Iluliaq Original Iceberg Water From Greenland


Pure! Rare! Reborn! The true original Iceberg Water from Greenland! iluliaq (yi-lu-lee-yaa). I think that’s how you pronounce the word.  According to their site, “It began as snow, falling from an ice age sky onto what is now the Greenland ice cap. There it remained preserved, untouched and pristine throughout the millennia. Located north of the Arctic Circle on the west coast of Greenland, the Sermeq Kujalleq glacier has been a protected site on UNESCO’s (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) World Heritage List since 2004. This glacier produces more ice than any other outside Antarctica, filling the Ilulissat Ice fjord with icebergs that are the source of Iluliaq, the purest water in the world. ”

iluliaq Original Iceberg Water“Local workers harvest ice from icebergs in Disko Bay as they have for centuries, as it melts into the ocean. The ice is then taken by boat to our building on the shores of the ice fjord, where it is placed in small vats and allowed to melt naturally. Ice collection is dependent upon weather and other natural elements, making production very limited. To insure the unique quality of the water, elegant glass bottles and stoppers are sterilized by autoclave and individually filled and sealed, on demand, for each customer. Iluliaq is the most ecologically friendly water product available anywhere. Our facility was carefully designed to protect both the purity of the water and the environment, and we use only equipment that is approved and certified by the Food and Beverage Authorities, as well as the Medical and Pharmaceutical Authorities. Iluliaq Original Iceberg Water is the only iceberg water produced in Greenland, and is licensed by the Government of Greenland according to the Ice and Water Exportation Act of 2001.”

iluliaq iceberg water

The packaging of this iceberg water is very eye catching and trendy. The bottle of this water seems to be a designer’s bottle because it’s very unique, it stands out and great use of color combination on the label. When I saw it for the first time, I thought it was a bottle full of wine because it’s very similar to wine bottles that are out there in the liquor store and it comes with a glass bottle stopper on the top as well. As for the weight, it’s pretty heavy due to the glass bottle. The texture of the liquid is exactly the same as the bottled spring water. However, the glass bottle makes the iceberg water seems to be a little bit clearer than the water you drink everyday. As for the taste, there wasn’t any difference in the first couple sips, but when you compare it to the Spring water, you could tell the iceberg water does have the icy taste in it even though both water did chilled in the fridge for the same amount of time. Also, iceberg water tasted cleaner and more refreshing than the other bottled water. There’s no aftertaste for this iceberg water.

Since this is high end water or luxury water, whatever you want to call it, there are no special ingredients to make this pure water. The only thing you might want to consider thinking about before you drink this iceberg water would be the elements that are in the liquid. According to iluliaq original iceberg water, the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) for this 750ml bottle is less than 5 PPM (Parts Per Million). Basically, it’s talking about the quality and purity of the water. Also, the Calcium and Magnesium in this iceberg water contains about 0.2 mg/l. As for Nitrate and carbonation, both are zero. If you want a more depth analysis about this iceberg water, you can check it out at

iluliaq iceberg water

Overall, I like this iceberg water and very much enjoyed drinking it. I’m officially a fan! Not only did this iceberg water come with great packaging, but the actual taste of the water does taste different than the water you drink everyday. Since I never had any so called iceberg water before, I can’t compare to it, but based on the information and the taste, it’s quite clean and refreshing. As for the price of this 750ml bottle iceberg water, it sells for $50 and above in retail. I guess they are targeting the iceberg water in high end water or luxury water market and I think this iceberg water is perfect to use as a gift for those who don’t drink alcohol related beverages.  Thank you for sending the sample, iluliaq!


Price:  Sample Review

Size:  25.3 FL OZ / 750ml

Flavor:  Water

Aroma:  Water

Calories:  0

Where to buy:  Purchase Aqua

Website: iluliaq Facebook Twitter


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