Jones Pure Cane Soda Blue Bubblegum


Jones Pure Cane Soda! This Blue Bubblegum flavor is very hard to find now days and I’m lucky that I found one in a local non-American supermarket. On the bottle, it says, “Ya gotta make a living somehow; we chose the beverage world. Good old soda made with pure cane sugar. No hidden meanings, no billion dollar ad campaigns, and no high fructose corn syrup. At Jones, we want you to buy a lot of soda and recycle the bottles. The labels are kind of like our minds – always changing. Run with the little guy…”

Jones Pure Cane Blue Bubblegum

As you know, Jones Soda puts photo on their label for different soda flavors and this one looks like one is having fun and the other one is bored to death. I guess what they are missing is Blue Bubblegum. Upon opening the cap, there’s a light bubblegum sort of aroma coming out of the bottle and it smells similar to those classic bubble gums that you used to chew everyday. The color is in clear blue and it a bit lighter than the vitaminwater Stur-D. As for the texture, it is the same as the regular soda drinks with less carbonation. The bubblegum flavor was spot on when you tasted for the first time and the blue bubble gum flavor tasted refreshing, smooth and light. The sweetness wasn’t that sweet as well and some how it leans a bit toward fruit like flavors. Over all, the taste wasn’t that bad at all and the aftertaste, I didn’t detect any.

Jones Blue Bubblegum

The ingredients for this Jones Pure Cane Soda Blue:  Carbonated Water, Inverted Cane Sugar, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate(As Preservatives), Blue 1. It contains 190 calories with 48g of sugar. Looks like the amount of sugar is similar to one regular can of coca cola.

Jones Blue Bubblegum soda

I really like this Blue Bubblegum soda drink from Jones Soda because you get exactly what it says on t he label. Since I’ve never had any other bubblegum flavored drinks before, it’s really hard for me to compare this to others. This soda is a good alternative for chewing gums. Also, this one is definitely better than Jones Bacon Soda.


Price:  $1.00

Size:  12 Fl OZ /355ML

Flavor:  Bubblegum

Aroma:  Bubblegum

Calories:  190

Where to buy:  Local Supermarket

Website:  Jones Soda Facebook Twitter

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