of those will die of it.

    Let’s wake up and put REAL FOOD into our bodies, and the lives of those we care for!

  • Lisa

    I think MIO is the best thing ever! I’ve tried all flavors and each one is great. It makes me drink more water, since water can be a little boring. Hurry to Kraft.

  • Judith

    That’s true, Scott, but when you’re on the road, away from home, hiking or at a ball game, you can’t keep the natural stuff refrigerated or tuck it into your pocket or a purse. For professional sports, you are not allowed to bring anything glass or opened containers into the stadium. So all you can drink is what is bottled commercially or buy it from the vendors and pay 3X what the stuff (water included) is worth. This way, you bring your bottle of water from home, add some MiO, and enjoy. And you can refill it at any water fountain and add more MiO if you want to.

    As to how much to add, I am forever adding too much. I want to color the water, when I should really just be flavoring it. It takes much less MiO than it looks like to get a nice flavor.
    – JB

  • Judith

    Correction;;;;That MAY be true.

  • Sal

    I just want you to know how much I love Mio! I bought every flavor that is available here in Fairbanks Alaska: Strawberry watermelon, Berry pomegranate, Mango Peach and Peach Tea. The Berry Pomegranate is my favorite!. I love to add it to my water. However…

    I can’t drink diet soda because the Nutrasweet interferes with my medication, and the diet coke with Splenda is waaaay too sweet. But I have found an answer!!! I simply place about 1 and 1/2 squirts of berry pomegranate mio into a 12 oz glass, and add a can of inexpensive sparkling water(I use Big K brand), and viola!! I have a wonderful, fizzy diet soda that is awesome to drink, contains only 15 mg of sodium, AND is actually pretty to look at! Try it! You’ll agree!!!

    I look forward to seeing more great flavors, maybe vanilla, or root beer???(hint, hint)


  • Barb

    Found several flavors on the shelves at Kroger. $3.99 is the MSRP! Looking forward to coupons!


    I dunno, 4 bucks for 24 servings sounds fair to me. :/

  • Barb

    I’m thinking about using this as flavor in the bottles I produce from my SodaSteam carbination machine. Only complaint is a nasty headache, perhaps from the sweetner about 30 minutes after drinking.

  • Bob

    Mio is a rip off. It costs twice as much as the crystal light and other packets that have 10 servings (for 16 oz. of water). Mio’s serving suggestion of one squeeze for 8 oz. is ridiculous. It took two to even get a hint of flavor. To match the crystal light, it takes four for 8 oz. of water, reducing the number of servings in each from 24 to 6! Not worth it.

  • ppl2lps

    I purchase mine from Publix. I love the purple one. It is in the drink mix section next to the Crystal Light. But for the last 3 weeks they have been completely sold out of the purple.

  • laa

    Can’t anyone create good drinks without a lot of sugar but without artifical sweetners? I get a fuzzy tongue with those and hate them.

  • Mad

    Hi Will, thanks for all the great comments!

    I just have a question for you. What kind of water do you personally drink? I read all the comments you made about educating yourself about what we consume, so I spent time researching on Google, and I still came up with no definitive answer on which option I should drink.


  • JR

    I bought this last night and had three glasses using Mio instead of Crystal Light. I have had horrible gas and have thrown up after bealching several times. I can still taste it and I feel really bad. I am a very healthy person who eats clean, 1 -2 gallons of water a day, and have been in shape and lived healthy my entire life. I am tossing this product.

    Just my two cents….


    i think its all in your head. i don’t drink water at all and i tried mio and i absolutely love it. i don’t feel sick or anything. and i’m sure by “in shape & healthy” you’re probably just a fatass…

    just my two cents….

  • jamp

    1 word,Propylene glycol(anti-freeze) look it up

  • Riley Griffin

    I have ideas for comercial ideas for mio

  • Jason Pacer

    Was that a commercial for the product or a review…I’m confused. Pretty poor review in my estimation. By the way the picture could be a little bigger. You don’t want it too small to reveal any potential bias…eyes rolling.

  • Cari

    He was being facetious… honestly, I was pretty addicted to Mountain Dew for quite a few years and i’ve weaned myself off (it took a second attempt this Winter.) I’ve heard so many different opinions on whether MiO is good/bad for you or not, but at least it’s keeping me off Mountain Dew.

    To be honest, i’m trying to hear both sides but the people against it sound kinda looney :-/

  • marvin

    Just wanted to mention that plain water isnt healthy at all with all the treatments done to it to try to make it clean for consumption. The most common is a chemical called chlorine unless you boil it first or use a filtration system. Overall this product is healthier than a bottle of soda. Thats the problem with this country is people unwilling to try new products. If everybody thought that way we would all be overweight. if anyone would choose soda over this great tasting product then they need their head examined! For all the haters of Mio instead of talking smack put your energy to good use and invent a better competitor. Otherwise quit trying to prevent people from making better lifestyle choices.Try taking some of your anger out on the fast food chains that so many of us are addicted to and are just making the rich richer at our healths expense. I would love for people to attack the fast food giants. I think you know who Im refering to. They are the real problem.

  • MK

    The problem with the country is everyone always wanting to tell everyone else what to do and judging them if they don’t listen. I say everyone mind their own business. Try it or don’t. I personally will go buy it and drink it outside the health food store to watch all of their sanctimonious heads explode. LOL

  • BLKCAT50


  • Sara

    Seriously, people.. nowadays you’ll supposedly get Cancer just from sitting at your computer breathing. Drink what you want. Enjoy life. At the very least, get one and find something else to get your panties in a twist over. I drink Diet Coke EVERY DAY! GASP! So what.

  • W

    I was curious about the ingredients, from the commercial showing zero calories I guessed correctly that it had Splenda (Sucralose). I enjoy the taste of clean water just fine.

    Sure, I understand how people can get mad at others for telling them what to do or not do, what to eat or not. Isn’t it possible that some people may not think “this could be bad” before they consume it? Most people automatically assume that because something is available it is safe, that if it’s dangerous we won’t have access. But we know smoking causes many diseases and cigarettes are still sold everywhere.

    Yes, we do live in a very toxic environment, poisoned air, etc. Doesn’t it make sense to reduce our exposure as much as possible if we want to be healthier?

    There are water flavor enhancers using stevia, which is a natural, non-toxic sweetener, and it also has very few calories.

    Please, just know what you are putting into your bodies. Don’t automatically trust the companies that sell or approve it as safe. The FDA also approves many drugs that kill thousands of people every year! Do you remember Vioxx? After you know the info, then you can really make the choice to consume that or not.

