Jamba Juice Berry Yumberry All Fruit Smoothie


Couple months ago, Jamba Juice introduced their Superfruit platform newly added Yumberry flavor to the public and offer customers three different ways to experience the Yumberry flavor. One of the choices is to buy a Super Yumberry Classic Smoothie and the other one is to order a Yumberry Topper Ideal Meal. I choose the third option which is Berry Yumberry All Fruit Smoothie.  Before I went to the Jamba Juice store, I saw their new video about Cheeseburger chill smoothie and I thought I should give it a try even thought it looked nasty. Well, it turns out to be a joke.

I tried to smell the smoothies and see if there’s any aroma coming out from the smoothie when I first got it and there’s no specific fruit aroma, but instead it has a light fresh fruit scent. The color of the smoothie is close to dark red and the texture itself was very smooth and thick with small pieces of fruit skins. For the first couple sips, you couldn’t really taste any true flavors because of the cold icy taste and the sweet taste wasn’t that obvious to recognize too, but the tart taste was very memorable. The Yumberry taste in the smoothie was very light and I guess they either didn’t add enough Yumberry juice or they added to much other fruit flavors. The more you sip, especially when smoothie starts to become watery, the sharp tart taste gets stronger. When your mouth processes the sip, it starts with the light sweet taste, and then you get the strong tart taste. Not only the Yumberry taste was very light, but also I couldn’t taste other flavors like peaches, mangos or blueberries that are in the smoothie. By the way, your mouth gets even more sourness taste when the smoothie becomes juice.

The nutrition facts for this medium size or original size Jamba Juice Berry Yumberry is that it contains 320 calories, 60g of sugar, 79g of carbohydrates, 730mg of Potassium, 20mg of Sodium and 2g of protein in a 22 fl oz container. The amount of calories is almost equal to one McDonalds McChicken. However, All Fruit Berry Yumberry has Vitamin A, B6, B12, C, E and D. Not only it contains multi vitamins, but also has calcium, iron, copper, zinc, folate etc.

Overall this smoothie is not bad, but the price is way too high for this medium Berry Yumberry smoothie. I’d rather make my own smoothie for a price of $5.99 because I can add more different kind of fruits to it and the flavor might be good better as well. Also, comparing yumberry to McDonalds Real Fruit Smoothie, personally I will choose the Jamba Juice because it has more real fruit freshness in it and it’s close to what a smoothie should be like in terms of the texture.


Price:  $5.99

Size:  22 Fl OZ / ml

Flavor: Light Yumberry

Aroma:  Fresh Fruit

Calories:  320

Where to buy:  Store

Website: Jamba Juice Facebook Twitter

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