Jones Soda Bacon Flavored Soda Drink


Jones Soda is offering limited edition of Jones Bacon flavored soda holiday pack to everyone for this holiday because Jones Soda has teamed up with J&D’s at Bacon Salt to create this holiday pack that consists of 2 bottles of Jones Bacon Soda, 1 Tube of Bacon Lip Balm, 1 Package of Bacon Popcorn and 1 package of Bacon Gravy Mix. The other day, I finally got the bacon soda drinks and from other reviewers about this bacon flavored soda drink, the result was beyond bad and awful. It seems Jones Soda has created a monster.

Jones Soda Bacon Flavored Soda

Upon twisting the cap, there’s strong bacon aroma coming out from the bottle with a subtle smoked kind of scent and the way the liquid coming out was more like people shopping on a Black Friday. I guess the package must have been shaked very well during the delivery. The picture on the each bottle looked very funny because one represents a pig in a humor way and the other one dressed as a slice of bacon with Bacon Salt on the costume. The color of Bacon soda is close to dark cherry or dark reddish kind and some how it did looked sort of close to well cooked bacon. As for the texture, it’s thicker than normal soda drinks that you usually drink  and when you pour out the Bacon soda into a cup, there’s a lot of bubbles popping up as well, but they seem rather bigger and slower when they coming up to the top. As for the taste, I was so excited to try it because the smell was actually pretty good, but the first sip just took my excitement and kill it. The taste consists of half soda flavor and half bacon flavor, but it tasted more like bacon vinegar. The flavor didn’t last long and it feels like the soda has been mutated by the bacon or the soda has been contaminated by the bacon. Blame on the Bacon! Well, the aftertaste wasn’t that bad, but your lips will be full of bacon flavor. I didn’t finish the whole bottle, may be ¼ of it.

This Jones Soda Bacon Flavored Soda drink has 10 calories and 516mg of sodium. The  ingredients includes: Carbonated Water, Natural and artificial flavors (contains Soy), Gum Arabic, Propylene glycol alginate, Xanthan gum, Sodium Benzoate, Citric Acid, Sucralose, Potassium Sorbate, Red 40, Calcium disodium EDTA, Yellow 6, Yellow 5, and Blue 1.

Jones Soda Bacon Flavored Soda

“Bring Home The Bacon!”  Nice slogan Jones Soda, but you should really add “and you will be surprised” at the end. It’s just awful!  Period! I think the taste would be better if they remove the liquid thickness in the drink and add some bacon powder to mix with instead to achieve the bacon flavor. As for the Lip Balm, I didn’t try it, but it did come with bacon scent. Who wants to have bacon smell on their lips all day? Also, the idea of bacon popcorn isn’t bad at all, but I think I will pass. As for the gravy mix, I will pass too because I believe they’ve added the gravy mix in the soda drink to have this flavor taste. It seems like J&D’s want to test out their gravy mix rather than Jones Soda wants to come up a new flavor. It tasted beyond one’s imagination! For those who want to try it, good luck and you need it.


Price:  $9.99 Holiday Package Limited Edition

Size:  12 FL OZ / 355mL

Flavor:  Bacon

Aroma:  Bacon

Calories:  10

Where to buy:   Location

Website:  Jones Soda Facebook Twitter


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