McDonald’s McCafe Real Wild Berry Fruit Smoothie


Another humid day in New York City! After trying real fruit strawberry banana smoothie from McDonald and didn’t quite like the taste. So, I went out and ordered the other real fruit smoothie and it’s called the Wild Berry Fruit Smoothie. The main wild berry flavor is a mix of strawberries, blackberries and blueberries. Now, why would they want to have a mix fruit smoothie rather than individual flavors? If you mix them together, it loses the essence taste of that particular flavor.

This wild berry fruit smoothie smells great, but the texture of this fruit smoothie wasn’t close to standard smoothie texture because it’s kind of watery and looks nastier than strawberry banana smoothie. However, the color makes the smoothie looks fresher than the other McCafe smoothie. My first reaction to the taste was sweet after first few sips and even if I stir the whole cup up side down, you could still taste the sweetness. So, I let the ice dissolve a bit and the taste becomes more enjoyable than before. Since the wild berry contains strawberries, blackberries and blueberries, it seems the only flavor that dominates is the strawberry. I guess the strawberry is the big brother that beats down their little brothers. After chucking down ¾ of the cup under a humid day, the ice was almost gone and the heavy sweet and sour wild berry flavors started to kick in. It feels like sipping melted ice cream in a bowl because of this thick and creamy texture. You could see a lot of small particles at the bottom of the drink from the berries just like the strawberry banana flavor. The aftertaste was all sweet and sour, but that not bad at all.

Since I ordered a small size last time just to test it out, I order it a small size again to see if it has the real fruit flavor taste. The amount of calories in this small size cup according to McDonald’s smoothie nutrition facts is 210 calories. The wild berry fruit blend contains 180 calories and the low fat yogurt contains about 25 calories. It is the exact same amount of calories as their strawberry banana smoothie.

For this flavor, I can taste the not so convincing real fruit flavor. It was a refreshing and tasty fruit smoothie and it’s better than the strawberry banana fruit smoothie. Again, the McDonald’s employee personnel make this drink just by using a blender. She didn’t even use a smoothie maker or a smoothie machine. This time it only took about half min to make this smoothie drink. I will try the wild berry again in other McDonald’s store and see if there’s a difference.

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Price:  2.29

Size:  12 Fl OZ / 360ml

Flavor:  Berry Yogurt

Aroma:  Mixed Berries

Calories:  210

Where:  McDonald

Website:  McDonald Facebook Twitter Nutrition


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    Smoothie is really looking great. Thanks for sharing your experience.
    I will also try it.


  • SLH

    McD Smoothies are interesting in the fact that they do not promote the fact that they have yogurt in them. It is always somewhere in the ingredient deck, but not called out. In order for you to get the benefit of yogurt, it needs live and active cultures. You can state that a product has yogurt in it without live and active cultures, however; it has no nutritional benefit what so ever. Which means that drinking a McD smoothie equates to drinking 210 calories of Coke or an Orange Juice. If McD had live and active cultures in its yogurt, it should state it as it is a benefit to the consumer. I don’t believe that they can do so and fooling the public into thinking that this is good for you. Buyer beware!



    I know what you are saying and you do have a point in some way, but do you think they will promote their smoothie by saying “Real Fruit Yogurt Smoothie” instead of “Real Fruit Smoothie”? What if Apple stated that there’s an antenna performance problem with their new iPhone 4 before they launch the phone, do you think consumers will go out there and buy the phone right way?



    I should 1st say I just ordered the new Mango-Pineapple Smoothie from McD’s drive thru here in northwestern PA. The menu states sizes are…small, medium & what I ordered, LARGE or 22 fluid ounces for what was to be $3.29 +tax!! I had small kids (cranky) in the car & it’s hot & humid here too. I just handed over my credit card & tossed reciept into a pocket. The drink was good (not great) & very refreshing …til I realized after drinking it, I was more thirsty than I was while in a hot car!! Which brings me here, via other sites. What I “REALLY GOT” was a 12 ounce…SMALL for $3.49 the price (higher than menu) of the LARGE I ordered…w/tax I paid $3.79 for an icy 12 ounces of pure SUGAR!! Looked up nutrition also…it fails to tell you on here that each 12 ounce smoothie has 45 to 48 grams of carbs OR 45 to 48 grams of SUGAR! I cringe to think of the amount of a LARGE had I got what I ordered! Just x the 12ounce to get an idea of the calories etc in a LARGE…YUCK!! HIGH IN ALL & NOT HEALTHY AT ALL…why not use FATFREE yogart & real fruit, McD? I spoke w/manager & she offered me a free LARGE SMOOTHIE…I just want a refund!!


