Lightly Sweetened Red Grape And Black Currant From Grown-up Soda


Another sizzling hot humid weather day in New York City and one way to stay cool is by drinking plenty of fluids. Now, the question is “what are you drinking to stay cool?” For me, drinking a Grape Black Currant flavor GuS (Grown-up Soda) might not be enough to stay chill, but it’s a different experience to enjoy the natural flavor soda. It is made for adult palates and less sweet than average flavored sodas, juice drinks and canned teas. GuS is one hundred percent natural and lightly sweetened by using cane sugar.

Upon busting the bottle cap, there’s a lightly sweetened grape scent coming out from the cute little glass bottle and it’s quite refreshing. The liquid color of this drink reminds me of wine tasting that I went to couple years ago. As for the first couple sips, you will noticed that there’s no grape taste in the drink at all and you will feel like you have been robbed. It has nothing but weird bitterness taste in the drink. However, as you drink more, you start to sense the lightly sweetened red grape taste and the natural flavor of black currant in the beverage, but the dominate flavor is black currant which is contrary to the aroma of this natural flavor soda. I have never thought that the combination of grape and black currant can create this unique taste. After all, it is very easy to drink and quite tasty in a weird way. As for the aftertaste, you will feel some what dryness in your mouth, but it is clean and no awful sweetness left behind.

Well, the ingredients used for this grown-up soda are:  Purified Sparkling Water, Cane Sugar, Black Currant Juice, Red Grape Juice, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid… etc. Also, there’s no caffeine and provides Vitamin C from black currant.

For me, this is another unique taste of soda that I have never tasted before and I enjoyed drinking this weird taste soda. I think that everyone should at least give it a try to experience it because it seems nothing else quite like it what’s out there. I can not wait to try out other flavors from Grown-up soda. What is your favorite Grown-up Soda flavor?


Price:  1.75

Size:  12 Fl OZ / 360ml

Flavor:  Natural Black Currant Flavor

Aroma: Lightly Sweetened Grape

Calories:  95

Where:  Whole Foods Market, Target, The Fresh Market

Website:  Facebook GuS

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