Kung Fu Tea Chocolate Chip Slush Drink


Kung Fu Tea is not martial art tea. According to their website, “Kung Fu in Chinese also means great skills and real effort. So Kung Fu Tea = “tea brewing with great skill”. Kung Fu Tea offers traditional tea, flavor tea drinks, fresh juices and delicious slush. Our signature drinks include Kung Fu Bubble Tea, Passion Fruit Green Tea, Green/Red WOW Milk and Grapefruit Green Tea.” For more information, you can check it here.

Kung Fu Tea Chocolate Chip Slush Drink

When you smell it for the first time, there’s a chocolate mocha kind of aroma escaping from the plastic cup and of course you had to break the thin plastic cover first in order for you to smell and see what the actually drink looks like. The color of this chocolate chip slush was similar to any other chocolate or coffee drinks. May be this drink was a little bit lighter since its slush. The texture was just icy and it was pretty thick. Also, you could see the tiny pieces of chocolate chips on the surface of the drink and that was resulted from grinding in the blender. As for the taste, when your mouth processes the sip, you get to taste the chocolate flavor first and then the coffee flavor with sweet taste after you swallows it down. The sweet taste wasn’t that strong in the beginning and it turned up a notch after finishing half of the drink. Some how this drink reminds me of iced mocha drinks. The coffee flavor wasn’t strong or heavy like other brand coffee drinks and this one balanced very well with chocolate flavor. The taste was very smooth and pleasant to sip. Again, the aftertaste wasn’t as heavy as other iced coffee drinks.

Kung Fu Tea Chocolate Chip Slush Drink

Since they didn’t provide any ingredients and I would guess the ingredients for this Kung Fu Tea Chocolate Chip Slush Drink include ice, chocolate chip and cocoa. Overall, the taste wasn’t bad at all and I thought it was just chocolate chip slush. So, I bought it and it turns out to be a coffee drink. Later on I found out that in other location with same store name, they indicated that it’s a coffee drink in their menu.

Kung Fu Tea Chocolate Chip Slush Drink


Price:  $4.00

Size:  Medium

Aroma: Iced Mocha

Taste:  Iced Mocha

Where to buy:   Here

Website: Facebook


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