McDonald’s McCafe Hot Chocolate Drink


The weather is cooling down and it’s perfect time for a warm and comforting hot chocolate drink. Usually, I drink Starbucks Tall Hot Chocolate because it tastes really delicious compares to others, but the other day, I wanted to try hot chocolate healthy beverage from another store. After few minutes of battling in the head trying to decide which one, I ended up choosing McDonald McCafe Hot chocolate because of what other people said about them and I ordered a small size one. It turns out the taste is a bit different than Starbucks hot chocolate. The drink is made with chocolate syrup, steamed milk, whipped cream and chocolate drizzle on top of the cream.


According to McDonalds website, it says “Enjoy the rich, smooth taste of McCafe Hot Chocolate. Revel in its decadent chocolate syrup blended with steamed milk (whole or nonfat), and topped with whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate.” After I tried the drink, it didn’t have the rich smooth taste, but rather the watered down, not too rich taste. The taste gets a bit stronger as you get to the bottom of the cup because a lot of the powder did not dissolve and they were just sitting there chilling. After I finished my hot chocolate drink, I noticed there were horrible brown bits around the cup and at the bottom of the cup. After all, this is a lovely smooth drink.

When you are drinking hot chocolate, especially after you let it sit there for few minutes, I suggest that you shake your drink in a circular motion  before your drink again because the powder has come down to the bottom of the cup and you want to mix it up again to have a strong taste. Truthfully, the drink is not bad if you are not into dark chocolate flavor drinks.


Price:  Between $2 to $4 and depends on what size you order

Size:  Small

Flavor:  Chocolate

Aroma: Fresh Chocolate Aroma

Calories: more than 100

Where to buy:  local McDonald Store


  • stargazer

    Don’t buy the McDonald’s coffee frappe! These contains ENORMOUS amounts OF TRANS FATS which are EXTREMELY BAD for you!


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