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All natural traditionally brewed real fruit soda from Hotlips! According to Hotlips, “Soda is made to worship the magnificent fruits and berries grown in the Pacific Northwest. With taste blasts and shifts in flavor, and surprising notes and harmonies, each sip tells the story of prime growing conditions and the hard work of growers. Sodas are unlike any other. They’re lightly carbonated and contain pulp (some flavors are quite pulpy), and vary slightly from batch to batch. Their fresh-fruit base is naturally sweet, and we add just enough sugar to balance the fruit’s acidity.” Let’s find out if it’s true, shall we?

Hotlips Soda

Hotlips Boysenberry Soda Drink

What is a Boysenberry? Well, it’s a hybrid fruit of Loganberry, Raspberry and Blackberry. If you want to know more information about the fruit, you can find it here. I’ve never tried any Boysenberry related beverages before and I’m very curious to find out the taste. The moment you pop off the lid, there’s a strong fruit sweet kind of aroma coming out from the bottle. The color of the drink is close to ruby gemstones and the texture is thicker than usual or normal soda drinks. Also, if you tilted your bottle in a circular motion, like the way you drink your wine, you could see the Boysenberry pulp. The carbonation in the soda is also much less than your average soda drinks and it could be a juice drink if they forgot to put carbonation in it. The first couple sips tasted just like berries because there wasn’t any special distinguishing taste from other berries. However, it’s tasted very smooth, refreshing and easy to drink. The fruit flavor taste was definitely there and the sweet taste wasn’t overly sweetened either. Usually, the carbonation dominates in a soda drink, but this drink is not the same, it has reversed its roll where flavor becomes the big shot and the carbonation becomes add-on to just make the drink taste better. There’s no aftertaste.

Hotlips Soda Boysenberry

Hotlips Raspberry Soda Drink

Upon opening the lid, there’s a strong Raspberry scent coming out from the bottle and it’s really refreshing if you just put your nose right on top opening of the bottle and inhale it deeply. Ahhh, fresh Raspberry! The color of the Raspberry Soda looked just like the Raspberry image on the bottle label. The texture is a little bit thick, smooth and cloudy. Also, you could see the Raspberry pulp on the side of the bottle after you shake it. The moment you sip it, you could immediately tell the natural Raspberry flavor is in there and it’s very tasty. Since this flavor contains 14% fruit, it’s very lightly carbonated and moderately sweet. It gives you the feeling of drinking Raspberry juice drink with little fizzy in it. Not only did it give you the well balanced sweet and sour taste, but it also gives you the real refreshing fruit flavor taste.

Hotlips Soda Raspberry

Hotlips Apple Soda Drink

The aroma coming out from the bottle is similar to the apple juice that you buy from supermarket with exception of heaviness.  The color is more towards light orange and I guess they mixed with both green and red apples. I might be wrong. Comparing to the berry flavors, this apple soda is more clean and smooth in terms of the texture. The sour taste in this soda is pretty strong, but it comes with the real apple flavor. During the processing of you sip, it started with a subtle sweet taste, and then ended on a sour note. As you drink more, the apple flavor gets stronger and same goes for the sour taste as well. After finishing half bottle of the Apple Soda, you feel like you just had a sour apple that’s supposed to stay on the branch and not picking it off. As for the carbonation, it seems this flavor contains more than the previous two flavors and it makes more fun to drink in this flavor because of the sour taste.

Hotlips Soda Apple

Hotlips Pear Soda Drink

The aroma coming out from this flavor when you open the bottle wasn’t as strong as previous flavors and also you can’t really sense if it’s the pear scent or something else and that makes interesting for drinkers. The color and texture looks like beer that you drink everyday or occasionally for some of you, but a bit lighter in terms of the color. If you want to be a little bit nasty, then it looks like the liquid you leak out every morning when you go to the bathroom. Anyway, there’s no pear pulp in this soda even thought it did said contains pear pulp on the bottle label. The first couple sips tasted like cane sugar water with subtle pear flavor. It’s very hard to grasp the true pear flavor, but as you drink more, the pear flavor grows on you and it becomes delicious. The sweet taste wasn’t overly sweetened and it’s lightly carbonated. This flavor provides the true tasteful pear flavor and it’s very easy to drink.

Hotlips Soda Pear

Hotlips Cherry Soda Drink

Not sure about what exactly the aroma is when you open up the bottle because it’s very light and almost non existent. The color is more close to dark red and the texture of the soda is clean, smooth and sort of like wine. The first couple sips tasted like I was in another planet and it’s just taste that good, but the cherry flavor wasn’t so recognizable. The sweetness wasn’t overly sweetened and it wasn’t overly carbonated either. After your mouth process the liquid, there’s a subtle bitterness at the end of taste. As you drink more, the true cherry flavor starts to appear and its way different than others so called cherry soda in terms of the natural cherry taste. There’s no candy like cherry flavor. It’s very enjoyable when drinking the cherry soda not only because of the natural taste but also the smoothness and cleanness that comes with it. I think it tasted better than those popular cheery flavored sodas that are out there on the shelves.

Hotlips Cherry Soda

Hotlips Blackberry Soda Drink

This flavor has some what recognizable aroma when you open it for the first time and it’s not bad at all. The color is close to the Boysenberry flavor and same for the texture as well. It also contains blackberry pulp like other berry flavors. In the beginning, I thought I was drinking blackberry juice only because of the natural taste, but as you drink more, you could sense the light carbonation in the drink. The blackberry flavor tasted not very sweet and not very sour as well. Also, it tasted as smooth as the previous flavors and the touch of the Blackberry flavor was very well balanced with other taste.

hotlips Blackberry Soda

Nutritional Facts

Each flavor contains Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron and some flavors come with the addition Vitamin A. Each flavor contains different calories: Apple- 130, Blackberry-150, Boysenberry-146, cherry-80, Raspberry-123, and Pear- 140. Below is a list of ingredients for each flavor.
: Carbonated Water, Northwest apples, cane Sugar, Organic Lemon Juice
: Carbonated Water, Ayer Creek Farm Organic Chester blackberries from Gaston OR, Cane Sugar, Organic Lemon Juice.
: Carbonated Water, Boysenberries grown in the Pacific Northwest, cane Sugar, Organic Lemon Juice.
: Carbonated Water, Pacific Northwest grown Cherries- juiced and concentrate, Cane Sugar, Vanilla. Contains 25% juice
: Carbonated Water, Willamette Valley raspberries, Cane sugar, Organic Lemon Juice. Contains 14% Fruit.
: Carbonated Water, Northwest Pears, Cane Sugar, Organic Lemon Juice, Vanilla.

Hotlips Real Fruit Soda

Overall, I love the Hotlips real fruit soda drinks. It is true that they tasted natural real fruit flavors. Personally, I like the cherry flavor more than other five flavors that I’ve tried because of the unique natural cherry taste. There’s no aftertaste from drinking Hotlips soda drinks and I think it’s healthier than other soda drinks. Thanks for sending the samples, Hotplips! Keep up the good work!


Price:  Samples!

Size:  12 FL OZ / 355mL

Flavor:  Boysenberry, Raspberry, Apple, Pear, Cherry, Blackberry

Aroma:   Berries, Apple, Cherry, Pear

Calories:  146, 123, 130,140, 80, 150

Where to buy:  Here

Website:  Hotlips Facebook Twitter

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