Lightly Sweetened Green Tea With Blueberry Pomegranate Acai


I went to an organic store and saw a row of Steaz Organic Iced Teaz beverages with interesting bottle design displaying on the shelf. In the front of every canned bottle, it shows a picture of a fair-trade farmer from different parts of the world based on their appearance. On the shelf, there were couple flavors available for you to choose and I picked the lightly sweetened Green Tea with Blueberry Pomegranate Acai because there’s a person smiling on the can. I never had any organic iced tea before and I thought why not try it. Also, you can’t go wrong with drink that has a person smiling face on it right?

My first reaction to the aroma that’s coming out of the canned bottle was more like Asian medicine tea instead of Blueberry Pomegranate acai. You really have to stick your nose right at the opening of the canned bottle in order for you to smell the true aroma. You would thought that this organic fair trade certified iced tea is going to taste bitter, but it turns out refreshing and very pleasant to drink. I just don’t like the aroma from this organic iced tea. Also, you can’t really tell if the tea contain Blueberry Pomegranate Acai because it’s sweetened even though it’s says lightly sweetened. The aftertaste is not that awful with the exception of feeling dry in your mouth. It definitely tasted different than all the previous tea drinks that I’ve tried.

Overall, this organic iced tea is not bad at all, it’s just the aroma that I don’t feel comfortable about when drinking this beverage. Maybe I should try another flavor next time. According to the information on their website, all of Steaz’s products are certified organic and fair trade. I think what they are doing is great because they help to ensure the farmers and the farm workers to receive fair values and allows them to have a better life.


Price: $1.89

Size:  16 FL OZ   473mL

Flavor:  Green Tea with Blueberry Pomegranate Acai

Smell:  Asian Medicine Tea

Nutrition:  Calories 40

Where:  Local Organic store



  • HSL

    Definitely want to give this a try!



    Hello, I clicked on the Steaz link and tried to find the nutrition facts. Do you know what the nutrition facts are. I am trying to find out how much sugar it has. Thanks




    You can visit and then click on the nutrition link on the top web page. Look for the flavor and the nutrition facts will show up. Hope it helps.


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