McDonald’s New McCafe Cherry Berry Chiller


Cherry with an attitude? I saw that line while I was at McDonald’s for breakfast this morning. It’s McDonald’s New McCafe Cherry Berry Chiller that’s made with 100% fruit juice. The two mainly flavors are Cherry and Raspberry. According to McDonald’s, “One sip. You feel the icy chill hit your lips. Two sips. You taste the sweetness of cherry and raspberry flavors drink over your tongue. Three sips. And you’re out- the new McCafe cherry Berry Chiller has you in its icy, sweet grip. You’ll never look at thirst the same way again. But hurry, this thrill is only here for a limited time.”

McDonald’s New McCafe Cherry Berry Chiller

You could smell the fresh raspberry aroma right after McDonald’s staff handed over the drink to you. The cherry scent was a bit light and sort of playing like a supporting role in the movie. The color of the drink was obviously belongs to the red color category and the texture was the same 7-Eleven slurpees. As for the taste, if you didn’t sip it from the end of the drink, then it tasted perfectly. It wasn’t overly sweetened or sour. The cherry flavor was there but a bit difficult to recognize in the beginning. Now if you start sipping it from the bottom of the drink, then you will notice the cherry flavor right away from the beginning. As you kept on sipping it, the flavor was actually not bad at all because the balance of the two flavors was well touched. The tartness always comes after you had swallow down the sip and the drink didn’t make the mouth full of overwhelming cherry flavor which was a big plus for me. After finishing half of the drink, the taste remains the same unlike others where the tastes stacks up and makes you want to throw it away. If you let the drink sat for a while, you could see the surface of the drink starts to become white due to outside temperature. If you taste it carefully, you could sense the subtle apple or grape flavors in the drink.

McDonald’s New McCafe Cherry Berry Chiller

The ingredients for this McDonald’s New McCafe Cherry Berry Chiller include: Water, apple juice concentrate, grape juice concentrate, natural flavor (botanical source), colored with fruit and vegetable juice, cherry puree, raspberry juice concentrate, citric acid, xanthan gum.

Overall, this Cherry Berry Chiller wasn’t bad at all and I think people should give a try if you like cherry flavored drinks.  According to McDonald’s this drink is made with 100% real fruit juice.


Price:  $2.79

Size:  Medium

Calories: 260

Where to buy:  Local McDonald’s Store.

Websites:  McDonalds   Facebook

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