JB’s Honey And Ginseng Diet Green Tea


I wanted to drink a green tea flavored healthy beverage the other day and since I was at a local supermarket, I just grabbed a JB’s Diet Green Tea drink to kill the thirst. What is JB’s? Well, it’s a brand from Cutting Edges Beverages. Besides the Diet Green Tea flavor, they also have Peach, Lemon, Raspberry, Sweet and the Fruit Punch flavors under JB’s. Looking at their mission statement, which is to develop and introduce consumer preferred, quality and innovative beverages products, I was hoping they can back it up.

As for the actual taste of this green tea, it’s quite pleasant and refreshing. Before tasting the drink, I did not have any high expectation from this beverage because of the past experience on canned green tea drinks. The scent from this green tea is same for all other green tea drinks. There’s no distinguishing aroma that will make you want to drink it right away. However, the difference about this beverage when comparing to other diets green teas is that you can’t taste the so call normal diet flavor in the drink. Usually, diet tea drinks are either too much tea flavors or just tasteless, but this diet green tea has a good balance between the sweetness and the tea flavor. Also, there are no small particles that you would normally find in a diet tea drink. There’s no aftertaste in this drink that you would normally find in other diet green tea.

For health benefits, this is a real brewed iced tea and it is 100% natural. Also, it does not contain any preservatives in the tea and brewed with multi-filtered purified water. Since it’s a diet drink, the calorie is zero. Few ingredients worth mentioning are: natural green tea solids, natural tea solids, ginseng extract, and honey. Now days, most diet green tea has those ingredients and the tastes of drink are way more important than what you have put into the beverage.

Overall, I love this beverage and I’m looking forward to try other flavors from JB’s beverages. This diet green tea is great for those who normally does not like the diet flavor but wants to drink diet drinks.


Price: $0.99

Size: 23.5 FL OZ   695mL

Flavor: Green Tea

Smell:  Lightly Sweetened Green Tea

Nutrition:   Zero Calories, EGGC and Antixoxidant

Where:  Local Supermarket

Website:  Cutting Edge Beverages


  • Scott Stuart

    Wow, I want to try that one. Many people today are drinking green tea as an alternative for diet pills. Thus, this is more healthier and health-risk free as green tea prevents cancer and heart problems. I drink tea daily and one of my favorite is the Genmaicga green tea because it tastes great with relaxing aroma!



    Yea, more and more people are drinking teas.


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