Honest Tea Zero Calorie Passion Fruit Green Tea


Honest Tea is in the house! I found this zero calorie passion fruit green tea in a local supermarket while looking for milk. On the bottle it prints, “We’ve always been passionate about tea, but when we created this taste brew we were actually inspired by nothing. Zero Calorie. Zero artificial sweeteners. Zero Pesticides sprayed on our organic tea leaves. So how do we get something so refreshing out of nothing? We infuse refreshing antioxidant-rich green tea with organic stevia, a South American leafy plant that provides natural zero—calorie sweetness. Then we add a splash of tangy passion fruit and exotic maqui berries to create a light, uplifting drink that’s really something.”

Honest Tea Zero Calorie Passion Fruit Green Tea

The moment you open the bottle, there’s a strong refreshing fruity aroma coming out and it’s a bit lightly sweetened too. I have to tell you that this got to be the best aroma I’ve ever smelled from Honest Tea. As you know, some times you could tell whether it’s going to be a good drink or not just by smelling the scent coming out from the drink and this is one of them that belong to the good side. As you can see from the pictures, the color of this Passion Fruit Green Tea is obviously close to passion fruit or you can call it reddish color. The texture is smooth, clean and cloudy. It’s just like Vitaminwater. My reaction to the first taste was just “wow”. The fruity taste was awesome because it’s smooth, no dominate flavor and it was very pleasant to drink. After couple more sips, you could sense the berry flavor a bit in the drink and not much of the passion fruit flavor. As you drink more, the passion fruit flavor started to appear in the taste, but not that obvious. After finishing half bottle, you could sense that it was balanced perfectly with other natural flavors because of the taste and the combination of different flavors. When your mouth processes the sip, you first hit with the tasty fruity flavors and then ends with a subtle sweet taste after you swallow it down. By the way, you couldn’t really detect the green tea when you taste it because of many different juice concentrates were added to the drink. There’s no aftertaste for this zero calorie drink.

Honest Tea Zero Calorie Passion Fruit Green Tea

The ingredients for this Honest Tea Zero Calorie Passion Fruit Green Tea include: Purified water, Fair Trade Certified organic green tea, Organic Natural flavor, Fruit and/ or vegetable juice (for color), Organic Lemon extract, Organic Passion Fruit concentrate, Organic Maqui berry concentrate, Natural flavor, Organic Lemon juice concentrate, Citric acid, and organic stevia extract. Also, it contains about ¼ the caffeine of coffee (25mg per serving).

Honest Tea Zero Calorie Passion Fruit Green Tea

Overall, I love the taste of this zero calorie drink and you should try it if you can find it.  Now, I’m looking for their other zero calories Honest Ade.  Let me know the place where you purchase it if you happen to find the drink.


Price:  $1.39

Size:  16.9 FL Oz / 500ml

Aroma: Fruity

Calorie:  zero

Where to buy:  Here

Website: Honest-Tea Facebook Youtube Twitter

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  • Levi

    I have a bottle of this but haven’t opened it yet. I was kind of worried because I love Honest Tea, but you never know what to expect from these zero calorie beverages! Now I’m excited to try it!


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