  • chippy

    ok folks….wash alemon or lime, slice them, put them in your water
    or a few frozen raspberries…or strawberries

    these additives are not worth the 3+ dollars


    I’m with you, chippy. If you can’t take your water in its natural state or if you need to cover that nasty municipal water chlorine taste and stink, the use citrus fruit, citrus juice or even TrueLemon, TrueLime or TrueOrange–keep those godawful artificial sweeteners away from my beverages and foods! My dream is that manufacturers will one day realize that many of us would prefer many products to have natural sugar in a much lower quantity to having overly fake-sweet artificial sweeteners which taste awful and which I am not at all convinced are safe to use in the long term, especially in the quantities people today consume them. I do know that for those of us with stomach problems, those products can exaccerbate them. Keep it simple and natural, and untrain that sweet tooth, I say!

  • Judith

    I do that usually when I am at home, but when you’re out and about, shopping, stopping at a restaurant, attending a conference, etc., you can’t just get a couple berries or slices of lemon and tote them around in your pocket. I like the convenience of this container.
    – JB

  • Judith

    Oh! I keep forgetting to post this! When this first appeared around here, they were giving away $1.00 coupons for the MiO. When you use it on doubles day, you get $2.00 off on each bottle. So $1.99 isn’t a bad price. (They’re good until Dec 31, 2011.)I still have 5 of them.
    – JB

  • jack





    Isn’t that a bit hypocritical, as you also took the time to post, making you worse than everyone else because you have nothing worthwhile to contribute other than criticism.

  • Dimegirl

    Why NOT just use STEVIA!!!

    Splenda is yesterday and is 50% chemical based.Stevia is 100% all natural!!

    If they make one with STEVIA i will defiantly give it a try…

  • Homeboyavery

    Found it for 47 cents at this roadside stall in North Carolina, only had red and it tasted like blood, when you get there ask for Paco

  • lovebird22

    I just sip right out of the bottle… i love sour… this stuff is better than any sour thing in the world!!! You have to try it… pee

  • Lori


    I was excited when I heard about this because I thought I had a shot at something without an artificial sweetener in it. I’m allergic to them and EVERYTHING on the shelves these days is loaded with them. Should have known this wasn’t going to be any different…

    *Crosses it off her list*

  • John

    That ingredient Propylene Glycol is an automotive antifreeze. Enjoy!

  • Jose

    This is the the unhealthiest product I have ever seen. If you want a healthy hydration drink take a look at h2o overdrive, it has everything body needs and none of what it doesn’t.

  • Ben Dover

    I hope that everyone knows that is pure cat jizz!

  • haylay

    who ever left the “environmental” comment about it not being safe for your body was something i ever heard. do u not drink or eat anything but water? seriously get a life. its just like crystal light and any other drink mix. haha

  • Fer

    MiO is simply genius. ingenuity at its greatest… awesome great job!!..

    P.S. and im not even getting paid to say this stuff lol…. wish i was though 😉


    Sounds like you should be their PR. :)

  • Char

    This stuff is AWESOME!! I found it at Publix Grocery next to the crystal light. $3.89 …

  • 990

    sucralose? is that synth crap? sugar is bad and all but synth crap is not something you want to replace it with.

    if I want to make my water sweet I just use a pinch/partial packet of stevia.

  • TonyO

    This stuff is pure crap. Can’t believe people would poison themselves with this crap. Doesn’t anybody care about their health? Our children? I mean, they’re the one’s gonna be drinkin’ this crap anyway….I feel sorry for all you who aren’t aware and informed. When enough toxins build up that you can’t walk anymore ’cause your joints are so arthritic and packed with this crap that you’re bedbound or in a wheelchair; maybe then people will campaign against crap like this…..want some real refreshment? Look into ionized water and get with it. Don’t you think it’s time to get healthy instead of killing yourself? You decide…..and good luck to you all….keep drinkin’ crap like this and you’ll need it!

  • Dr. LizardO

    Yo, TonyO

    “No one in this world, so far as I know-and I have searched the record for years, and employed agents to help me-has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people.” – H.L. Menken

    You just have to realize the people putting this crap and poison in water are just your typical American morons who have bought the BIG LIE of the petrochemical/pharmaceutical/”foodstuff” industry, as Dr. U mentioned above.

    When they’re dying of cancer of the (stomach/instestine/liver/colon – Pick 2)it’s then they might realize they’ve been had by these ruthless companies who are only interested in making a profit.

  • justme123

    Go look under the drink mixes. like koolaid. thats where they carry it at walmarts anyway!

    Worker 11811

    That’s because it *IS* Kool-Aid!

    Yes! You just paid $3.99 for for freakin’ Kool-Aid!
    People must be nuts!

    Look just a few feet over, in the same aisle you bought your expensive “water enhancer” and you’ll find packets of Kool-Aid, five for a dollar!

    Mix it with hot water, triple strength. Add your own sweeteners. Whatever the heck you want. Don’t like sucrose? Don’t like artificial sweeteners? Why not add agave nectar or stevia extract? How about just ordinary crystalline fructose?

    Put it into the fridge and let it cool. Dispense it into some small squeeze bottles like travel size mouthwash bottles. (Wash them out and peel off the labels first!)

    You have just made yourself the same, exact thing as this “water enhancer” that you love so much and you paid less than one tenth the price!

    Not only that, you have avoided so many of the food additives that people say are harmful. Furthermore, you recycled the empty mouthwash container, too!

    Want to know something funny?

    This “MiO, flavored water enhancer” is made by Kraft Brands, the very same company that makes Kool-Aid.

    Yes! It *IS* Kool-Aid! And you people just paid TEN TIMES the price for it!

    Some people can be so stupid! :rolleyes:


    I like the convenience of having the little squirt bottle. When it runs out, I just open it and refill it with 2 envelopes(makes 2 quarts each) of Wyler’s or other “Kool-Aid” product. So let me ask you, have you ever bought coffee at a convenience store or bought tea in a restaurant with your meal. Yes, we all pay more for some things, but we do it largely because of convenience. Or we just like it. Or sometimes we don’t care about the small insignificant cost of $4.

  • haley

    i like this but i was wondering if it tains cloths cuz someone in my class squrted mine on my jeans i was mad!

  • Marketing Diet Kool Aid to Adults « Everything Language and Grammar

    […] marketing is certainly the first thing I thought of when I discovered that MiO Liquid Water Enhancer is basically diet Kool Aid for […]

  • Ianto

    This stuff is surprisingly good, much better than the powdered flavorings I’ve used before. Mixing can improve some of the flavors that aren’t as appealing.

    Be careful though, this stuff can leave stains on cloth and skin.

  • Mac

    I applaud the efforts of those who are trying to educate. But at the end of the day, this is no different then trying to educate people not to drink alcohol, smoke, do drugs, or do anything that poses a risk. Sure, MiO, along with countless other products, may be unhealthy for us, but it is a risk some of us are willing to take. We KNOW that car accidents kill or mutilate many people every year, yet we still weigh the risk and decide (for whatever reason) that walking 20 miles to and from work is worth the risk. One can argue that none of the research discussed is “concrete” because there are too many other variables involved. If I drink MiO, maybe it will harm me, maybe it won’t. Human beings are incredibly complex and resilient. If not consuming certain questionable ingredients makes you happy, good. But some people are aware of the research and possible consequences and still choose to consume questionable ingredients becuase it makes them happy. You could never drink alcohol, smoke, do drugs, or drink MiO and get hit by a bus and die tomorrow at age 35. Or you could drink, smoke, and suck down MiO everyday and live until you’re 90. You never know…you can guess, but never know. So let’s just live our lives, do what makes us happy (as long as it doesn’t negatively affect others), and agree to disagree.

