It Tastes Raaw-Carrot Lemonade Fruit Vegetable Juice Drink


I finally got a chance to taste “It Tastes Raaw” healthy juice drinks from Raw Foods International. The fruit and vegetable juice drink, It Tastes RAAW, comes with four flavors: Better Beets, Cranberry Ginger, Carrot Lemonade and Cucumber Pineapple. The juices contain no added sugar or preservatives. It’s just 100% fruit and vegetable juices. The Carrot Lemonade has both “nutritional and medicinal values which are essential for your optimum health”

It Tastes Raaw

There’s a mix of carrot and lemonade aroma coming out from this healthy juice drink, when you open it for the first time after a well shake. However, the first reaction I thought was the aroma smelled just like the lemon-lime drink I had tried before, but after you sniff it for few seconds, the not so recognizable carrot scent started to appear. Also, it appears the dominate aroma was the lemonade and not sure why. The texture of the juice drink was clean and smooth. As for the first couple sips, it tasted quite interesting even though the carrot taste wasn’t so raw and appealing. I guess all the different juices that were added have contributed to make this unique taste and looks like they did take out yuck out of natural. Since there’s wasn’t so much of carrot flavor compares to the lemonade, but the mix of sweet and sour taste were very well balanced. The juice drink was very smooth, refreshing and easy to drink. The sweetness was obviously coming from the natural juices since there’s no sugar added and there wasn’t any aftertaste to it either.

It Tastes RaawIngredients

The ingredients for It Tastes Raaw are: Carrot Juice, Pineapple Juice, Apple Juice, Lemon Juice, Natural Flavors, Apple Pectin and Beta Carotene. It contains 110 calories, Vitamin A, C, Calcium and Iron. According to Raw Foods international, “Carrots are a gold mine of nutrients and their juice is frequently referred to as “miracle juice.” Countless people throughout the world and from all walks of life suffering from various ailments have found that including carrot juice in their diet greatly improves the overall health of both children and adults. Carrot Lemonade is the juice of choice for all members of the family. Children love it!!”

This healthy fruit and vegetable juice drink is not so bad and I will continue to try the other flavors from Raw Foods International. It Tastes Raaw, not only it has the unique taste to it, but also quenches your thirst and refreshes your palate. For those who love eating carrots, you should give it a try. Even if you don’t like carrots, the nutrients from carrots are good for your body. Since Raw Foods International put in a lot of other juices in the Carrot Lemonade, I’m not sure how much real carrot juices are in there.


Price:  $3.99

Size:  16 FL/ 473 ML

Flavor:  Carrot Lemonade

Aroma:  Lemonade

Calories:  110

Where to buy:   Find It

Website:  Raaw

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  • Tom

    Very nice…very attractive…will look into these new offerings from raw Foods International…it is good thing I really love carrot aside from papaya…

    It is nice to be healthy…today and forever!


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