Jamaican Choice Citadelle Banana Soda


Banana Soda! I picked up a Jamaican Choice Soda drink from PathMark supermarket today because it looked classic and the curiosity of the banana flavor that got me to buy this drink. Since the whole theme for this drink was yellow and looking at the scene on the label, it’s hard to tell whether it’s sun set or sun raise scene. Also, it’s rare to see Jamaican Choice soda drinks in the supermarkets that are around my neighborhood.

Jamaican Choice Citadelle Banana Soda

There’s a lightly artificial banana aroma coming out from the bottle when you pop it open for the first time. The color for this banana soda was obviously yellow and texture was the same as your regular soda drinks. As for the taste, the first sip tasted lightly sweet and there’s wasn’t any other detectable flavor in the sip. After couple more sips, there’s an inconvincible banana taste in the sip because it was very subtle and sort of fake. The drink itself was smooth, clean and drinkable. When your mouth processes the sip, all you could sense was the sweet taste with subtle banana candy flavor. After chugging down half of this banana soda drink, your mouth started to feel dry and sugary. The banana flavor stayed same even down to the last sip and it was more like sipping banana flavored candy drink.

Jamaican Choice Citadelle Banana Soda

The ingredients for this Jamaican Choice Citadelle Banana Soda drink include: Carbonated Water, Sugar and/or Corn Sweeteners, Artificial Flavor, Artificial color (including FD&C Yellow #5), Citric Acid, and preserved with sodium benzoate. It contains 190 calories, 80mg of sodium and 44g of sugar.

Jamaican Choice Citadelle Banana Soda

Overall, the drink itself wasn’t that bad if you like fake banana flavored drinks and don’t mind about the sweet taste. It would better if they could reduce the sweetness a bit and make the banana flavor more real.


Price:  $.79

Size: 12 fl oz / 354ml

Calorie: 190

Flavor: Banana candy

Where to buy:  local supermarket

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