  • jacob

    i love mio so much

  • JC

    having read some of the previous posts, I see that there are some of you that do not agree with the fact that Propylene Glycol is in antifreeze, but it most certainly is. Here is some info I gleaned from a consumer advocate website on Propylene Glycol. Now you tell me if you want this in your system.

    Propylene Glycol
    A cosmetic form of mineral oil found in automatic brake and hydraulic fluid and industrial antifreeze. In the skin and hair, propylene glycol works as a humescent, which causes retention of moisture content of skin or cosmetic products by preventing the escape of moisture or water. The Material Safety Data Sheet warns users to avoid skin contact with propylene glycol as this strong skin irritant can cause liver abnormalities and kidney damage.

    Known health effects.
    Eye irritation, skin irritation, skin drying, defatting. Ingestion has serious health effects similar to above.
    Propylene glycol is Commonly found in:
    • makeup
    • shampoo
    • deodorant
    • detangler
    • styling mousse
    • cleansing cream
    • mascara
    • soap
    • skin cream
    • bubble bath
    • baby powder
    • conditioner
    • toner
    • after shave
    • baby wipes
    Also in:
    • Tire sealant
    • Rubber cleaner
    • De-icer
    • Stain removers
    • Fabric softener
    • Degreaser
    • Paint
    • Adhesive
    • Wallpaper stripper

  • Connie Alvis

    My daughter is a pharmacist and told me that one of your ingredients in the Mi0 is a derivative of antifreeze. I need to know if this is a fact. Some of your other comments I have read have stated that one of the ingredients is a byproduct of crude oil. This really upsets me greatly. Please respond to my email. Thank you.
    Connie Alvis


    They are facts, yes. They are even facts that happen to be true. They are also facts that are tainted with an agenda – but most statements anywhere will be so tainted.

    Many more things are derived from crude oil (petroleum) than you seem to know. Have you ever taken an aspirin? It’s active ingredient comes directly from the processing of petroleum and the various chemicals found within it.

    The point being, these final products (INCLUDING FOOD COLORING) are so far removed from petroleum, crude oil, etc, that saying they are made of it is akin to saying we were made in the final remnants of a dying star’s fusion reaction. True in a sense (it is where the materials come from), but not directly.

  • JC

    Hi Connie, this upsets me too, but I have come to understand that now more than ever, it is up to us to police our own food supply and watch what we put into our bodies. The FDA is underfunded and wide open to deep pocket companies like Kraft Foods (makers of MiO) who can put anything out there that they please regardless of danger. Look at High Fructose Corn Syrup and Hydrogenated Oils. They are everywhere, and now due to concerned citizens is finally being slowly removed from foods, or is it really? My recommendation is to read your labels, and stay away from processed foods. There are a lot of preservatives and food coloring agents in our processed foods that have unknown consequences over long periods since companies get them fast tracked through the system and the FDA is much too eager to oblige. Here is the Dept of Health/NIH or National Institute of Health website’s. It is a part of the US Dept.of Health & Human Services, and it was my source of my last post.


    Ultimately, if knowing this information people still choose to consume it, it is their problem, but it is the innocent uninformed children that I am concerned about, and their future health.

  • Jeremy

    Did any of you bother to look up Propylene Glycol? Its just used as a solvent, Just because an item is IN something toxic, does not mean that the item itself is harmful. Yes if you consume around 1 gallon of it in a short period of time, yes its harmful. But so is about a thousand other things that we consume, like vitamins.

    If you dont want to drink MiO then don’t. Yes water is better for you. But if anyone out there is like me, Sometimes I get a little tired of drinking nothing but water.


    Hi Jeremy, yes, as a matter of fact i did. I looked up the ingredient Propylene Glycol, which is the 3rd ingredient contained in MiO behind water and Malic Acid. That is what I am basing my argument on.


  • Greek Yogurt with less sugar | My Blog

    […] just tried this and it worked great! Buy some plain Greek Yogurt an a bottle of MIO liquid water enhancer found in the powdered drink section of the grocery store. Mix a squirt or two on to the yogurt and […]

  • Victoria

    I have heard a lot about MiO, but after doing my own independent research I saw that it has artifical ingredients, some of which are regocgnized as “Generally Safe” by the FDA. If anyone is serious about trying a water enhancer just as good but 100% healthier, I would recommend trying Pure Inventions. Pure Inventions is 100% natural, with no artifical ingredients, flavorings, colorings, plus its calorie, gluten, carb, and fat free. With just as many flavors!

  • Drew

    There is only one problem with public water. It has been fluoride enhanced!

    If you find “pure” water, then it more than likely has excess amounts of calcium in it. If you use a water softener, then you exchange the calcium with sodium!

    Bottled water? What a concept, who knows where or what is was before it became a commercialized product.

    Use your MiO and be happy, we all end up at the same place, just at different times!

  • Jeff

    MFW all the people sing the praises of non peer reviewed bullshit (I’m looking at you, whoever spouted the virtues of Gerson Therapy). What next, will you all demand Medicare cover homeopathic medicine?

    Stop promoting pseudoscience. Sure, the treatment may not hurt, but it’ll have nothing more than a placebo effect. But before you go marketing something as REAL medicine, do your homework. Go through double blind studies. SUBMIT RESEARCH TO PEER REVIEW. And get approved by the FDA.

    (On MiO, I personally like the stuff. But then again, I personally spit on people who pay more for organically grown food. But then again, I’m convinced we’ll all be cyborgs and/or brain-flashed copied computer programs within the next 40-50 years. So theres that.)

  • Tea Tea Tea

    I add tea to “enhance” my water. It’s not bad for me, in fact, it makes my water even healthier. Skip Mio and go straight for the green, black or white stuff. Even peppermint, chamomile or rose would be a great choice, even though these are not technically teas.

  • Catherine

    Thank you JC – Propylene glycol is an ingredient in many things, such as hand santitizer, anti-freeze, and vaginal wipes because it creates a cooling sensation – Don’t want it on my skin, let alone inside me! I definitely do not want to drink something that is not usually taken internally – why did they even add this toxic stuff? Very stupid and a good way to end your business. Before reading the label, I bought it and tried it during a lunch with a friend. Once she read the label, she wouldnt try it. I was noticing that it tasted weird. I couldnt get anyone to take it – even for free.
    Get the poison out of it and maybe you will increase sales and not kill off the people who like it.
    There are a few of you arguing that its fine – think of this – its not necessary so why have it in there? Hey humor us and many of us did take chemistry classes – Propylene glycol is definitely NOT HARMLESS!

