Limited Edition Pepsi X Factor Judges Cup-Giveaway


Giving away three Limited Edition Pepsi X Factor Judges Cup! These Judges Cup are only available at the Target. You can get one for free if you buy 2 12-packs of selected Pepsi beverages. I guess I will be drinking Pepsi for the rest of the month. The cups look pretty solid. I will pick three winners since all three of them are the same. In order for you to win, all you need to do is to leave a comment below in the comment section of this post and your comment could be anything as long as it’s related to drinks or suggestions for this site.

Limited Edition Pepsi  X Factor Judges Cup

Please use an E-mail address where you can receive email from if you decide to post a comment and in case you are the winner. Drinkwhat will stop accepting entries on Friday, November 16th, 2012 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time and only one entry is allowed per person. Hopefully you will get it before Thanksgiving!  The person has to be 18 and older. By the way, Drinkwhat will not use your sensitive information under any circumstances besides sending the prizes that you’ve actually won on Good luck!

Update:Congrats to Barb, Darlyne and Danny!


  • Justin

    Ive just discovered Gold Peak tea… I’d love to drink them from that!

  • Danny Gonzalez

    I would love to watch X-Factor and judge the acts at home while i have this nice cup full of Pepsi Max!!!

  • Elizabeth Tavarez

    These cups are sexy, especially when filled with an adult beverage… 😉

  • Debbie

    I would love to give my husband the X Factor cup for a gift. He only drinks Pepsi even when we go to a restaurant. He has a corner in a room of the house stacked with pepsi bottles. I have to remove the ones in the fridge to find space for food. He is the biggest fan of Pepsi and drinks it while watching X Factor. The Pepsi cup would make his evening complete. Thank you!

  • darlyne krimm

    Big fan-Huge 🙂

  • Paul Romo

    I tried to get one from target but they diddnt have a clue. I would really want this cup because I am a huge fan of the X factor and my favorite soda is Pepsi.

  • Tu

    Wow, I was looking for these cups at Target ( They have no idea what I was talking about XD),they didn’t have it. I hope I win this. *Finger crossed. Would love to drink out of the cup and pretend to be a judge while watching X Factor!! Good luck everyone:D

  • Toni

    I bought two 12-packs of Pepsi at a Target store this past week-end and said something to the cashier and he had no idea what I was talking about. I would really love one of these cups. Pepsi is the only kind of soda I drink. Oh and I am a faithful X Factor watcher!!

  • Barb K

    I do like Pepsi and soft drinks in general. The site looks nice a lot of information don’t change a thing.

  • Janei brown

    I love Pepsi very munch.

  • Daniel Ferreira

    OMG!! I want one of those to drink Pepsi X while watching X Factor!! I actually love the new Pepsi flavor, i even bought 2 12 packs of pepsi because i loved it but that was before this contest started!! I love the show and the new judges are perfect!! I’ll be the judge while i drink from the cup!