Imported Russian Fermented Soda Krushka & Bochka KVASS


A record high temperature in New York City today! What are you drinking to stay cool? Anyway, Coca-Cola imported a traditional Russian beverage called Kvass to the United States last June and selling it exclusively at Whole Foods Market stores throughout Connecticut, New Jersey and New York City area. The other day, I happened to be at the Whole Foods Market store around Columbus Circle in New York City and I saw a lady giving out free trails of Kvass drinks in little cups. After drinking couple free trails and listening to the lady explaining the process of making Kvass, I just bought one home to enjoy it. It turns out that Kvass is a fermented beverage and it is made by the natural fermentation of rye bread.

Upon tearing of the bottle cap, you can smell a dark soy sauce with yeast kind of scent coming out and it’s very heavy. The liquid color is a little bit darker than Coca-Cola and its close enough to color of dark soy sauce that people use for cooking. For the first couple sips, I thought I was drinking home made wine and I’m going to get drunk. But in reality you will not get drunk because there’s no alcohol in it. As you drink more, the taste starts to remind you of drinking light soy sauce with tap water added and it’s just not tasty at all. The liquid of this soda is a bit thick and the carbonation in the soda is less than average American soda. However, they are still very easy to drink. After chuck down half bottle of the fermented soda, the gas coming from my stomach made me stop drinking it because it just not fits for my style of taste. Surprisingly, the aftertaste wasn’t that bad all at.

Not sure what else you can get from drinking this soda besides the taste? Well, the ingredients used for this fermented soda are: Carbonated Water, Sugar, Lactic Acid, Acetic Acid, Wort Concentrate (Rye flour, Barley flour, and Fermented rye malt). I’m not sure what kind of sugar did they use, but hoping it’s pure cane sugar.

It would be better if there’s a little taste of sweetness in the drink, but I have never tasted any soda that has this kind of unique taste before. This fermented soda makes you think you are drinking wine or beer beverages because it contains certain ingredients that are used for making alcohol drinks. I guess this is a perfect fit for those who want to quit drinking. For those of you who are into Russian culture or like me want to try something new, then you should definitely try this Kvass.


Price:  2.00

Size:  16.9 Fl OZ / 500ml

Flavor:  soy sauce with tap water

Aroma: Ferment wine

Calories:  70

Where:  Whole Foods Market

Website: KVASS Facebook


  • Robin Alley

    Nice pictures! Do you take them yourself?

    Also, I sent you an email message about a pretty hot drink right now as far as bargains go!



    Thanks! Yea, I took those pictures by myself and thanks again for the email.


  • Robin Alley

    I’m impressed! They look very professional!

    Are you a photographer? I got into it as a hobby about 8 months ago myself.

    Great job on the pictures and blog.


  • Steve

    Thank you for your kindly words. I’m just starting to get into photography as a new hobby.


  • oscar

    Nice article. I am in Russia and interested in this drink. I personally dont like Coke Kvass, there are many here and the best are the ones “live”, that is they are not pasteurized and content live bacteria like yakult and similar.

    can you please check the bottle and let me know the shelf life, who is the importer and the ingredients.

    thank you.



    Well Coca Cola imported and the ingredients used for this fermented soda are: Carbonated Water, Sugar, Lactic Acid, Acetic Acid, Wort Concentrate (Rye flour, Barley flour, and Fermented rye malt).


  • Katrina

    I’ve been sipping kavass since I was a young girl in St. Petersburg.
    I’m so happy to see that I can buy it at Whole Foods.

    Krushka & Bochka ia very good and reminds me of quality kvass from my homeland.



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