  • JustAConsumer

    Whatever happened to just adding a little lemon to your water? I happen to not like the taste of water and can’t drink it straight unless it’s ice cold, but if I have it at all in restaurants or something, a lemon goes a LONG way… I’m not saying you have to be a purist, but sometimes just adding a little citrus is so much better then adding anything man-made – think about it :)

  • Erik Garcia

    I want to try the watermelon one.. How can i get samples?

  • Matrsty

    you can get it a Publix

  • Mary

    this enhancer has propelene glycol and artificial flavors in it, plus potassium sorbate (preservative) it may taste good but I will stick with just plain water or just a dash of fresh squeezed lemon instead. This has too many preservatives that are just down right not good for you.

  • Jangalopes

    A) Why are you all up in arms about ‘water enhancer’? Is your life truly so bad that you need to spend your days on the interwebs blogging about, and then commenting on, some sugary squirt to put in your water? (Yes, thank you, irony noted.)

    B) This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen.

    C) “Steve,” you write like a fourth grader.

  • james

    All this argument about what is healthy and what is not.

    Carbohydrates are necessary for life and are in every fruit, vegetable, nut, and grain. In other words, in everything that you eat. Even if all you eat is meat, there are still carbohydrates in it. It is the excesses that cause problems.

    Water is not pure? If that is your hang-up, do you carry around pure distilled water that you prepare yourself? If not, then water will have impurities even if the count is parts per trillion.

    As for the flavourings, there are alternatives, but the alternatives require preparation and most people today will not take the trouble. That is why canned and bottled beverages along with the powered and now liquid flavourings are so popular.

  • Ruerue2u

    as good a Crystal Light,more convenient because you have more room in the fridge by not having juice containers there, bought it in Shop-Rite Dutchess Co. NY and paid $2.99 a bottle. Bought Strawberry-Watermelon and Peach Tea, both are great. Will be trying the other flavors this month…bye,bye Crystal Lite.

  • John

    i love mio. we have it at school. it rox

  • Martina

    How can I buy this by the case? My brother loves it, however he’s in an alcholhol rehab place until Dec. 15th…It would be much easier if we could just send him a case – instead of just a few at a time. Can you get it at wholesale price if you can buy it by the case? Can’t wait to hear from you!


    I think you can, but it might cost a little more… of course it would! Do you like it too??

  • janice

    I would NEVER EVER buy this product. What a bunch of crap… and you are excited about artificial and the preservatives? I can’t believe you all. If you want to enhance your water without all the preservatives and artificial sweetners..then just use pure fruit juice or fresh fruit ..leaving it sit in the water in the fridge then strain it out…… or learn to drink just pure great water!


    No offense janice, but it’s 2011…who the hell has the time to do that. And you can’t “learn” to drink “pure great water.” Either you like it or you don’t. To each their own.

  • Mesanborn

    Its just meant to make water taste better. Its better for you than juice and soda, maybe not as good as plain water, but I hate just plain water, it makes me feel like Im gargling or brushing my teeth, so this is a good option for the juice and soda that I cut out of my diet. If you think about it, if none of you drink this I bet 100% you are drinking something like soda, alcohol, or juice and those are just as bad as everyone is making mio out to be. We put chemicals in EVERYTHING, if you arent willing to put chemicals into everything I hope you are all willing to pay 100’s of dollars on groceries when everything goes organic, and pay double the money for clothes made in the us that are made with non synthetic non treated fibers. Or all those cars everyone drives made out of cheap plastic and chemicals and made overseas, the reason american companies failed was because they were so expensive, and everyone opted for a cheaper way out. So instead of bitching about chemicals and how terrible they are why not complain about everything else that is horrible in your life.


    Look…just drink this MiO…so what if it causes cancer or any other disease…SO WHAT! GET OVER IT!!!

    You idiots will drink anything…so do me a favor, and drink this MiO.

    It won’t hurt you…I PROMISE!


    Im wondering how crazy you are. Do you eat or wear or use anything made in china? welcome to processed and unhealthy, chemically treated products.


    You don’t know the whole story so why are you criticizing it, with out chemical treatments people wouldn’t be able to eat, drink, or use a lot of things we’ve come to enjoy. Prime example water, a lot of the water on earth is not potable unless we were to chemically clean and filter it.


    …until someone actually GETS cancer. I’m just sayin’. Stop assuming when NOTHING has happen.

  • Steve

    I bought mine at Publix grocery store for $3.79.
    You might want to check the side effects on Sucralose and Acesulfame which are the artificial sweetners.

  • Mesanborn

    Sucralose is just another sugar compound like fructose. Listen, people get sick from EVERYTHING because we are weak, why should people live in a bubble just because things are unhealthy? people still ride in cars and hundreds of people get in accidents and die every year and no one has stopped that : /


    You should start smoking, if you don’t already. MiO is made by Kraft Foods who fairly recently was part of big tobacco. Smoking is a choice, they tell you. For MiO, they say “make it yours.” It’s all advertising, but they end up with your money every time.

  • Shelly

    This isn’t healthy ingredients, why do people except the crap that is put in our foods/drinks! Crazy!


    People will purchase anything when a commercial is cool looking.
    that’s the pure evil and genius of marketing.


    If you do the math, MiO costs consumers $320 a gallon. Not too many liquids cost this much. Even gasoline (another petroleum product) is way less. MiO is really just a blend of some common junk food chemicals; the only innovation is the huge mark-up. Interestingly, if you do a Google search for the “most controversial food additives” you’ll get most of the ingredients in MiO! MiO will probably not go international since Red #40 is officially not recommended for children in many European countries and outright banned in many others. Also, in 50 countries, it is not even permitted to advertise junk foods to children. It is going to be basically a USA phenomena with targeted marketing to consumers who are susceptible to expressing self-worth through brand identification. “Make it Yours!”

  • Mandy

    Everything in Moderation!!! However be aware of the acidity just had a patient who has been virtually cavity free for years, great homecare,and is actually a dental professional. She came in for an exam and xrays and had a whopping 9 cavities. It has been a year since xrays but the only change in her lifestyle is MIO. She has been drinking it all day for the last few months! Acids are just as bad as sugars when it comes to dental health and frequency is a huge factor. Sipping all day on refreshing “water enhancer” may end up causing you to need a “wallet enhancer! “

  • Ax Man

    people, wake up. you are drinking chemicals (I don’t care WHO says it is ok)…be responsible for your bodies because you don’t get to order a new one….the artificial sweeteners are KNOWN to do damage to the organs, weaken the eye’s retina to the point of detachment and a long list of ailments that occur over time when using technology (artificial) instead of nature (natural)…the pimps that push this stuff will flood you with “facts” that they have manufactured in THEIR LABS, to put your little mind at ease, so you will buy the tasty slow degradation of your body and years from now, wonder why you have health issues….so if you are hell bent on drinking it, then remember (much later on), someone tried to warn you.


