Jamaica’s Finest Ginger Beer Spicy Soft Drink & Mixer


Ginger Beer Spicy Soft Drink! This soda drink is made by Natrona Bottling Company in Pennsylvania which is founded in 1904. It’s a small, independently owned bottling company that produces high soft drinks. Their beverages are made using real cane sugar and other good ingredients. According to the company, “Whether you desire to recapture the tastes you loved in your youth, or you’re young and want to get the real experience of how proper “pop” is meant to taste, you’re sure to be satisfied with our wonderful products!”

Jamaicas Finest Ginger Beer Spicy soft drink

I like this colorful label design on the bottle because it gives you this smooth and sunny side up kind of feeling. Upon busting the cap, there’s a lightly sweetened ginger aroma coming out from the bottle and it’s pretty refreshing too. Also, it reminds me of the ginger soup that I used to drink when you are having a cold. The color of this Ginger Beer is lean towards dark yellow or rusty gold color and it’s similar to those ginger skin color. As for the texture, it contains moderate carbonation and everything else is similar to your regular soda drinks. As for the taste, immediately you could tell the spiciness in the drink after your first sip because it will make you cough, but after couple sips, you get kind of used to it and your throat won’t feel as spicy as in the beginning. The balance between spiciness and sweetness was very well touched because you could definitely taste the real ginger root with clean taste. As you drink more, you will feel that it’s very pleasant to drink. Normally, ginger beer was fermented, but now everyone is making it in non-alcoholic soda form and they are similar to ginger ale. Also, it tasted different than Goya Ginger Beer.

Jamaicas Ginger Beer

The ingredients for this Jamaica’s finest Ginger Beer Spicy soft drink & mixer: Filtered Carbonated Water, Cane Sugar, Ginger Root Oil of Ginger and Other Natural Essential Oils, Citric Acid, and Caramel Color. Again this is made by Natrona bottling and there’s no nutrition facts label on the bottle. I’m not sure how much calories are there in this 12 FL Oz size bottle and same for the amount of sugar as well.

Jamaicas Ginger Beer

Overall, I love this Jamaica’s finest ginger beer. Apart from the carbonation, you could actually make this by your self and all you have to do is just boiling the fresh ginger with water and then add some sugar.  The result will be very spicy and you need to add lots of sugar. That’s how I make it when I have a cold or running nose.


Price:  $2.45

Size:  12 FL OZ /355ML

Flavor:  Ginger

Aroma:  Ginger

Calories:  unknown

Where to buy:   Here

Website:  Natrona Bottling


  • soporific

    here’s another spicy soft drink/mixer called Prometheus Springs if you guys are interested. i just tried out the lychee wasabi flavor and its awesome. i bought it in Wholefoods




    Thanks for the info and will definitely try it out.


  • Mike Snyder

    I would like to purchase a case of your Jamaica’s Finest Ginger Beer. Where can I find it in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. Thank you!!


  • Crystal casey

    My boyfriend turned me onto this and I really enjoy it.


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