Jia Duo Bao-加多宝-Herbal Tea Drink


The Voice of China is sponsored by this drink called Jia Duo Bao and I happened to find it in a Chinese supermarket around my area. This is an herbal drink that’s supposed to keep your body cool internally during summer time or prevent you from getting “heat up internally” and that’s from Chinese Medicine point of view.  The drink is produced by JDB Group from Hong Kong and it used to sell herbal tea under the name Wong Lo Kat or Wang Lao Ji(Mandarin). Due to legal issue of the brand name, JDB come up with a new name for its own herbal tea drink-Jia Duo Bao(加多宝).

Jia Duo Bao

Upon opening the can, there’s a lightly sweetened tea aroma coming out from the can with a mixed herbal scent. After sniffing it for couple seconds, you could tell the main herb scent smelled like prunella. The color and texture for this drink looked just like your regular tea drinks with small amount of carbonation in it. As for the taste, the very first sip tasted exactly the same as any ordinary lightly sweetened tea drink.  After couple sips, the sweet taste seems taken over the tea taste a bit and the herbal taste wasn’t recognizable in the sip. After chugging down half of the can, the sweet taste got stronger and the so called herbal taste decide to show up. Since the sweet taste was strong, it’s a bit difficult to recognize the exact herb taste, but after a while, the dominate herb taste seems to be the prunella and chrysanthemum. When your mouth processes the sip, you greeted by the sweet taste first and end with subtle herbal tea taste after you swallow it down.  The aftertaste was a bit more of sweet taste, but the drink itself was smooth and pleasant to drink.

Jia Duo Bao Herbal Tea Drink

The ingredient for this Jia Duo Bao(加多宝) include: Water,  Sugar, Dianthera, Frangipani, Microcos Paniculata, Chrysanthemum, Honeysuckle, Prunella and Licorice.

Jia Duo Bao

Overall, this herbal tea drink wasn’t that bad at all if you like sweet taste rather than the herbal taste. As for its function (to cool you down), obviously it’s not going to happen if you drink one or two cans, maybe not even a whole pack, who knows.


Price: $2.45 for a pack of 6 cans

Size:  Each Can: 310ML


Where to buy:  Chinese Supermarket

Website: Jia Duo Bao


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