    Because they never get it, and even if they did they would never admit
    it. Mio’s gain is our loss, because health is the only thing America Corp
    doesn’t try.

  • Thopter

    It’s amazing, the number of conspiracy theorists there are on here up in arms because someone might like a little flavor in their drink. What harm does it cause you folks if someone like me makes use of this product? I actually enjoy the fruit punch flavor, and am using it as an aide to stop drinking Coke. If what I’m doing to improve my own life causes you no harm, who are you to complain?


    Its not a conspiracy.
    no one argues that its your choice and certainly you can do whatever
    you like. but if you truly believe something (enhanced) with
    that many chemicals is an ok trade off to wean yourself off coke.
    I wish you good luck.

  • Natmeduser

    This stuff is disgusting and has so many side effects. This stuff is liquid cancer! Stay far away from this product!

  • Scott

    It’s amazing how the food scientists at Kraft Foods (A division of Phillip Morris) have again improved on nature with this concoction of artificial sweetners. I think the propylene glycol adds a very nice mouth appeal, as well. Why haven’t they included nicotine and caffeine in the formulation? Maybe after the 2012 elections with further deregulation of the FDA. I’ll bet this would be good in Vodka with ice.

  • Jerry

    I look at all these folks trying to knock down this product…..The people that make this on strict guidelines by the fda and other institutions and it is completely safe……Yup there is ingredients in it that over time in large amounts can and may do some harm to the human body but in this amount Highly unlikely……Some of the crap found in regular drinking water is more harmful, And none the less if your eating McDonald’s and fast food all the time your doing way more harm to your body than by drinking this…..And in comparison to sugar, the risk of a health issue is slim, sugar has obesity and diabetes to start…..before you go bashing a product, understand all the facts…..All I see on here is two people….One who is really interested in the product and the others whom are a bunch of asses.

  • Jerry

    The acute oral toxicity of propylene glycol is very low, and large quantities are required to cause perceptible health damage in humans; propylene glycol is metabolized in the human body into pyruvic acid (a normal part of the glucose-metabolism process, readily converted to energy), acetic acid (handled by ethanol-metabolism), lactic acid (a normal acid generally abundant during digestion),[9] and propionaldehyde.[10][11] Serious toxicity generally occurs only at plasma concentrations over 1 g/L, which requires extremely high intake over a relatively short period of time.[12] It would be nearly impossible to reach toxic levels by consuming foods or supplements, which contain at most 1 g/kg of PG. Cases of propylene glycol poisoning are usually related to either inappropriate intravenous administration or accidental ingestion of large quantities by children.[13] The potential for long-term oral toxicity is also low. In one study, rats were provided with feed containing as much as 5% PG in feed over a period of 104 weeks and they showed no apparent ill effects.[14] Because of its low chronic oral toxicity, propylene glycol was classified by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration as “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS) for use as a direct food additive.

  • scarlett

    You can find this drink enhancer at Harris Teeter.

    It is very good and satisfying.


  • Steven

    I am seeing all this talk about how bad it is for you…. If you are health freaks that means you are probably buying water in bottles at some point. Hmmm, ever take the time to see what the bottle is made of? How about the people saying Propylene Glycol is antifreeze?!?! It is NOT Anti-freeze, anti-freeze is Ethylene Glycol.

    Propylene Glycol is safe unless vaporized and inhaled, not to mention have you seen the ingredients in ALL of your daily products??? Shampoo, clothing, nail polish, makeup, hair dye, or how about that DIET COKE you have in your hand at lunch time?

    Did you ever think that people just want to drink something, eat something, or smoke something without people like you telling them how bad it is for them? Personally I drink Mio because it tastes good. If you don’t want to drink it then that is fine but please STFU if you are going to lecture us!

    Bye the way, you should care less about what people are putting into their bodies when you are sitting in front of a computer which is as we speak throwing out radiation in your direction, not to mention cell phones, and do you like to warm up your leftovers in the microwave? Too bad because that can be bad for you too along with that nice steak bought fresh with all that Carbon monoxide injected into the package to make it bright red!!

    Everything in life can hurt you, the key is moderation. Don’t like my habits then turn around and leave me alone.

  • Pamela

    Alrighty then, Steven, have at it. If you’re suicidal, dude, there’s much faster ways. Do your due diligence. It contains sucralose. The ONLY reason that poison isn’t banned is because there’s a revolving door between the uber-corrupt FDA and Monsanto. Money talks, BS ends up in your food. You don’t have to be a health freak these days to go ballistic over all the crap in our food. This product is a compilation of particularly nasty components, all waiting to start changing up your cells….which is exactly how cancer starts.

    Yeah, everything is toxic these days. And you can continue supporting the companies who do this or you can fight back. All depends on whether or not you’re a sucker.

    The cemeteries are full of sheeple who told everybody else to STFU about their habits. You’ll be in good company.

  • Greg

    I love this stuff! I was drinking 2-3 bottles of Mt Dew a day before I found this. Now I have been soda free for two weeks, and I have already lost 8 lbs! The best part is I don’t miss soda at all! The bad part is store are having a hard time keeping shelves stocked with the flavors I like. (berry Pom, Strawberry Melon, fruit punch) I hear all of you taking about how unhealthy this is, but It sure is better than soda! Baby steps!

  • Mike

    Bad stuff period. Just drink the darn water.


    i agree with ya

  • KYA C.

    I think that the people who believe this stuff can kill you, should stop being stuborn, really if it could kill you, they would’nt sell this product. Just because it has chemicals does’nt mean its bad for you. Half the stuff that those stuborn people eat have those chemicals too, so don’t judge it. And also some companys don’t even tell you about the chemicals, so you don’t know they have them. So to those stuborn people shut up

  • Steven

    I only get one life and with the possibility there is absolutely nothing after this life I will eat, drink, and smoke any damn thing I want. The cemetery might be full of people just like me but at least we did what we want because this life is all we have… Either way life is too damn short to worry about what sweeteners or food coloring I am consuming or even what some idiot that has to say about something they don’t use anyway… I have better things to do, like drink my MIO…

    Ps, I have lost 12 pounds since switching to mio instead of soda. Also, in case you haven’t noticed, EVERYTHING can give you cancer. As I said before, either way we don’t want to hear your bs.

  • timmythetuna

    A shot of cheap vodka,a drop of peach and she will do things you never experienced from her. Can’t wait to see what happens with the strawberry.

  • Kate

    We buy it at Walmart, but I guess it might depend on where in the country you live. We are in Illinois. Hope you are able to find it.

  • juliebrownharr

    it really taste funny it is too expensive the flavor is not really good should have lime cherry and flavors like that

  • rose

    love to drink the mio, would love to see grape or orange flavor.

  • Kate

    We really love Berry Pomegranate and Strawberry Watermelon flavors but would also love to have them add Vanilla, Grape and Green Tea With Lemon. My hubby and I use at least 4 bottles a month, have come to love water above anything else to drink.

