Joe Tea – Green Tea with Ginseng


Let’s drink some Joe Tea! According to their website, “Joe Tea was started to do one thing and that was to make awesome tasting teas. They started selling Joe Tea in Hoboken and all over small beach towns on the Jersey Shore during summer of 1998. At first, the store owners were reluctant – then they tasted the tea. One by one, they opened up accounts and Joe Tea started to flow. By the fall, Joe Tea expanded too many of the better independent food retailers around the New York Metro Area. Each day, they loaded up the  truck with Joe Tea and went to new towns and in doing so, created routes throughout NJ, NY, CT and Eastern Pennsylvania.”

Joe Tea Green Tea with Ginseng

The label on the bottle looks pretty unique in terms of the design. The moment you pop off the cap, there’s a lightly sweetened tea aroma coming out from the bottle. The color of the drink is just like other normal green tea color. The texture is smooth, sort of semi clear and does not have small leaves at the bottom of the bottle like other green tea drinks do. The first couple sips tasted just like normal tea drinks because you couldn’t tell whether it’s black tea, green tea or any other tea. However, it tasted very smooth, refreshing and easy to drink. The green tea flavor taste was overly taken by the sweetness of the drink. As you drink more, you could sense the ginseng presents in the drink more than the green tea flavor. After finishing half bottle of this Joe Tea Green Tea with ginseng, your mouth will feel dry and sweet.

Joe Tea- Green Tea with Ginseng contains 100 calories in a 20 FL OZ bottle. The ingredients include: Water, Cane sugar, Natural Flavors, Green Tea, Citric Acid, Ginkgo, Panax Ginseng, Echinacea, Purpurea and Guarana Extracts.

Joe Tea Nutritional Facts

Overall, I love this Green Tea with Ginseng from Joe Tea even thought it’s a little overly sweetened compares to other green teas that are out there on the market. One thing I would suggest is to add more green tea flavor in the drink because it’s very hard to recognize with the current sweetness level. However, it tasted very refreshing, smooth and you can chuck it all day.


Price:  $1.79

Size:  20 FL OZ / 591mL

Flavor:  Sweet Tea

Aroma:   Green Tea

Calories:  100

Where to buy:   Here

Website:  Joe Tea Twitter

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  • Marcia l sandt

    Was wondering what green tea extracts is . Have fatty liver and thought green tea was good for lover but now read can harm the liver. Is joes low sugar or the Echinacea one ok for lover or harmful.


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