  • SLH

    I agree, the above article that we are blogging about states, “The wild berry fruit blend contains 180 calories and the low fat yogurt contains about 25 calories”.

    Everyone is printing in their articles that the McD smoothie has low fat yogurt. I am just pointing out the fact that the yogurt everyone is blogging about is in fact nothing but another added ingredient. It could be Seaweed rather than yogurt because the yogurt that they are putting into this drink does not matter.

    Consumer perception is that it is in fact, low fat yogurt, and that low fat yogurt is good for you and… it is good for you when it has live and active cultures which, the McD smoothie does not.

    I just think the public should be informed, just like the Apple Iphone issue, so that the choice that they make is their own. If you, as a consumer, expect a low fat yogurt smoothie, then don’t go to McD, because that is not what you are getting. You are getting an icy fruit drink.

    So, the bottom line – It has fruit, ice, and a low fat yogurt with no nutritional value and… it tastes good. So does Orange Juice.



    You are not very bright. Nutritional info at


  • SG

    Why does so much sugar have to be added to the fruit mixture?? The berries would taste much better on their own!! And it would be SOOOOO much healthier.


  • Scott

    SLC I don’t understand what you mean. Below is the content straight from the nutrition information:

    Low Fat Yogurt
    Cultured Grade A reduced fat milk, sugar, whey protein concentrate, fructose, corn starch, kosher gelatin. Contains active yogurt cultures.

    Seems like it has active cultures.

    And although it is not the healthiest of smoothies it is much better than a Coke. The smoothie actually has some nutritional value.


  • kathleen renquist

    These new smoothies are just great! Healthy and not too sweet. I love them all. Great job, McDonald’s. Finally, something I can come back to McDonald’s for.


  • Cyndi

    I love these smoothies. I avoided them for two years because I have
    rosacea (some fruits are bad for it). Finally, I had to give in and
    got the berry. I am hooked on these things now and my face was fine!
    I am mad I denied myself of this delicious little treat. I don’t
    eat much sweets and am thin so it didn’t seem too sugary at all.
    The berries must be real from the color. It felt perfectly healthy
    to drink and i have about 2 week all summer.


  • RealDeal

    people, your are talking about a FAST FOOD resturant!!! i dont know why you even expected something healthy to come out of mcdonalds. if you are looking for something healthy there, GOOD LUCK! people obviously dont go to mcdonalds for nutritional reasons, they go because they WANT mcdonalds. also its now required that mcdonalds has to provide their costomers with nutrition facts. if they dont look at the facts they obviously dont care whats in the smoothie. and you all keep talking about the hot weather and how the smoothie gets after it melts. YES! IF YOU LET THEM SIT IN THE SUN THEY WILL MELT! theyre frozen drinks gosh darnit. and yes, they will be thick. it is a SMOOTHIE, NOT AN ICEE! let everyone decide if THEY like the smoothies.


  • mike hegel

    i was first introduced to the wild berry smoothie from mcdonalds by kim one of the laundry workers at billings health and rehabilitation community where i volunteer she brought one to all 3 of us i started to get addicted to it right away after the first few sips i liked it so much that i went to mcdonalds after i was done folding laundry and bought another one with a quarter pounder with fries i just hope that someday kim brings another one now whenever i go to mcdonalds i always buy one with lunch as a matter of fact i bought one last night it is so much better than pop no sodium to deal with i wish we had them at st john s where i work full time 5 days a week they would always see me with one in my hand i enjoy the wild berry smoothies at mcdonalds a lot i wish i could get one every day


  • Jenna

    Can anyone remember the two berry drinks that McDonald’s used to have back around 2010. I loved the one that tasted like maybe a blueberry drink but I can’t remember the name of it.


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