  • Kaaron Spotts

    I found MIO in Walmart on the shelf between the Tang and powdered Crystal Light, because it does not need refrigeration. I bought one to try and then I went back and bought all I could find. It was perfect for my vacation since I could carry it in the small inside pocket of my purse, normally used for a cell phone. And it doesn’t require refrigeration and I saved the cost of it just after I had had two meals at restaurants. I ordered water and added my own flavor, Sweet Tea is my favorite, so instead of paying $2.00 for a soda or their tea, I was able to create my drink to my taste. The product instructions says to use one squirt to 8 oz. of water (that is only one cup, most water bottles are 16 oz. so that reduces the actual number of uses to 12 instead of the 24 stated on the package.)

    I look at things logically and how I would use it. Anyway, it worked great in water bottles too, but I had to increase the number of squirts (or squeezes to create the drink to my taste). It does take two squirts (minimum) to make any water bottle or glass of water become the “tea” drink.

    I broke it down by cost and usage. It costs $3.99 for 1.62 fl.oz. (48ml). Using one squirt per 8 oz. costs $0.15 and you should only be using .065 oz or 2mL of the product. (The cost to use it to add the correct amount to a bottle of water to have the best taste Lance mentions, would be at least $.30 to $.45 minimum. So, to me in actuality, it provides 8 to 12 bottles/glasses of flavoring.

    Since it does not require refrigeration, look for it to be displayed anywhere and be sure to ASK someone because of that. I found my favorite in Walgreens on a display hanging outside their refrigerated area (again, it does NOT need refrigeration).

    I’m going to get the fruity flavored ones now and add that to my Sweet Tea and I just keep thinking of new combinations.

  • Sebastian

    I have been drinking MiO for about 2 months now everyday. The last 2 weeks I have had problems where toward the end of the night if feels like my stomach is on fire. Last night I went to bed with my stomach hurting and woke up early this morning because I was in too much pain to sleep. Not saying it’s the MiO but am wondering if anyone else had something similar. I’m going to stop drinking MiO for a week and see if it continues or goes away.

    Hopefully it’s not the MiO because it helps me drink more water like I should.

  • Steph


    I LOVE Mio… I just love to squirt it right into my mouth. You see ever since the dentist said that I couldn’t eat lemons, (to much acid. I love sour things) I tried Mio. I do think that it is a little too expensive, but it is SOOOOOOOOOO worth it. YOu should all try it… I absolutely love it, and I know that you will too!

  • Angel Fernandez

    I found Mio at my local 99cent store for a dollar and fifty cents I love it!!!

  • Bpellow

    All you people fighting about Mio being bad for you make me smile. This is for those how say I will only drink water and nothing but. Take this from someone who treats water for the army and the privet sector. Your not drinking pure water out of your tap or out of a bottle. It would be closer if you said humanized water us what you drink. If took water out of a pond ran it thru a UF, RO and chemical module then took a fish from the same pond and pit it in the product now potable water you could drink with no I’ll effect that fish would die…fast. Now let’s talk about bottled water besides the fact that it mostly comes from public water sources i.e aquafina, the water is run thru a system much like the one stated above except the chemical module is not used. The only things that a ultra filter and RO elements remove are solid matter and heavy medals from the water. Any dissolved chemicals from medication to petroleum byproducts are left behind. Now these canbe remove thru the use of resin beads and carbon filters but these are not used because of cost and they slow the process considerable. To sum it up for you Mio or not your doomed so get off your high horse and live with the rest of us

  • Ppwise

    Really good in iced tea too!!!

  • Sarah

    Where can you buy this in Canada its not in walmart I looked and asked someone, I really want to try it can someone tell me where I can but it!

  • Sweetpea

    I put Raspberry Mio in Tradewinds sweet tea and extra sweet tea and it is delicious. I really get migraines from Pop so I switched to this but I see some people are saying they contain antifreeze can’t be much if any like maybe less then a drop.

  • CBass

    In defense of all the weirdos that are too frightened to drink the spicy Mio…Propylene Glycol IS used in modern antifreezes…but only when the antifreeze needs to be safe to ingest. They use it as an antifreeze in water treatments plants. So, like it or not, it’s probably already in your water, might as well add some fruit flavors to it.

  • Valerie

    Hi all,

    I saw someone buying this (at ACME) and asked her about it. She raved. My husband has got pancreatic cancer and thus he is diabetic. I got it for him because he likes fruit punch an there are no sugarless FPs out there. Anyway, he loved it. I was leary of the propylene glycol but not that leary. Well ever since day one of usage, he started vomiting. We are on day three and he didnt get sick yet. He ate a bit, still ok. Wonderful! Then I gave him some ham. He then used the Mio and drank some. I asked him to wait a bit and not to eat or drink anything else. Sure enough, about 5 min later… he starts vomiting. So as of that minute, I took the bottle and told him he cant use this stuff anymore.

    Now it could be a myriad of things, but I think it’s this suff that does it to him. I’m not saying no one should use it, I am just telling you what happened to us.


    I had serious problems after drinking this stuff.. it attacked my liver.. some people are just more sensitive to the chemicals in these drinks than others are.. but I can tell you that in our area they use to not be able to keep it on the shelf.. now people are just not buying it.. the shelves are always full and dusty. When you have cancer your body hyper reacts to many things it wouldn’t have before the cancer. God Bless

  • Scott

    The artificial sweeteners in MiO have been associated, in some studies, with an increase in insulin. Some believe this type of response is not only not good for diabetics but also may contribute to the obesity epidemic.


    You’re kidding right, that’s the body’s natural response to any sugar, Insulin is the hormone that controls the amount of sugar in the body. There are a types of diabetes, first of all there are type one, people born with it and have no controll over it i.e. bad genes, type two, people who obtain it by not choosing the “healthy” life style i.e. they are over weight and the body can’t produce insulin correctly. And the definetion of diabetes is that the body doesn’t produce insulin, either not enough or none at all, so to prevent health problems they must take synthetic insulin to make up for what is lacking. Please before you post something make sure you read the whole study and know what they are talking about when they are explaining the findings.

  • Nickie

    Ok so there are a bunch of people who act like lunatics.constantly telling other people what they should or shouldn’t do.this is a communistic point of view. Grow up purple and wise up, you can not control everyone and make them believe what you want them too.make up your own mind about what you believe but don’t insult people because they don’t believe what you do. That’s just asinine.

  • Mr152

    I like how MiO let’s me make it mine. I can create purple water that tastes super sweet and it is all my creation. It makes me feel important and special and not like a loser. Just because Kraft Foods targets my age group and has created this ad campaign, I still feel like I can think for myself. The product is special too; otherwise, why would it cost so much? It’s so kool and awesome, just like me.

  • Andrew Ryan

    I love this stuff! I got tired of drinking plain water up in alaska. Plus that stuff was brown. MiO covered the taste and made me forget about the crappy water that was coursing through my system.

  • Laydee

    I have recently tried the punch and the Strawberry-watermelon. I like them. I tried it because I have been completely cold turkey without soda for 3 months now and I needed something to turn to when the need or craving for a soda hit. I drink frozen water most of the time and about once a week I squirt one squeeze into a 20 oz bottle of water, it is just enough of a sweetener to get me off the soda craving and I am good for another week.

    I really like it, not all people can or want to drink it. But this is coming from someone who doesn’t eat fast food, store bought meat (I kill my own antelope, elk and beef and do my own fishing as I am lucky enough to live in the mountains), I have a garden and I don’t take medicines.

    This stuff has not caused bloating or cramps the way soda does to me or headaches, either. I have noticed that simply one soda even aggravates my different symptoms of my genetic syndrome and this has not done that either.

    Everything in moderation, and I am sure it isn’t good for you if you drink a bottle a day, of course but it’s been wonderful to use to kick the soda habit and lose 2 pants sizes in only a month. I like it.

  • Michelle

    Well I was excited and tried this a few months ago.. Off and On then had some weird blood work come back. I don’t drink or smoke and my liver enzymes shot up. I have taken the same pills for years. All have little impact on the liver. They waited a month to do another blood test.. I cut my sugars and went on a diet with veggies and lean means and used MIO for my need for a sweet treat drink. The blood work they did the enzymes shot up again almost twice what the last one was when I was only drinking it a couple times a week .. daily this junk is toxic to some people. I have stopped it. I have tossed my bottles away. If my levels go down.. we will make sure others don’t end up risking their Livers for a sweet killer in a bottle.

  • Mitch

    OK people I’m all for finding a healthy alternative to the pop we all consume in huge quantities.
    And this MIO sounds like a great alternative…
    But WAIT!! Can this be right???
    Is that “Propylene Glycol” I see on top of the ingredient list???
    Isn’t that the same stuff that is used in Antifreeze???
    Upon checking google it is!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You would have to be nuts to put this in your system as it has been linked to pretty much every bad thing out there including cancer!!!
    Smarten up people and check labels before buying anything!!! The sooner you realize that these companies don’t give a damn about your health and just want to make a buck the better off you will be


    Instead ov relying on google for everything, why don’t you ask someone like a chemist, pharmasist or even your doctor because they will tell you something worth while, google has other people’s opinion, not to bag on google, but ask a qualified professional then come back when you have a response from them, then I might take your opinion into consideration, and for the record even google will tell you propylene glycol is used in NONTOXIC antifreeze so if in the event you accidently ingest it it will not kill you, and as stated above propylene glycol has been in the food industry for years, therefore your argument is (currently) invalid

  • Mr152

    The colorful coal tar dyes and the synthetic intense sweeteners in MiO are a testament to the inventiveness of Kraft Foods. Imagine the genius in creating a product that costs pennies to produce and then charging nearly $5.00 for it? It makes one stop and pause.

  • Danny

    it’s very good, but way to costly for the SMALL amount sold in the container. We feel ripped off for such a small amount 1.6 oz that barely will flavor 4-5 bottles of water for $3.99. Even thought we like it, we have stopped buying it for that sole reason!


    uhhhhhh…..Danny…..I think you are using a little too much Mio in your water if you run out after 4-5 bottles of water. I bought 3 bottles of Mio in April (5 months ago) and I still have all three Mio bottles (some more used than others). Dude, you’re only supposed to use a few drops, possibly a quick squirt if you like strong flavor. Obviously it’s up to each individual to decide what mix they like the best, and that’s one of the nice things about this product…but seriously, the law of diminishing returns comes to mind. After a certain amount of Mio, the flavor just isn’t going to get any stronger.

    I suggest starting with 4 or 5 drops, shake it, taste it, add drops until you get it to a point you enjoy. Once I figured out the mix I like I got it down to a quick squirt (basically as fast as my hand can squeeze and release). You should not be running out of Mio that quick.


    Yes I have 5 bottles and have had them for a long time in my frig. I fill up a large pitcher and put some squirts in it. Using too much if you are running out.

    Walmart, Albertsons, Safeway, K-mart all have it.

  • Scott

    If you do the math, MiO costs consumers $320 a gallon. Not too many liquids cost this much. Even gasoline (another petroleum product) is way less. MiO is really just a blend of some common junk food chemicals; the only innovation is the huge mark-up. Interestingly, if you do a Google search for the “most controversial food additives” you’ll get most of the ingredients in MiO!
    MiO will probably not go international since Red #40 is officially not recommended for children in many European countries and outright banned in many others. Also, in 50 countries, it is not even permitted to advertise junk foods to children. It is going to be basically a USA phenomena with targeted marketing to consumers who are susceptible to expressing self-worth through brand identification. “Make it Yours!”

  • Kimberly

    I have been using this for two weeks now (Mango Peach and Strawberry Watermelon) and fell in love with the taste but I started having unexplained headaches and could only trace them back to the Mio as they started when I began using it. I have also thrown away my bottles and would advise others to check more carefully before using.

  • Shirley

    I just purchsed my first bottle ( Strawberry Watermelon) at Tagret – it cost $3.50
    Sarasota, Fl

  • Mary-Ellen

    Iam just wondering where in Saskatchwen, Canada i can purchase Milo water enhancer?


    Wal-Mart if you still can’t find it ask an employee. =]

  • Michael

    I love all the flavor. The sweet tea is best after a few week’s dunno why. but i just tested it at 1st it was kinda tartish then the tartness whent away after a month thay say best served with in one month that’s not true with sweet tea. =D Tell me what ya think…

  • Michael

    WAL-MART Is the easyer choice to find MIO.

  • pakito

    Are we all gonna die soon for consuming MIO after knowing all the ingridients on it??? somebody tell me!!!! :( I’m I gonna die soon?

  • bob

    So let me get this straight, I smoke=bad I drink=bad I dive=dangerous I climb mountains= also dangerous, I race a car at high speeds=crazy
    and then I enjoy a nice glass of water with a squirt of MIO…………………
    sounds like every thing ells on my list will kill me a whole lot quicker that a few drops of flavor in water that will be enjoyable.

    Its your like do what you want with it, hid under a rock scared of what might happen or grab life by the horns and direct it.

  • Michelle

    Hi, I am not a Mio fan and will explain why. I got really sick from this drink. It was amazing at first .. very easy to use and fast when your on the go. But then I started to get sick .. Like anything you eat or drink. Some people do great using it and some don’t. Mio almost killed me due to sensitivity to the ingredient: Propylene glycol, also called 1,2-propanediol or propane-1,2-diol, is an organic compound (a diol or double alcohol) with formula C3H8O2 or HO-CH2-CHOH-CH3. It is a colorless, nearly odorless, clear, viscous liquid with a faintly sweet taste, hygroscopic and miscible with water, acetone, and chloroform. You also find this compound in anti-freeze. It is used as a preservative. Some people have really bad reactions to this chemical. Reading what is in it I can imagine eventually it will be yanked off the market when they start getting sued by the people it is making really sick. I would not give this to kids… I also would not as an adult recommend this to anyone. Use at your own risk. Those burns.. I would talk to your doctor but I wage they are caused by a sensitivity to the Propylene Glycol. If it burnt her hands think about what it could be doing to her stomach?

  • Matt

    I’m wondering how many of these suppuosedly health conscious “green” freaks fill their bodies with chemical and hormone laden birth control pills every month but are going to try to tell every one else not to use water enhancer.

  • MEF

    I use Mio in my liquid medication that I have to take twice every night. The medicine has to be diluted in water, and is EXTREMELY salty and distasteful. The doctor even recommended putting crystal light in it to mask the taste (I would probably throw up if I had to drink it plain!!). Since Crystal Light is messy (that powder gets everywhere!), and is hard to carry around when I travel (even the little travel packs of powder), Mio is perfect for home and travel.

    I’ve been reading the arguments about “why not drink pure water,” and I don’t really have an opinion about that except as it relates to my medication. But if I have to drink a chemical (prescription medication) twice a night for the rest of my life, I might as well add an FDA approved chemical to it so I can at least cover up the taste with something tolerable.

    I hope they never take Mio off the market because of self-righteous health nuts. Stop being killjoys and leave the rest of us alone. If you ever see a news article saying “Person Dies From Mio,” then I guess you can point and laugh, but until then, lay off.

  • JDintheOC

    Unfortunately, one of the engredients is Propylene glycol which is one component used in some manufacturers automobile engine antifreeze. I wouldn’t trust it.

  • wal-mart worker

    I am a employee at wal-mart and we have chemical bins for diffrent kinds of chemicals. this stuff scans in our system to be put in the most dangerous bin. and we must wear gloves when we handle it. I just dont understand why this is being put on the market. so I do believe these people when they talk about it. if you would like to know have a employee scan it and tell you what chemical level it is and if they say Black that is the most Dangerous. it starts at Green,yellow,orange,red,and Black

  • orville dean

    my daughter gave me 2 bottles of mio flaver price to high 399 bottle an it will only flavor 10 20 0z bottles of bottled water good when i can get 4 boxes of a singles of wylers flavors an thats 32 bottles of flavered watter check it out mio not worth it at all

  • 47 year old

    I’ve been drinking Mio for about 10 days and drinking it several times a day. Suddenly, all day today I’ve been feeling dizzy and almost falling. I mainly the dizziness when I stand up and walk around. This morning, I was sitting in my chair and was feeling dizzy. I closed my eyes and tilted my head slightly backward. It made me feel more dizzy like I was drunk. The only thing that I could think of that was different for me was drinking this Mio. This prompted me to do a quick search on the internet. After reading some of the stuff on this page, I’m inclined to beleive that Mio is bad for my health. I’m never ever drinking this stuff again. My experience is only anecdotal evidence, not scientific. But, my dizziness symptoms are too close to the discussions on this page for me to risk any more of it. I don’t really think that I’ve been drinking it long enough to any damage to be permanent. I’m praying that the symptoms disappear before long.

    47 year old

    Just a follow up to my March 13 post, it turns out that the vertigo/dizziness had nothing to do with MiO. The timing of the vertigo after drinking MiO for 10 days was just coincidental.

  • Terri

    I love mio! It encouracgourages me to drink a lot of water. The water is fresh and delicious! I am very excited to able to be able to see people to get folks get get use is stuff at home.

  • mick

    This looks disgusting! Why should you pour this in a glass of healthy water? The ingredients flattens your taste and causes cancer. The only thing in it are artificial (chemical) products. Why not directly poison yourself with arseen instead? Same effect.


    If you look at everything in life….Everything causes Cancer….THE SUN FFS causes cancer. You aren’t safe anywhere you go. Become a hermit and live off of eating your toenails if you are so afraid of ugh THE CANCEROUS POISONS IN ALL OUR FOODS. Healthy Water? theres no such thing look at a drop under a microscope and actually see what you are putting into your body. I dare you to.

  • rolanda

    I understand that folks don’t want to hear that mio is bad for you because of propolyene glycol. but the fact is this, it is used in anti-freeze (it makes it safe for animals in case they drink it) however, its also used in everyday household products that can be absorbed through your skin.
    just because the FDA approves of products doesn’t make it safe. in recent months items found previously ok, are now unsafe in large quantities. MIO is one of those that will show up later as unsafe in large quantities.
    so the next argument is we aren’t drinking that much. the whole point of MIO is to get you to drink more water, during the summer this is consummed quite alot.
    if you want to drink it fine, its your body, want to avoid it as a chemical, avoid it. don’t want to use products with it, there are products out there without the chemicals and you can still be clean and smell good without it.

    but for those of you who say, shut up we want it. part of this forum is to provide a review and it is also necessary for what is not a good item to be presented so that folks can make an educated decision whether to use it or not. ruben seems to me when it comes to an educated discussion, your unarmed. anyone who disses an informed contradiction to your argument makes you ignorant. stupid can be fixed, uneducated can be fixed, ignorant not so much.

    i’ve used this, the black cherry is wonderful, fruit punch is great. but a friend of mine used it for the first time and it made her sick to her stomache which is common for antifreeze poisoning. some folks have sensetive stomachs and should not use this product. for the rest, enjoy, be aware too much might not be safe, but otherwise go for it.

    me personally I want my body to be healthy and to deliberately put something in that I know to be hazardous, isn’t playing it too smart. I’ll go back to drinking filtered water, with honey or (real/pure) maple syrup.

  • Comment

    Stop hatin on MiO, guys. If you like it, good for you. If you think it’s unhealthy, don’t use it. It isn’t that hard! I wish that all of you people understand that nobody cares! Your opinion is yours, and mine is mine. I think it’s good, and I can see why some people don’t. But don’t go being all mad about things you can’t even back up. I like MiO, and if you don’t, your loss. It is that simple.
    Dr. U, I am truly sorry for your struggles with these people you have to deal with.

  • Sally

    Chemicals…..Everywhere you look there is chemicals, margarine to even your toothpaste. If you want to live chemical free become a nudist and grow your own fruits and vegetables and poultry and beef. You use chemicals to color your hair, to wash your hair, even the soap to wash your dishes. Why not stop bitching at people who choose artificial flavorings and go on a different site and bitch at the people who drink coffee oh wait they use artificial sweetners too. What about people who drink coke or pepsi? lets put it to a test will MIO eat away at a tbone steak like pepsi does? Probably not. Might turn it color though. To everyone who is bitching and saying everyone who uses this is stupid……think of all the meat, fruit and veggies you buy from the store FRESH I don’t think so. There is chemicals on them to keep them fresh. What about the flour you use to make a loaf of bread, the canola oil, the margaine, the OMG CHEMICALS you use to wash your floors. So to all of you who wasted your time in believeing you are right STFU and let us live and eat what we want.